4Salesmen-Why You Should Spend More Of Your Time Selling

For the majority of the people in the sales force, then would spend an average of no more than two hours out of their day actually selling.

This is an astonishing fact and there are two reasons for this. First, being sales people, how do we manage to meet our goals? Why on earth we are in sales to begin with is the second reason.

It is understandable when it comes to the lack of hours spent selling in our work week. Let’s face it. The paperwork alone can take up half of your day. Don’t forget the phone calls, the problem solving, putting out fires, and so on.

Throughout the day, there are many challenges to be faced.

Why is this? Do you know why this happens?

This is actually considered as a very dangerous mind set and it is especially true if you are planning to survive in the world of retail.

We automatically believe that this should take priority over our selling because we see the selling as fun and rewarding and because problem solving and handling customer complaints is a difficult challenge we must face on a daily basis.

Since all of the other issues can be stressful, we would want them out of the way so that we don’t have to worry about them.

It is very important to build the relationship and deal with your current customers but even so, your goals don’t go away. This means that through new sales, we must then obtain new customers.

To spend more of your time selling, the key ingredient is probably time management.

An action plan for each day of the week where you allow at least four hours of your day to be spent selling is what you can put together.

Putting an action plan together is actually very easy but then again, sticking to it is extremely critical in order for you to succeed.

In spending more time selling, delegation is another key ingredient. If the luxury of a staff is what you have, then how about delegating some of the operational issues to other people?

You also know the rush you get from a sale as well as the thrill of closing the deal. A psychological effect is what this can have on your work day. Out weighing the depressed feeling that comes with dealing with operational issues all day is making a sale and this is also a great feeling.

Don’t forget that you are a sales person and spending the majority of your time selling is very important.

It’s true that there is no problem that your current customer is having that cannot be fixed by either you or the person you delegate it to. Therefore, concentrate on sales.

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