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7 Simple Secrets to CREATING and ATTRACTING Everything You Want in Life

7 Simple Secrets to CREATING and ATTRACTING Everything You Want in Life through the Power of Affirmations  –  by Jonathan Parker

STEP 1 – Determine, very specifically, what you want and write it


This brings focus to all you do. What you expect is what tends to manifest. If

you worry or are anxious that is your mental expectancy that something you

don’t want to happen might happen. On the other hand, you probably have

seen some people who are like a cat and always land on their feet. They seem to be blessed by a lucky star because good things seem to keep happening to them. This results from an inner belief that they deserve to be successful. We tend to become what we think about. Make a list of all that you want in your life.

STEP 2 – Put your desires into a short positive phrases or

sentences written in the present tense.

The mind cannot hold two opposing beliefs at the same time. If a person tries to do this they end up in conflict which undermines their overall goals.

Eliminate all negative words from your affirmations. For instance, you would not want to say, “I am not nervous and I don’t worry.” You don’t want to create a negative word picture for the subconscious mind to fixate on, so you would say, “I am calm, relaxed, and confident.” You wouldn’t want to say, “I am not tired all the time.” You would say, “I am energized and filled with vitality.” A general affirmation could be: “Everyday and in every way I am happy, healthy, and prosperous.” Be sure to word your desires in the present tense. You want your affirmations to be presented as if they are already accomplished facts. For example, you can utilize affirmations like the ones below to solidify a positive attitude toward yourself.

  • · I am calm and relaxed.
  • · I feel good about myself.
  • · I respect and value myself.
  • · I appreciate my body.
  • · Every day I am becoming more positive and healthy.

The only exception to this rule is if you are dealing with a physical condition

such as a broken leg. In those cases you would use the progressive form of

the present tense to by-pass the mind rejecting the affirmation. So if you

were to say, “My arm is strong and healthy” your conscious mind would reject the statement as being untrue as evidenced by the fact that you are wearing a cast. So you could say, “Each day my arm is becoming more and more strong and healthy.”

Even suggestions for future events need to be worded in the present tense

such as, “Next Saturday I am automatically focused and energized as I play


Correct: I am… it is… I feel.

Incorrect: I will… It will be… I am going to…

STEP 3 – Empower & energize your affirmations by repeating

them with positive feelings.

Repetition with feeling is what embeds the positive directives into the

subconscious mind which in turn works like an autopilot to align your life with your beliefs.

One way to energize your affirmations with positive feelings is to

include words that trigger positive feelings. For example, wonderful,

powerful, radiant, exciting, beautiful, abundant, generous, vibrant, sparkling, thrilling, happy, fulfilling, etc.

Another way to put positive feelings into your affirmations is to center

yourself in your heart as you repeat them. To help you with this rest the palm of one of your hands on the center of your chest. Leave it there as you repeat your affirmations. As you do this you will notice it is easier to sense

joyfulness, beauty, peacefulness, happiness, and positive expectancy.

Here’s another big secret. By repeating your intentions in the form of

positive affirmations slowly, softly, and silently you connect with and become one with what the words and phrases represent. This deep connection with the words multiplies the effectiveness of the affirmations.

STEP 4 Spend at least 10 uninterrupted minutes at a time

repeating your affirmations.

If you only repeat your affirmations a few times a day, you are not likely to

achieve the results you want. Of course, it is helpful to repeat your

affirmations at odd moments throughout the day, but to maximize the

effectiveness of your program you need to be focused on your affirmations for an uninterrupted minimum of ten minutes each day. If you can do it for ten minutes more than once a day so much the better.

STEP 5 Repeat the affirmations slowly with your eyes closed

while you are in a relaxed state, at least some of the time.

When you are deeply relaxed, the subconscious is most receptive and the

door is open for you to remove old negative mental patterns and replace

them with new positive beliefs that can permanently change any area of your life affected by your beliefs.

