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Take advantage of the next market collapse- become rich by doing what the powerful billionaires are doing.

Another Big Crash is coming..The Next Market Collapse is on its way – Below are some secrets for you to become Rich in Stocks! Don’t say you weren’t warned – This is it!

 Powerful people – billionaires and CEOs of companies listed on the NYSE got together recently to determine when the next crisis is going to begin, where they should park their assets to protect their investments and companies and how to make a fortune before everything comes crashing down.

If you never thought of investing in stock market then you might want to learn something about it; But, if you are an investor then you better hold on and do what the powerful billionaires are doing before the market collapse again. The crash is coming and is due sooner than you think! 

 Take advantage of the next market collapse and become rich by doing what the powerful billionaires are doing.  This is what you can do to make a fortune now before everything comes crashing down:-

  • 1. Get your money out of the banking system, especially out of the U.S. dollar..think of other currencies; recently the currencies of some emerging economies have been in the global news and not for once. Usually it is the currencies of developed economies that make the rounds. Our already fragile banking system will likely get crushed, the damage could be much worse than what we saw in 2008. Between 2006 and 2008 the value of your dollar savings fell more than 20%. With the upcoming crash, the U.S. dollar will likely get hammered, as investors continue to lose faith in the dollar as a safe haven currency.
    So to protect yourself and your family you must get some money out of the U.S. banking system. You must get some of your savings out of the U.S. dollar. And you must do both of these things NOW, before it’s too late.
  • 2. Invest in “Rich Bullion”. “Rich” bullion has a tendency to absolutely skyrocket in value, many times higher than ordinary bullion, in times of financial distress.  Despite the recent drop in prices, gold has been one of the best investments in the world over the past decade. It’s up nearly 300% since 2003.
  • 3. Invest in Hedge funds such as those “Perfect Hedge”, which Dr. Steve Sjuggerud talk about often, there’s an unbelievable opportunity to make 5 to 10 times your money… All thanks to the weakening dollar and the out-of-control spending going on in Washington.  Sjuggerud offerrs subscription to their reports of upcoming market collapse at this website

  Read more to find some investing Secret Tips for Getting Rich Quick with The Next Market Collapse –

 Best ETFs to Own Until You Die

There are some products we simply can’t live without

By Lawrence Meyers, InvestorPlace Contributor | Oct 23, 2013, 6:00 am EDT

Every now and then, it’s good to do a reality check and take a hard look at your portfolio. Is there something missing from the long-term portion of it that you need to fill in?

If you do find yourself lacking some surefire, forever holdings, consider simply picking the best ETFs in the best long-term sectors.

See, there are some sectors that I want to hold forever because I consider them to be intrinsic to our lives as human being on planet Earth. It may sound exaggerated, but there really are some products that it’s nearly impossible to imagine life without. If they were to vanish, people would be at a loss.

The companies that cater to such products are thus great buy-and-hold investments. But rather than choosing individual stocks in a sector, it’s smart to take a more conservative approach and buy the best ETFs. They provide diversification in the event one chosen company blows up.

Take a look at the three best ETFs to own until you die:

Energy SPDR

Energy holdings of some kind are a must, as energy is a massive, massive industry with a foothold in every developed nation … and in many emerging ones as well. Heck, the world has wars over oil, the technology used to extract and refine it continues to evolve, and it remains absolutely essential to everyday life.

That’s why a good buy-and-hold stock would be an energy stock like BP (BP). Of course, you sure didn’t want to be a BP shareholder during the Deepwater Horizon debacle … which is why an energy ETF is an even smarter way to play the space.

The best energy ETF is the Energy SPDR (XLE). It holds all the important names, with top holding ExxonMobil (XOM) taking up 15% of the fund, followed by Chevron (CVX) and Schlumberger (SLB), which just posted killer earnings.

Plus, this energy ETF pays a solid dividend just under 2%, is highly liquid and can be yours for a mere 0.18% in expenses. That makes the XLE a critical component of any long-term portfolio.

