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Five affordable ways to market your small business

Company Website:

A website will do much more than sell services or widgets. A good internet site will tell prospective buyers what they will need to know about your business and how your product or service will resolve their problems. It is not vital to have a big and elaborate site. What is essential is that you supply information that is useful to the visitor in their decision-making. It doesn’t require lots of pictures or animations or flashing information. It has to be intuitive, simple to navigate, clear and easy to comprehend, and it needs to answer inquiries from the perspective client’s viewpoint. A web site can also be utilized to keep current clients up-to-date with new products and services offered. Hire a reputable Cleveland web design company in your local area.

Having a mobile website helps make it quick for your potential clients to find information pertaining to your products or services right on their mobile device! These mobile web designs are simple to surf, quick to download, are very legible and custom built for a mobile phone screen! Did you know that over 70% of the Earth’s population currently owns a mobile device? Mobile web is growing 8 times more quickly than desktop based internet. Mobile devices outnumber laptops and desktop computers four to one. Over 750,000 mobile phone are being activated per day! Mobile searches grew four hundred percent last year and fifty percent of all searches are done on mobile phone. 70% of queries result in action within 1 hour. We design mobile websites that are meant for mobile devices and smartphone browsers. discover more about our Cleveland web design services.


Word-of-mouth might be one of the most highly overlooked marketing tools, but the truth is that any organization, large or small, benefits from the positive word-of-mouth produced by a great reputation. potential customers that come to your company through the suggestion of a good friend or colleague are more likely to become clients and to stay loyal clients. How can you build word-of-mouth? To start, deal with your customers well. Give them reasons to want to inform others about your business, product or service. Be a part of  networking groups  and Chambers of Commerce. And finally, ask your present customers to inform others about their experience with your company. Just be sure it was a great encounter!

Press Releases:

Use press releases to inform people about latest developments in your company, or announce recent accomplishments, announce new products or services, an award your company has won, a big contract received, a new employee or employee promotion, and the list goes on and on. The benefit is that press releases are free and, depending on the publication, spread the word to a large target audience.

Direct Mail:

Direct mail is a cost-effective way to target your advertising. Create or buy a list of prospects that match your target audience. Develop the list. Always be looking for avenues to add to your database of potential customers. Don’t erase names because they didn’t buy the first time you sent them something. Add to your list. Then mail to that list regularly. Articles to mail:

  • Postcards. Postcards are affordable to make and mail and get the message across rapidly. You could use postcards to make business announcements similar to a press release, but specific to your audience.
  • Letters. Another highly overlooked marketing tool, letters to current clients could help develop loyalty. Letters to potential buyers could implement a very specific targeted message. And letters, in general, convey a feeling of personal service.

Niche Advertising:

Find out what directories, trade and specialized publications, online and offline, are related to your profession, product or service and get listed.

Search for opportunities to promote in these specialised venues. The more your concept is targeted to your specific audience, the better the return on your investment will be. Contact for all your website design needs. - Designer Fashion for Less! Buy Gucci, Prada, Dior & More! 30-70% OFF!Brand Name Fragrances Discounted Up To 60%!


How To Guarantee Your Small Business Success

Small business owners lose control because they don’t take responsibility.
The small business rate of survival after 5 years within the retail market is 41% based on Small Business Trends. Meaning 59% fail.
The survival rate for the services business is much more dismal with a low 36%.
With all the small businesses that start daily you have to wonder what’s the difference between the 59% that fail and the 41% that succeed?
One of the reasons is control.

The more control a small business owner has over their internal daily business functions and external variables that effect it every day the greater opportunity they have to succeed.

But how would you manage to control circumstances that may seem outside your control? By taking responsibility for them instead of making excuses. Or even worse just throwing up both hands and proclaiming that is just the way it is.
That never solved anything. And will also help you lose your grip on control over your company.
We give away control faster than a Hare Krishna offering flowers in an airport. Every time we refuse to take responsibility for an action or circumstance connected with our business we lose some control.

There’s lots of help for small businesses inside the bag of control we give up every time we don’t take responsibility for things. Yet we often don’t chase after it.

Control equals responsibility. The more responsibility you take for everything that occurs in your business the more control you will have over anything that happens inside your business.
It is easy to make excuses when things go bad. The weather was horrible, the wholesale prices increased but I can’t boost my retails, the foot traffic was slow over the holidays, it’s challenging to get good employees, the advertising didn’t perform, and so on….

There is pressure to perform on a daily basis to make a small company run. When things aren’t going right the pressure begins to add up and a good release is stepping away from the issues and blaming them on something beyond our control.
But when you do this you lose more control over our business. And more control is what you want, especially when times are difficult.
It’s not as if these circumstances don’t effect businesses every day, they do. It really is how we handle them.
Do they control you, or would you control them?

There exists a parallel to selling here that is certainly quite obvious. In selling, behind every no there’s a potential to address precisely why the consumer said no and turn it into a yes.

Exactly the same exists with circumstances that effect your small business. If you take responsibility for issues that effect your small business it gives you the chance to take action to correct them.