There are two times of the day that this occurs naturally and

automatically–when you are going to sleep and when you are waking

up. For instance, you have probably noticed that when you awaken from a

deep, restful sleep and are lying in bed with your eyes closed; your mind is

quiet. You are there in bed, fully aware and awake, but your conscious brain

activity hasn’t gotten into full swing yet. It is during the times that you can

most easily access your subconscious mind.

To help you get the most out of your positive affirmations repeat them out

loud or sub-vocally. That means to form the words with your lips and tongue

even if no one hears what you are saying. It is similar to a whisper.

Formulating your intentions and desires into specific word phrases increases

the level of focus to most effectively reach the subconscious mind. Then when you repeat the statements over and over the subconscious mind will

eventually accept the new programming.

STEP 6 Find pictures that represent what you want in your life

and put a positive affirmation on the picture.

Put it where you will see it every day, such as on your bathroom mirror or

your refrigerator. The subconscious mind responds well to symbols so pictures are a good way to embed the outcomes you want in your subconscious.

Another way to do this is to find a word or phrase which symbolizes the

feeling and content of what you want to have in your life. For instance, if you

are having trouble sleeping, some good symbols would be an image of a baby peacefully sleeping while you say to yourself, “sleep like a baby.” Another image you could use is a “peaceful lake.” These are called trigger words. If you want to lose weight, you can have a picture in mind of the weight and size that is your goal and couple it with trigger words such as “size 10,” or “slender and attractive.”

STEP 7 After you are finished repeating your affirmations,

remain in a peaceful state, and let the affirmations integrate.

This is also a good time to bring an inquiry to mind. Speak into the stillness

and ask for clarification or elaboration on the subject of your positive

affirmation practice. Such questions as, “Is there anything important for me

to know at this time?” Then be receptive to see or hear what arises.

Periodically ask, “Is there anything else I need to know,” or “tell me more.”

Allow the insights to bubble to the surface. They may come as flashes or

glimpses. Sometimes they come as single words, sometimes as feelings, and

at other times deeper insights unfold. Use whatever arises as springboards to formulate more positive affirmations for your next session.

About Jonathan Parker

For over thirty years, Jonathan Parker has been a counselor, author, and

creator of one of the largest libraries of audio recordings for personal

enrichment and self-directed growth in the world. To date people in more

than 75 countries around the world have benefited from his audio programs,

meditation retreats, classes and workshops.

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Is getting rid of cellulite on legs, thighs and butt a great thing worth the effort?

Is having a cellulite on legs, thighs and butt a bad thing?

How are you affected in case you eliminate cellulite? Perhaps you have seriously considered this?

The majority of my other posts were all about how to remove cellulite, the way i did it, however in none, except my website,, I discuss my situation once i had cellulite and how my situation changed when I became cellulite free on legs, thighs and butt.

When I was young, I use to have cellulite, but it wasn’t a large thing for me….I dated quite a few men for quite a while, than I finally met my hubby, and in all honesty along, my cellulite wasn’t so bad…

Back then, almost ten years ago, having cellulite had not been a large thing, nobody even noticed it.

Almost a couple of years ago, my second son was born, and during my pregnancy with him, something happened inside my body and my cellulite begun to look so bad…. What’s funny is that I didn’t even notice it, since my cellulite was on the rear of my thighs and back of legs.

It all started when, I went visit my sister one Sunday, and i also was wearing shorts, and she told me: “Heather, you undoubtedly have cellulite on the rear of your thighs and back of legs…”

After I looked in the mirror, I noticed that it looked really bad….

When we took out the kids in the park, I realized that a number of women were looking strange at me, i even heard one woman saying:”Take a look at her! Isn’t she embarrassed to wear shorts and look like that”. I knew they were talking about my cellulite….

I became so ashamed, that day that i chose to stop wearing anything above my knees. My self-confidence became minimal, lead into my partner becoming really cold in my opinion, most of the time, and occasionally he was looking at other women….

So, from experience, I’m able to say that cellulite almost ruined my family.

The following post is going to be about how things really changed while i learned how to banish cellulite from legs .