Consumer Staples SPDR

Next up, we have an ETF that encompasses some of the most famous names in the world. And those names — and the stocks associated with them — are famous because their founders figured out decades ago that certain products must always be purchased by human beings, particularly in developed nations.

That’s why those products are called “staples.”

The best ETF for must-have consumer products is pretty obvious as well: The Consumer Staples SPDR (XLP). The XLP includes a wide range of companies, which provide everything you could possibly need.

There are basic healthcare and hygiene products from Procter & Gamble (PG), beverages that are cheap from Coca-Cola (KO), tobacco from Philip Morris International (PM) and the catch-all store that is Walmart (WMT).

Investors even get a 2.5% yield out of it, all for that reasonable expense ratio of 0.18%.

Financial SPDR

Lastly, we have the Financial SPDR (XLF), which may surprise some people since many think that we are going to suffer at least one more financial crisis in the future.

I disagree — I guarantee we’ll have even more than one.

But still, financial services are completely wrapped around everything we do. That’s because consumption is what we do best … and you can’t consume unless you purchase, and you can’t purchase unless you have at least one financial service company involved.

And those services I’m referring to go way beyond banking, by the way. There’s so much infrastructure associated with financial services, it would make your head spin.

The good news is that all aspects of the financial world are wrapped up nicely in the XLF, with Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) stealing the title of the fund’s largest holding. And again, this SPDR comes with rock-bottom expense ratio of 0.18%.

The XLF may have some volatility here and there, but over the long term it remains one of the best ETFs you can buy, and an obvious core holding for any portfolio.

As of this writing, Lawrence Meyers owned shares of XLE, XLF and XLP.




Make your business based at home take a leap

The garden metaphor for business may be implemented to death, but it can be applied.  If you’ve recently started an at-home business or plan to do so sooner, keeping the “growth” idea in your mind is a good idea. The concept might be wonderful, with constant attention, your business will thrive.

Running your home-based business has so many benefits.  You don’t have any commute you can be employed in your pajamas, and you’ll you set your hours.  For instance, I will work with my article writing career without notice of night or day.  That freedom is quite enticing to the majority of us, so we must give attention to making our at-home endeavors profitable.

If you’d like your at-home-based business to blossom, you must get the word out around the world beyond your family and friends.  Even a smaller advertising budget surpasses none, and an ad that’s carefully geared towards your customer base is a bit more than really worth the expense.  I reside in a very small community, so potential prospects inside my immediate area are few, but an ad from your paper brings in a few clients.  However, advertising on specialty writing sites is a lot more productive. 

 Social media may be overdone, however it is still effective.  Create a Facebook page to your business and use Twitter.  These methods can bring in certain new customers, and, once you’ve done wonderful work for them, recommendations will bring in a lot more. I advocate this method over plastering your neighborhood with flyers.   More than once monthly, I pull one from under my wipers.  I have not yet use any of the at-home businesses who advertise this way. 


I’m not just a joiner, but owned by professional organizations does help generate leads.  The old “who you know” adage is true with a degree.  You still need to know a lot, but talented people can watch their businesses fail whenever they don’t utilize their connections.
Growing a home-based business is much like tending a garden, but I won’t belabor the actual.  Just ensure that the ground is fertile so you water it regularly.  Then it is possible to harvest an appropriate living.

