The Power of CHOICE Summons Universal Forces in a Flash!

Choice is yours for the taking      –        Life is yours for the making! –                                                        One thing that can change everything…

The Choice Factor! By Aine Belton

           Choice is a gateway to the possible – not only at cross-roads on your path, but in every moment, giving access to the limitless palate with which to paint your life.
You can choose a new action, thought, feeling, or behaviour at any time, and birth an entirely new reality as a result.
There are no ‘perfect’ choices, but there may be choices that you may feel more passionate about, aligned to, enlivened and inspired by, choices that move you, speak to your heart, and take you towards bright futures.
Those may be small choices, big choices, easy or more challenging choices.
One of the magical things about choice is… you can make a new one in any moment!  Choice, when owned and yielded, is a powerful tools with which you create your reality, especially as it can steer and direct the others – namely your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, imagination, focus, and so on.
A vast number of choices you make are barely conscious, or you may fail to acknowledge them as the choices they indeed are. Habits, for example, are choices that have become more automatic, be they your sleeping patterns, the way you communicate, your job, your daily routine, how you take your coffee (that you even drink coffee), etc.
What you tangibly do (your actions) are the most obvious choices, but there are choices at subtler levels, i.e. what you think and feel, your attitudes, principles and values, etc.
Choice opens you to the realization that each moment is filled with possibilities – for more love and joy, for a new beginning, a new direction, expanded success, etc.
Every choice has an impact to a greater or lesser extent, each one like a pebble dropped in a pond; the ripples, the ramifications, spreading out into your future and other areas of your life.
Even one small choice made today that shifts your life by one degree, overtime can lead to a future far brighter than where you may be currently heading, opening you up to a new path and life; new doorways, visions, people, horizons, places, and opportunities, new levels of love, happiness, health and success.
I’ve no doubt you can remember choices you made weeks, months or even years ago that have significantly changed who and where you are right now. Perhaps you can also think of choices you didn’t make and wonder where your life may have ended up, for better or worse, if you had.
What choice could you make TODAY that would change your life for the better – both now, and in the coming days, weeks and months ahead?
One of the contributors to our education project I’ll be sharing about was telling me how some years ago he began asking the question, several times a day, “How may I serve?”
From that asking, inspirations began flowing to him, including a book, that flowed out onto paper within 3 days.
It reminds me of a quote I share on twitter:
“If you lack vision, passion, motivation or direction, think of how your gifts can be of service in some way”.
If you feel unclear or uninspired by choices, reflecting on how you may be of help to yourself, others and the world can ignite possibilities.

hat choices could you make for sharing your gifts, love and being of service in some way?              
There are many ways you can give. You can give of your time, care, attention, love, money, information, support, appreciation, joy.
That includes giving those to you and making serving choices for you and your life too, obviously. If your tank’s empty, you’re not going to have any juice for others. One of the greatest gifts you have to give the world is the gift of your happiness.