News & interest: Barack Obama is visiting Africa, and more…

Jun 25, 2013 – Barack Obama is visiting Africa for his first extended trip to the continent as President of the United States. On this historic trip, he will be travelling to three countries – Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. Obama is expected to discuss deepening economic ties with African countries, which will include democratic values on the continent.

     Tanzanian artists have come a long way in music and movies industry; Bongo Flavor – BongoFive music from Tanzania-



                     There is still widespread impunity for perpetrators of violence against women. Reported incidents of violence against women have increased almost 30% in year 2012.
A landmark law introduced three years ago, aimed at giving women better protection, is being largely ignored, the UN says. – BBCWorldNews – Dec2012
(CNN) — A young Pakistani actress was in critical condition Sunday after a man threw acid on her face while she was sleeping, her brother said.The alleged attack on 18-year-old Bushra Waiz happened early Saturday at the family home in Nowshera, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.Akhtar Waiz told CNN his family was asleep in the courtyard when a man burst in and threw acid on his sister.Bushra Waiz, who is also known as Shazia Aziz, is a Pashto-language singer, actress and theater artist.She suffered burns to the right side of her face. Doctors said her right leg, arm and eye were also injured.Indian acid attack victim fights for justiceJapanese woman loses toe tips after coworker allegedly puts acid in shoesAcid attack at the Bolshoi balletPakistani Taliban target female students with acid attack




Obama Visit to Africa

Previewing the President & First Lady’s Trip to Africa the flawed mythology that treats Africa as a homogenous disaster area is being challenged by investors, economists, fund managers and academics. Age is not often associated with speed; but Africa, the cradle of civilisation, now has more of the world’s fastest-growing economies than any other.


Abundant Thinking – changing how you view your personal circumstances!

Abundant-Thinking_rebrand_rebranded – free PDF book for you!! right here at VIWIDA-USA

Abundant thinking is a form of positive thinking. It is about creating a mindset of positive values that allow you to perceive your life as one of abundance, not one of deficit. It teaches you to flip your mental attitude ‘coin’ from negative to positive and appreciate how much you have in your life to be grateful for.

However, it does not suggest that our gratitude should cause us to stop striving for more and just accept our lot in life, rather it teaches quite the opposite; that by acknowledging how abundant our lives are already, our minds will embrace the concept that the good things in life are potentially unlimited.

Abundant means to be richly supplied; to be

over-supplied. This means that we should have no fear of asking for more because we can be confident in its delivery. Abundance is a store that never runs out of its goods.

Abundant thinking is not just concerned with money, although there is a strong financial aspect that can be applied; it is a life philosophy. Where money is the issue, it is viewed as a tool that allows a better quality of life to be achieved – not just the material aspects, but most crucially the freedom to spend time doing the things that matter with the people that matter.

Similarly, being a rich dad, or a rich mum, may not relate to money at all. It can even negate the wilful drive for extra finances, especially where that works against the more important aspects of life, such as love and family. We all know of rich, unhappy people. We read about them every day in the newspapers and see them on the television; people who have a clear abundance of finances but who are bereft emotionally.

Abundant thinking is all about changing how you view your personal circumstances so that you can change how you view the world at large. It is realizing that you have been the cause of your sadness and struggle in life through your focus on what you don’t have, rather than on what you do have.

Mold Testing and Everything You Need to know Regarding Molds

Mold testing is very important especially if you really are thinking of buying a property. There are those who really do not understand the detrimental effect of getting molds inside their home. Yet, as soon as they start experiencing health conditions much like allergy reactions, skin rashes, trouble in breathing, as well as damage to their kidney or respiratory systems, it can be only then that they will fully understand exactly how essential it really is that their house have to be mold-free.

Mold is regarded as a kind of fungus that grows up in drenched surfaces or sections. Typically, they can be discovered in food, window sills, carpet, and spots like behind the wall, the laundry room and also the kitchen. Molds are categorized into three types as allergenic, pathogenic and toxigenic. In fact, you will discover molds that are considered as hazardous as they make a substance called “mycotoxin” which is actually detrimental to one’s health. And, your exposure to mold doesn’t require to be via direct skin contact. You could be exposed to mold through inhalation and swallowing also.  