Author: Johnny Andrade

Low-Cost Promotion & Marketing Ideas

Promotion and advertising can be a heavy expense, especially for a new business that wants to make itself known in a community. A home-based business, however, more often than not, has a very limited budget when it comes to advertising. The home business owner needs to make the public aware of his or her product or service at the lowest possible cost.
There are many ways. A pet breeder in a large city was struggling for several years-until he came up with a novel idea. He started giving away customized “birth certificates” for the pets he sold. Almost immediately, his sales rose more than 10 percent.
The owner of a new home cleaning service was trying to attract clients. She couldn’t afford much advertising, so she began offering “home cleaning seminars” to civic groups. After two months of seminars, she was swamped with inquiries and clients.
Promotion often makes the crucial difference between business success and failure. Customers or clients must know about a business or product line before they’ll buy and they must have a reason to buy.
If you are trying to promote your business now, you can move in one of two directions: 1) You can take the conventional route to promotion and mount an elaborate media campaign, spending a considerable amount of money or 2) You can let your creative juices flow and mount a low-cost promotion effort, using a potpourri of attention-getting gimmicks to bring your message to the buying public.
Now, to be sure, conventional advertising is valuable. If your enterprise is large enough or if you’re selling numerous product lines, you may find that a full-fledged media campaign is the most efficient and cost effective way to promote your business. If money is tight, however, or you’re not sure you can amortize the heavy cost of a media campaign over a period of time, the following is a assortment of low-cost techniques you can try. Not all may be appropriate for your particular business, and certainly it would be costly to try them all. But you’re sure to find some ideas that will work for you.
GIVEAWAYS. People love to receive “free” items, especially items they can use to gain knowledge or improve their lives. You can base an entire promotional campaign on this desire. If you’re running a furniture repair business, for instance, you could give away a furniture repair brochure, free furniture planning guides, or color swatches. Once you begin giving away authoritative information customers will begin to perceive you as an expert in your field.
NEWS CREATION. Want to get names and news from your business in the local newspaper? It may be easier that you think. If you don’t have any news to report to the local media, create some. Maybe you’ve taken on a new associate. Or maybe you’re selling an unusual product line. Or maybe you’ve opened a free advice center for the community. Or maybe you’ve received an award from a civic or professional group. Local Pennysavers and weekly are often quite interested in business news of this sort and can help you attract the attention of thousands of people.
EVENTS. You may be able to attract the attention of the media or a crowd by staging a special promotional event. If you run a fitness classes, for instance, you could stage a celebrity instructor day. If you’re promoting a new real estate business, you can offer tours of a model home in the area. If you’re selling children’s products and it’s springtime, you can offer lunch with the Easter bunny. Get the idea?
CHARITY TIE-INS. Are you launching a new product? Trying to increase visibility among a particular segment of your community? Offer your product to one or more local charities as a raffle prize or for use at a fund raising event. You’ll receive lots of exposure among people who buy tickets or attend the event.
CONTESTS. Offer a desirable or unique item-or even several items-as contest prizes. First, find a contest theme that tiers into your business. A caterer might offer a quiche-eating contest. A photographer might offer a young model contest. A mail order craft firm might offer an “Early American” handicrafts contest. Invite contest submissions and offer prizes to the winners. Do contests attract attention? You bet. All it takes is a few signs, a small press announcement or two, and the word will spread throughout the community grapevine.
COMMUNITY SERVICE. Nothing brings you to the attention of the people faster-or more favorably-than community service. Ask yourself how your enterprise can be a “good neighbor” to your community. If you’re running a lawn care and gardening service, perhaps you can offer one season’s services at no charge to a needy charitable organization or nursing home in your area. Hundreds of people will hear about your work in the process. Volunteer for various community causes. If appropriate, you can step in during community emergency, offering products and services to help an organization or individuals in need.
COUPONING. Americans are very coupon-conscious. Test the market: at what level will coupons increase the volume of various product or service lines? When you get some tentative answers, start distributing coupons that offer a discount on your services. Distribute them to area newspapers, on store counters, in door-to-door- mail packets (which can often be quite inexpensive), at the public library, at laundromats, at any location where people congregate.
BADGES AND NOVELTIES. You can easily and inexpensively produce badges, bumper stickers, book covers, and other novelty items for distribution in your area. You can imprint your business name and the first names of the customers on many of these products at little cost and distribute them for free. Or you can tie your novelty program into a contest: once a month, you can offer a prize to any individual whose car happens to carry one of your bumper stickers or badges with peel-off coupons, redeemable at your place of business.
CELEBRITY VISITS. With a bit of persistence, you may be able to arrange to have a local media celebrity, public official, or entertainment personally-even a fictitious cartoon character or clown-visit your service. The celebrity can sign autographs, read stories to children, perform cooking demonstrations, or perform any one of a hundred other traffic-building activities.
CELEBRATE HOLIDAYS. You’ll probably want to celebrate major public holidays with special sales. But celebrate some of the offbeat holidays as well. Almost every business has a few little-known holidays. Ever hear of National Pickle Day, for instance? Or Cat Lovers Month? Once you find the “right” holiday, you can sponsor a special sale or special product arrange special media coverage of a holiday event.
GO WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE. Can you open sales information booths at community fairs and festivals? This promotional technique can work for gift retailers, craftspeople, and personal service firms. If you have the people and the time, can you handle regional fairs or even trade shows?
MAILING LISTS. Once you begin establishing a committed clientele, gather their names on a mailing list. Save the names from your mail orders and telephone inquiries. Eventually, you’ll be able to send product circulars or even catalogs to the folks on your list and you’ll be able to promise your products by mail.
SCAVENGER HUNTS. If you want people to buy NOW, offer them an unbeatable deal. If they bring an old product-a small appliance, a book, whatever-to you, you’ll give them a worthwhile discount on a comparable new item. Or stage a general purpose scavenger hunt. Customers who bring in three canned goods for your community’s food bank will receive a discount on products purchased that day.
PARTIES. Everyone loves a party. Why not celebrate the anniversary of your business or some special holiday by offering baked goods and beverages? If you’re running a service business, perhaps you can offer an open house or obtain a small banquet room in your community. Besides refreshments, be sure the place is brightly decorated.
GREETING CARDS. Do you send out greeting cards to major customers or clients? Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries make nice greeting card occasions. Greeting cards create enormous goodwill and keep your name in front of people.
SEMINARS. In this information hungry age, people love to receive advice, especially about their personal needs and hobbies. If you sell health foods or run fitness classes, perhaps you can offer “wellness” seminars during lunchtime to your area’s business community. If you’re an interior decorator, perhaps you can offer one-hour decorating workshops to any group of ten people who will gather in someone’s home. If you’re running a printing business, perhaps you can offer tours and layout seminars at your plant.
If you’re not pleased with your promotional efforts today or if you simply must increase your exposure among customers and prospects-it’s probably time to increase your publicity efforts. By all means, advertise in the media if you can or must. But don’t neglect your greatest promotional asset-your mind. Ponder the products, services, and events you can offer the community and devise a creative promotional strategy around them. You’ll have to invest a bit of time and energy in the project, but the payoff will be worth it. You’ll save hundreds-or even thousands-of advertising dollars and, better yet, you’ll travel a well-worn shortcut to profit.





Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Promoting Your Business



The Secrets Of Million Dollar Sales Letters

Regardless of what you’re trying to sell, you really can’t sell it without “talking” with your prospective buyer. An in attempting to sell anything by mail, the sales letter you send out is when and how you talk to your prospect.

All winning sales letters “talk” to the prospect by creating an image in the mind of the reader. They set “the scene” by appealing to a desire or need; and then they flow smoothly into the “visionary” part of the sales pitch by describing in detail how “wonderful” life will be and, how “good” the prospect is going to fee after he’s purchased your product. This is the “body or guts” of a sales letter.

Overall, a winning sales letter follows a time-tested and proven formula: 1) Get his attention 2) Get him interested in what you can do for him 3) Make him desire the benefits of your product so badly his mouth begins to water 4) Demand action from him – tell him to send for whatever it is you’re selling without delay – any procrastination on his part might cause him to lose out. This is called the “AIDA” formula and it works.

Sales letters that pull in the most sales are almost always two pages with 1 1/2 spaces between lines. For really big ticket items, they’ll run at least four pages – on an 11 by 17 sheet of paper folded in half. If your sales letter is only two pages in length, there’s nothing wrong with running it on the front and back of one sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 paper. However, your sales letter should always be on letterhead paper – your letterhead printed, and including your logo and business motto if you have one.