Odds are… if you are making a list of excuses, you’re not trying to put together a workaround or perhaps a fix.

Take control! Put together a plan of action to solve each dilemma, reduce each problem, or innovate and create a new solution that makes the challenge obsolete.

Then you’ll have more control over your business and not become another small company casualty.

Find the best conference venue by following these steps.

Do you need to know how to find some of the best conference venues available. There are a number of steps you need to take as part of the pocess of comparing conference venues. By following these steps you can ensure that you get a high quality venue for your event.

Step 1: Get a clear indication how many people are going to be present at your event. Then look for conference venues that are able to offer you conference rooms that can accommodate the size of your gathering. Once you have narrowed down the list of potential conference venues, you can then sift through the list to find a venue that offers you seating arrangements and floor plans that appeal to you.

Step 2: Take a quick look at the services that a venue offers you and consider how those services can aid you in your event. Will you need photocopies made for your conference attendants? Do you think you will need typing services while you are on the site? What if you have to send a fax: are such services offered? Finding a venue for your conference that gives you convenient facilities will help your conference run more smoothly. By clicking here you will find more information.

Step 3: Check out each venue personally. Make an appointment so that you can check out the grounds and look at the inside of the venue. A picture may say a thousand words, but your ability to assess the venue in person is just as important. You get a chance to assess the atmosphere that the venue generates which is something that pictures do not necessarily give you a chance to do.

To narrow down the search for venues use the Internet, the Internet is your first tool in the researching process. When you are typing keywords into the search engines for example Google or Yahoo you might want to consider using more specific keyword search. For example you could use the keyword conference and accommodation Kent with 100 bedrooms onsite, using this type of specific keyword search will narrow down the options.

On the other hand you might consider saving yourselves many man hours researching and leave it to the specialist Venue Finding Services, these agencies help find you your perfect venue completely free of charge. They are funded by the venues in most cases and are more likely to get a bigger discount due to their massive buying power.
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Boost Your Income By Having Home Sales

For anybody supplementing their own income with from home businesses of which include selling candles, makeup products, food items or other home goods products, it is a huge venture to keep clients excited about the goods. A home based celebration is a wonderful technique to show a considerable group of relatives and buddies what the products are and in what way they are of help however for any market to achieve success their customers needs to increase. Friends and family will surely get to countless get-togethers before getting to be bored with the task and the chances of them trying to make a lot more friends will diminish unless the suitable marketing technique is used. An excellent way to keep people engaged at a party is to use prize wheels.

When hosting an event to promote food items, a prize wheelcan be labeled with assorted dishes which use the products as their ingredients. The organizer could spin the wheel then when the tip hits a recipe, she could then speak to her attendees which item they think is utilized in it. The one who guesses correctly can then receive a promo sample of the product in addition to the recipe. This unique idea not merely leaves the product in a buyer’s hands, it gives them a very good reasonto use it, taste it and propagate the word about how great it can be and the excellent party they obtained it from.
This type of food products organizations typically have goods that are just offered seasonally. For example, a specific variety of barbecue sauce is only in the summer magazines when grilling meals are the way to cook. These particular items may not really sell out within their given seasons plus they are often placed on clearance sale. Clearance and affordable items are not invariably mentioned in the current product brochures however the party host is familiar with them and may continue to make money off of them when she makes her customers concious of them. Listing these special products on a prize wheel makes them exposed for bargain seekers who are happy to take a spin on including them on their cabinets or getting them as presents.

Utilizing spin to win wheels at the food get together or another home goods products party brings a new and fun aspect to the usual program of flipping through publications and passing products across. A prize wheel makes a presentation at the home party considerably more unique, involved and remarkable.

#Is Romney right about the 47 percent of Americans? Something 2 YACK!

Is Romney right about the 47 percent of Americans?
So Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney gets taped saying that 47 percent of Americans will vote for Obama not matter what, and that these 47 percent of Americans pay no income tax and are entirely dependent on government. Well is he right, are 47 percent of Americans paying no income tax, who exactly makes up the 47 percent, and will they vote for Obama no matter what?
Well for starters Mitt was close, about 46 percent of Americans pay no income tax not 47 percent. According to a report released back in July of 2011 by the Tax Policy Center, a project of the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute, of the 46 percent, 44 percent of them are senior citizens who can be, in many ways, considered dependent on government. However of the other 56 percent, 30 percent of that consists of the working poor and large families with low income. The remaining percentage consists of a group which benefits from itemized deductions and other provisions. However the working poor are not entirely exempt from paying taxes, because they also pay payroll taxes on their income, which accounts for many government programs such as social security and medicare. In all payroll taxes account for about 40 percent of the federal government’s source of revenue, 42 percent of that is from income tax.
So can the working poor and those who qualify for deductions be considered dependent on government, or “entitled” to government benefits in the same way as seniors, no. But will they still vote for Obama no matter what? Well has done some checking on that and has found that there is some correlation to income level and the possibility of voting for Obama. However overall that statement is false because of the many seniors who are dependent on government, many of them are Romney supporters