When scouting for a home, it’s hard to discover the entire sneaky cracks that mold may very well be hiding in. Nevertheless, a licensed property inspector having the qualifications to recognize mold challenges could certainly detect issues considerably better than you are able to. Home inspectors with recent certifications are trained toanalyse places for mold growth and in addition establish the cost for repairs in the instance that mold exists. Some mold damage is fixable, yet still others are not.

Once you speak to an expert home inspector, you can expect that he will do a well-rounded mold inspection test and do an indoor air quality research. The intention of holding a mold testing completed in your home is for you to make sure to prevent further destruction or for contamination to continue. By simply inspecting all the likely parts, you get the chance to discover which portion of your property will require clearing up so that you can resolve this problem.

Always remember, mold will not just harm a person’s health, but it will alsocause deterioration in the insulation and finishing of the home. It could possibly leave marks around the interior surfaces and cause rot to take place. After you work on the mold, it is vital that you prevent it from manifesting all over again.

 Make perfectly sure that your home has sufficient air-flow and the air circulates well. Dispose of stuff that can be proliferation areas for mold. This is actually the explanation why most homeowners nowadays choose tiled or wood flooring in their house as a substitute for carpet because they want their home to remain mold-free. You can accomplish your part in affirming a healthier living surroundings. Ask for a mold testing at this instant.

News & Interests – @CNN The Stock Market today/Don’t Panic,?80’s group Heart/Stairway and more…

If you miss out on the CNN news earlier today, today being June the 22nd, 2013; You have missed out on some important fact about our stock markets. One of the CNN Commentator talked about the Stock Market this morning…He warns the investors not to PANIC! Thanks a lot, Ben Bernanke… Review your stocks and make sure your egg nest is secured! “Selling now could hurt your nest egg”

JOLIE gives voice to Syria refugees


(CNN) —

This week, Jolie — a special envoy for the U.N.’s refugee agency — traveled to the world’s second-largest refugee camp, where she spoke to Syrian refugees and documented their stories in a video for CNN –

By Mariano Castillo, CNN.




Saturday morning of June 22nd, 2013…Victor Blacwell of CNN interview Ann and Nancy Wilson of 1980’s group Heart….But, some say all their best hits were from 1970’s. What’s your opinion?                                   During the interview, the Wilsons indicated the existing stereotype in music industry and explained how “women trading looks for talent in music industry during their times and now”.                        HEART! Stairway to Heaven – tribute to Led Zeppelin – you can check it out on yutube



Swahili HIV AIDS film with English Subtitles The Power Of Your Future – Make Yourself a better tomorrow Combating HIV AIDS in AFRICA; specifically Tanzania According to the World Bank Institute, 33m people live with HIV world wide.   In Tanzania 7% are affected and it is estimated 1.3m Tanzanians including Adults and Children are currently leaving with HIV or Aids.


Every Little Thing You’ll Need To Understand Prior To You Hiring An Attorney

In case you discover your self in a scenario exactly where it’s necessary to take an individual to court, discovering the proper lawyer (California LLC) to signify you is very crucial. Don’t make the error of picking an individual which will cost you absurd rates without having assisting much. Read this article for ideas on the best way to choose the best attorney.

If you require a superb attorney, ask your friends, relatives and colleagues when they know any person. It really is greatest to obtain a suggestion from a person you trust as opposed to employing a attorney who spends a great deal on promotional strategies. In case you can’t get a suggestion, carry out some background study on various LLC California lawyers.

You as well as your attorney need to function with each other to come back up having a standard time that you two can touch base. You usually do not desire to be kept within the dim about what is happening together with your case. Coming up with a schedule beforehand will aid ease any of those difficulties.