Regardless of the length of your sales letter, it should do one thing, and that’s sell, and sell hard! If you intend to close the sale, you’ve got to do it with your sales letter. You should never by “wishy-washy” with your sales letter and expect to close the sale with a color brochure or circular. You do the actual selling and the closing of that sale with your sales letter – any brochure or circular you send along with it will just reinforce what you say in the sales letter.

There’s been a great deal of discussion in the past few years regarding just how long a sales letter should be. A lot of people are asking: Will people really take the time to read a long sales letter. The answer is a simple and time-tested yes indeed! Surveys and tests over the years emphatically prove that “longer sales letters” pull even better than the shorter ones, so don’t worry about the length of your sales letter – just make sure that it sells your product for you!

The “inside secret” is to make your sales letter so interesting, and “visionary” with the benefits you’re offering to the reader, that he can’t resist reading it all the way through. You break up the “work” of reading by using short, punchy sentences, underlining important points you’re trying to make, with the use of subheadlines, indentations and even the use of a second color.

Relative to the brochures and circulars you may want to include with your sales letter to reinforce the sale – providing the materials you’re enclosing are of the best quality, they will generally reinforce the sale for you. But, if they are of poor quality, look cheap and don’t compliment your sales letter, then you shouldn’t be using them. Another thing, it will definitely classify you as an independent homeworker if your hand-stamp your name/address on these brochures or advertising circulars.

Whenever possible, and so long as you have really good brochures to send out, have your printer run them through his press and print your name/address – even your telephone number and company logo – on them before you send them out. The thing is, you want your prospect to think of you as his supplier – the company – and not as just another mail order operator. Sure, you can get by with less expense but you’ll end up with fewer orders and in the end, less profits.

Another thing that’s been bandied about and discussed from every direction for years is whether to use a post office box number or your street address. Generally, it’s best to include both your post office box number, AND, your street address on your sales letter. This kind of open display of your honesty will give you credibility and dispel the thought of you being just another “fly-by-night” mail order company in the mind of your prospect.

Above all else, you’ve got to include some sort of ordering coupon. This coupon has to be as simple and as easy for the prospect to fill out and return to you as you can possible make it. A great many sales are lost because this order coupon is just too complicated for the would-be buyer to follow. Don’t get fancy! Keep it simple, and you’ll find your prospects responding with glee.

Should your or shouldn’t you include a self-addressed reply envelope? There are a lot of variable as well as pro’s and con’s to this question, but overall, when you send out a “winning” sales letter to a good mailing list, a return reply envelope will increase your response tremendously.

Tests of late seem to indicate that it isn’t that big a deal or difference in responses relative to whether you do or don’t pre-stamp the return reply envelope. Again, the decision here will rest primarily on the product you’re selling and the mailing list you’re using. Our recommendation that you experiment – try it both ways – with subsequent mailings and decide for yourself from there.

Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Promoting Your Business

Be Careful of What You’re Downloading

Free music downloads and free movie downloads are yours for your taking online. They are really simple to find, but if you wish to stay legal you must know exactly what you deserve at.

Many of these websites advertise legal downloads but read the fine print which addresses the legality of such free movie and free music download sites.

After a little bit of research and visiting a number of these legal free music downloads and free movie downloads websites, We have learned the truth and it is time so they can be exposed for they will really are misleading, deceptive, illegitimate and merely plain dishonest.

When visiting these download websites, it’s not easy to learn what exactly is legal what is actually not. Knowingly acquiring illicit downloads is theft. Whether you download from among the many download websites or perhaps a website advertising download music for free online, you need to see the terms and conditions first.

We know the word, Whether it sounds too good actually was, it in all probability is. The majority of internet websites are not any exception.

Most people download from one of these brilliant movie download websites or sites advertising download music free of charge online without realizing the legality of copyright infringement. It really is difficult to tell right from wrong when you will find hundreds and hundreds of sites which promise 100% legal downloads. We would like to believe these websites are, the truth is, legitimate, in the same way advertised. Unfortunately, many only mislead you to definitely believe that they are legitimate.

