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The More You Do work The More You Experience And Acquire

Action means doing creative things in a positive way directly . What you outsource or have done by robots or stave ~ employees, never causes you to grow forceful and professional but those who actually do your work .

Your experience and what you learn is the result of you doing small things step by step.

  • many activities
  • producing many experiences
  • leading to great strength

Do complete what you do !

  • Without action no results – without effects no experiences.
  • Without activity no experience – no understanding = no advance.

Learning always is done by actually doing tasks – by doing something – by accomplishing more or less thriving a undertaking – small or gigantic . Small undertakings are comfortable to operate also to right away correct or adjust when taking chances to go wrong. Monstrous projects tend to run OUT of your control.

Small undertakings are finished sooner and faster and hence give you comments sooner to be used for the following project , next learning growing measure! The sooner you get suggestions the faster you can learn and the earlier you get positive feedback about successfully achieved steps of projects . The more force you have to do next step speedier and better.

Break work into modest logical unit steps in order to achieve frequent, when possible daily feed back allowing for frequent adjustments or in the eventuality of positive feedback of deployment of more creative and generative power .


  • If you organize to write a publication – write chapter by chapter and publish chapter by chapter. Modern volumes always are e-Books that can be released day after day or instantly in HTML formatting first and changed corrected updated straightaway also . You get daily feed back and positive feedback or happy subscribers are converted into more motivation . When all chapters complete, you may then convert all chapters into one single PDF formatting manual or suitable for offline reading version such as was done with the “Spiritual Treasures” for instance or a large collection of beautiful nature images for a stock photo collection for example. The “Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition” was published after 15 years putting chapter by chapter of Jesus teachings together online in the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga.
  • If you project a cartoons or animated images narrative – draw picture by image altogether rather than making all the backgrounds first. Each finalized image will motivate and motivate you for the following coming one.
  • If you make lessons on any subject for schooling, vocational training, diversion or spiritual pedagogies – break the total theme into little sections , ordered steps or units that could be reached within moments or a very few hours. Step by step – hour after hour – day in day out – week after week, monthly – year after year until you think that project reached.
  • When producing a education computer game – separate it into ordered units scenarios and finish issue one by one rather that holding back until the very end. The responses got from issued components will really encourage you for next scenarios and advice found in early publishing state helps you to adapt for the prerequisites and demands and liking of players clients.
  • When designing the construction of many similar homes – make one by one and give them over to customers one by one, early on feedback about problems provide you with a opportunity to render corrections and improved one by one to greater perfection and hence greater satisfaction of clients and thus results to greater satisfaction within you.

The more different projects you reach successfully, the more positive feedback you have got and more reaffirmation of your capability and possibilities you are incurring until you understand that your potential is free of boundaries and you are sure to accomplish whatever you decide and really want with all your heart and soul!

If however you make tremendous undertakings , it may take long time to recognize that all was a fault and incorrect and modifications rectification might be needed and that you have to re start again to achieve success . knowing by doing may result sometimes to errors . Faults always need instantaneous rectification!

From errors we learn as much as from success! Errors and failure leads to humbleness for those having succeeded and reached great tasks with flawlessness and successes – including supreme being ‘s full universe for example . Our faults end in the capacity and readiness to acquire from others and accept helpful advice and direction from others.

From profitable small scale or large projects that we have successfully and perfectly accomplished to our total gratification we acquire force and knowledge about what we can attain and how to achieve this successfully.

Only the perfectly accomplished projects end in strength . Continual fiasco to accomplish however may end in headaches about our capabilities and potential and at long last in impotence or inaction .

Traffic 4Ur Website -Getting Readers Who Listen To What You Say..And Buy What You Sell

The #1 reason why you DON’T want traffic
Traffic makes us focus on the raw numbers, but those raw numbers are MISLEADING.
Here’s the deal:
Back when Derek ran an entertainment blog, he was generating millions of hits. Heck, in 2007 alone, it attracted around 30 million hits.
(Side note: His entertainment blog was so large that a publicly traded company actually reached out and wanted to acquire it. He said no)
But the one statistic that most people NEVER knew about had nothing to do with “traffic.”
I’ll explain.
You see, even though Derek was getting millions of people to his website, if he updated a NEW blog post and linked someone, he’d send at MOST 1,000 people to their website.
Yep, a site that received millions of hits each month could only direct at most 1,000 people to another person’s site with a new blog post.
As he said himself: pathetic. Why? He had traffic…
…But he didn’t have readers.
What’s the difference?
The white iPhone story…
In September, when the white iPhone came out, Derek’s site Social Triggers was flooded with iPhone traffic.
You see, he was able to rank on the first page of google for “White iPhone,” “White iPhone vs Black iPhone,” and various other iPhone related phrases.
While we don’t have exact numbers for you, thousands of people stumbled on his site looking for information about the brand-new white iPhone.
But take a guess how that traffic performed when it came to conversions… or building Derek’s email list.
It didn’t. It was DEAD traffic.
Even though it looked good on paper, the reality was a much different story.
Now let’s take this back to Derek’s entertainment blog
The traffic he was getting there wasn’t dead traffic, per se.
The traffic he was getting was looking for one thing, and when they got it, they left.
As an example: “britney spears bikini pictures,” this traffic will get you people to your page, but they will come to get the pictures, and leave forever.
Are those drive-by visitors good for ad revenue?
But were they truly listening?
And that’s why:
You don’t want traffic, you want readers.
Readers who listen to what you say and buy what you sell.
Because when you have those types of readers… that’s how you build a REAL business.
Trust me.
Social Triggers is not even 2 years old, and Derek’s intense focus on getting readers (not traffic numbers) has laid the groundwork for my his Social Triggers, Inc to grow like a weed.
(I won’t get into numbers, but let’s just say Derek is doing more than fine. Maybe one day he’ll reveal more, but not today.
The question is “how can I get more readers?”
Here is a Short Video About Getting Readers
Who Listen To What You Say… And Buy What You Sell
I know I’m being a stickler for words here… traffic vs readers… but the distinction is important.
But now you know.
When we are talking about traffic, and many other top experts are talking about traffic, we really mean readers… listeners… or watchers…
That said, I’m proud to share this video of Derek Halpern and Marie Forleo, the founder of a thriving community of more than 100,000 women.
In this video Derek shares 3 specific strategies that can help you get more people to your website…
…and he also does the “Gangnam style” dance.
Watch the video right here:

Victory Women in Development Association-USA(VIWIDA)

Auto Paint Repair in Orange County

Does this scene look familiar? You are minding your own business stopped at an intersection waiting for the red light to switch. All of the sudden, you get jolted forward amid the sound of screeching tires and breaking glass. You get out of your car and you see that the whole back of your car has been caved in.

Odds are, the scenario isn’t only familiar to you but to your buddies and family as well. In this stressful world, the reality is that accidents are too frequent and car accidents happen all the time. Regardless of how widespread car accidents are, they can be a cause of stress and hassle since you have to take time off your work to fix your situation-get your car repaired, check with your physician if you got hurt, and, of course, hassle with the claims department of your car insurance to manage things.

One specifically bad cause of headaches is locating a reliable supplier of auto Body Repair Orange County citizens and companies can trust. These types of firms are everywhere we look, and most of them are no good. How would you protect yourself from being ripped off or your car from being incorrectly fixed? Below are a few key tips you can use to be useful for finding suppliers of auto body repair and auto paint Orange County residents can have faith in.

Ask your insurance company for referrals and guarantees

While among the first impulses people could have after they have suffered a horrible vehicle accident would be to ask friends and relatives for auto body repair shop recommendations, you don’t have to go this far. The great thing is that your very own automobile insurance company may have a ‘preferred service provider’ program which refers you to service providers of Auto Body Repair Orange County insurance adjusters could vouch for. Why would they have this feature? Simple. Self-interest.

Think about it-if you get your automobile fixed by your brother-in-law incorrectly, and you get into another auto accident, who do you bother? That’s right-your car insurance company. In order to protect themselves from potential claims as well as contain their costs, they partnered up with local companies of Auto Body Repair Orange County insurance firms could rely on. These compliant firms consent to repair your automobile based on certain criteria and cost schedules. Ideally, these kinds of set-ups give a win-win scenario. The insurance company can contain its material damage costs while the mechanic shop can have a steady stream of clients referred by the insurance agencies themselves.

The Importance of Clickbank Marketing Software CBMaker.Com

The clickbank marketing software is a valuable instrument that has recently been established by Rain and Henjin t is a remarkable tool that divulges the precise products that are worthy of endorsement in the clickbank marketplace, the variation of ranking a particular product name keyword, and discovery of various products that have been shown to be high converting over long periods of time.

This tool is tremendous time saving and reveals profitable data that many people would spend hours or even days trying to compile many spreadsheets or online tools. The CB Maker is a very simple tool that can be accessed by many people and easy to use. It only needs a few clicks and gives the entire information one would require to make first-class decisions. It allows for the check up of keywords that one needs to optimize on thus benefiting the users who endorse the clickbank products, by augmenting their clickbank earnings.
The CB Maker is imperative for all affiliate marketers who exploit products from clickbank as it consents them to outline the finest products to promote within the clickbank marketplace, thus enabling easy moneymaking.
Any person who looks into Internet or businesses online should in no doubt have this software. It is an incredibly exclusive tool in the market. It facilitates the exposure of hidden clickbank products that are advertised with minimal competition.

The clickbank marketing software is a win- win beneficiary tool. It puts a stop to wasted money and wasted time for those trying to publicize their products for little or no return. It moreover saves many erroneous mistakes that most of the users tend to make during their decision-making by allowing them to set up a Word press blog with a product name keyword and everything else is automated for them.
The clickbank Marketing Software generally simplifies work for its users. Most users squander a lot of time trying different methods that evaluates the suitability of promoting the clickbank products such as writing articles that associate with enzine articles that takes a lot of time with little or no results. This software literally exhibits some of the essential products that can be found in very aggressive niches.
This software is especially ideal because it is not just a lifesaver for most online marketers, but also a lifesaver that is affordable. It is definitely necessary in every user’s arsenal. It also has a special feature that allows users to clear out the minute CB gems of the products they promote.

The CB Maker has 80 percent of the stats on needs available right in clickbank as obliged to visiting multiple, probably irrelevant sites. Though it may bring about the viral aspect, it is still worth your time and money.
In conclusion, the Clickbank marketing software is a free downloadable tool with easy plug-in installation that runs within the Firefox browser. It is compatible with both Mac’s and PC’s. This tool, will allow users to learn how to monetize their information by simply clinching powerful, profitable and proven businesses. Several information about this is available on the Internet.

Clickbank Marketing Software Web : CbMaker.Com

The Importance of Clickbank Marketing Software ??

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+ Automatically brainstorms related keywords you could optimize for, in order to promote the product and get quick traffic.
+ Easy plugin install and runs right inside your Firefox web browser. (Note: only compatible with FireFox 3 or higher.)
+ Compatible with both MACs and PCs.