Establish a budget ahead of hiring a lawyer. You could have a circumstance and situation where you really feel you are right, but at what cost? Be sure you realize just just how much any attorney you might be thinking of hiring will demand you. You should also speak with prospective attorneys encounter to encounter about just how much it is possible to find the money for and what you wish to achieve. You should learn any extra costs which may put you more than your preferred price range.

When you happen to be buying about for an lawyer, decide on a single that specializes in the exact same form of courtroom case you’re involved in. Every lawyer has distinct specializations. What a single attorney focuses on may not be what yet another a single does. Being aware of this beforehand and studying your options will help conserve you much time later on.

Fulfill and job interview a few lawyers before you hire a single. Talking to every single individually can give you a possibility to see in case you have great rapport. It’s also a superb opportunity to inquire them crucial inquiries that can allow you to make an knowledgeable choice. Several lawyers are willing to have a thirty minute meeting with you at no charge.


Once you need to start a new company with a partner, as an California LLC formation or being a company, you totally need to hire a attorney. In case your company will involve any traders or shares, this is even more essential. The lawyer can shield you from any authorized complications which could come up in the long term.


When you want to begin a brand new enterprise having a partner, as an LLC or as being a company, you completely should employ a lawyer. If your firm will entail any traders or shares, this can be even more important. The attorney can protect you from any authorized problems which may arise within the potential.

As said inside the beginning in the article, locating the right lawyer can actually help with regards to your court day. Whether you’re a plaintiff or defendant, having a attorney that works for you personally will improve your success. Remember the tips within this post so you’ll be able to decide on someone beneficial!

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Videos appeal to your senses. When you watch a video, you don’t just fix your eyes and ears on it. You engage your emotions, too. Watch a funny video and naturally you feel elated. Watch a video about losing something or someone important and you feel sad or may even shed a tear. It’s powerful and moving to everyone who watches it. Video evokes emotion!

And consumers jump on the opportunity to get paid for simply sharing these videos.

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Video Marketing Tips

In today’s cut-throat business world, companies have to do what you can to square out. Video marketing is an tool that can give your business a decisive edge! This article that follows provides excellent tips on how to utilize social video marketing within your business.Always give customers quality information of great relevance. It is important that you understand that your video should be familiar with reach out to a wider audience. Let them have motivation to view that which you produce. Make it happen by getting them to content that they may use.The very first around 10 secs of your videos are necessary in getting your viewers’ attention. Once hooked, you’ll make sure that they’ll watch other video fully. What might you caused by grab attention? Your video topic plus your target market determines this.Social video marketing gives you ways to stay in touch along with your audience. Get customers to submit any questions they have concerning your product or service or industry and respond to them in video form. You may even share freebies to viewers who submit the very best questions!It is a great idea to label your videos using a logo or recognizable watermark. This will make certain that others can’t steal your video for their own use. Simply incorperate your own logo somewhere it will be viewed, make certain it really is transparent.Take into consideration holding a video contest to obtain additional videos to your website. These may be funny or serious, depending on what your users wish to accomplish. It helps to formulate a community.Online promotion is straightforward through online video marketing. People often would like to know how a product works prior to the commitment to purchase it, in fact. Once they start to see the product for doing things they connect with it, and therefore are much more likely to acquire.Try out things such as time-lapse photography when generating your videos. Position videos camera in your work space, and let the film run. When you’ve got time, it is possible to have the footage and find what you like. This may enable your customers to observe how your business works and can offer them an insider’s check into your organization.Be sincere in your videos. You must keep it real with your customers, and they’re going to believe your pitch. When you appear non-trustworthy, people won’t such as your videos, nor share them with others.Slacken high on online video marketing unless you have the results you realized immediately. See what your audience likes and doesn’t like, then use that feedback to produce improvements. The harder practice you get, the higher your videos will likely be.

Tower Bridge or Royal Accademy of Arts gallery

Promote your business through video. Implement the tips which are just outlined and don’t forget to get a little creative. Bear in mind all the hard work that was put into creating your business. You want to do this using your videos at the same time. It may be the next biggest thing to occur to your small business!

St. Paul’s Cathedral or Dartmoor national park