The advertising of legal is only partially true therefore, it’s dishonest.

  • The software these sites provide to execute the download is legal.
  • Downloading with a peer-to-peer (referred to as P2P) network is legal.
  • The locations ship to the downloads are legal.
  • It does not take act of downloading copyrighted material which is criminal.

We have been attracted to internet websites with advertising such as,

Download and share anything you want, when you want. Get unlimited access without annoying spyware and adware programs. Our company offers you access to the fastest and quite a few reliable file-trading networks online. Millions are downloading! Now it’s your turn! 100% Fun.

Or think about,

Pick all the movies you would like and with just one click you can download them automatically. On top of that, you are able to download over 40 movies simultaneously. After a movie has finished downloading, it is possible to view it right on your computer. You can even burn it into a DVD or Video-CD and view it in your television using a standard DVD player.

Here is just one of my favorite features.

The very best free music downloads, free movie downloads and an extensive download database – 100% Legal. This website has over 1 BILLION files including free music downloads, movies plus more…

But don’t be discouraged. There are some sites in which you can actually download movies and music totally free.

There are even more sites from which you can download movies and music for the monthly membership fee or a bit of a fee per download.

Just remember, it’s not at all the action of performing the peer-to-peer download, but whatever you download. If it’s copyrighted material, it can be illegal to download without paying for it.

Read the small print. When you can find the fine print, they feed you this garbage about downloading and sharing responsibly, etc., etc. In other words, do not get caught!

One of the more common disclaimers you’ll find on these scam sites reads this way:

Some details are protected by copyright, so that you typically have to have the copyright owner’s permission prior to making it open to other P2P users. Popular music, movies, games, and software will often be protected by copyright.

The neat aspect of many of these really, truly, 100% legal sites which you could download music for free, is the fact that most of the music on web sites is from new artists seeking noticed by the record label. You will find some excellent music in case you are determined and simply do just a little effort in your searches.

Copyright infringement may lead to significant monetary damages, fines and in many cases criminal penalties. Some copyright owners have filed civil lawsuits against people that they think unlawfully distributed large numbers of copyrighted songs. Uncover more about trademark at P2P United.

New Places to look for Housing Assistance

Housing is something many single mothers constantly struggle with or have difficulties finding. Mostly, the problem is lack of resources or not knowing where to look. Housing help for single mothers, isn’t necessarily easy to find, but can be made easier if you have access to where to look and what to look for.

Housing is also a hard topic because it takes courage to try and find some housing help. However, don’t let this discourage you! There are many government and non-profit organizations that are out there for the sole purpose of providing housing help for single mothers. These organizations often times are very easy to locate and also just as easy to contact when needing help.  The only downside is that many of these agencies are often very busy with lots of clients and may be slow to respond. Also, if funding is low, sometimes they offer less in terms of aid.

But with all the above being said, here are places to look into:

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture is an often-overlooked place for housing but it is a great pace to go, especially when you are looking for housing in a rural area. They offer many kinds of grants for housing – and not only limited to buying or renting housing. They also help a lot with remodeling or fixing up housing. They have many different requirements that should be looked into when deciding if you qualify for housing help offered by the USDA. Find out more about home assistance.

HUD – This is a main one. HUD stands for department of Housing and Urban Development. This is the place that people most often go to for help. It is a great resource with tons of helpful links and materials posted on their website. You can find a great deal of information such as how to apply, when to apply, and who to contact. They are also known for providing all sorts of grants and other services.

HIP – Housing Initiative Program – this is a smaller kind of grant program that helps single mothers find new places that they can look for housing help. It is a great place to look as well if you are having some trouble affording housing/ renting.

Between the three programs, there are tons of options for you and your family to consider. Think every option through and finally decide which one is best for you. Don’t hesitate to contact these agencies for other forms of help.