Make more money, Get Unstuck, & Hot Dog Marketing

If you want to make more money for 2014, but felt “STUCK” then continue reading…..

Being “stuck” will mean different things to different people, but I’m sure you know the feeling. Like me, maybe you feel you’re destined for something great, but need a BREAKTHROUGH – Or maybe you just feel generally unfulfilled and STUCK! The good news is that you can change your world to suite your desires anytime if you knew how to get Un-Stuck!  

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If you are really feeling stuck then I suggest you try something PASSIVE that will pull you into a more motivated state.  Here are a couple of quick shortcuts that anyone can do to get a quick boost of motivation… even if they’re practically glued to the couch.

Need to get in better shape?
…Dust off that DVD of “Rocky” and watch Sylvester
Stallone train his butt off with “Eye of the Tiger”
blasting in the background.

Want to create a bulging bank account?
…Get addicted to watching TV shows like “How I Made
My Millions” (on CNBC) or something like it.

Are your sales slumping?
Turn on the movie “Wall Street” or “Boiler Room”.                                                                                           These are quick SHORTCUTS, and I suggest you use them only as a SPARK of motivation.

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And Now…

Hot Dog Marketing (how NOT to show up as a spiritual entrepreneur)
by Brenda MacIntyre

On one of my walks in the city one day, what I saw on a business sign sparked something in me. I feel sad for the business, but it also reminded me that this is what I see a LOT of in the healing and coaching industry…

1. Wearing too many hats in your marketing.

2. Marketing the wrong thing.

3. Operating out of fear, instead of from your power.

Let me explain. Note, this is a bit of a long article because I wanted to give you a full clear picture of what NOT to do and, if you find out you’re doing “hot dog marketing”, how to change it NOW before you lose too many people (not to mention losing yourself).

Here’s all that’s GOOD about the restaurant in question:

1. Everyone who works there – and the restaurant owner – is Mexican. I love that sense of authenticity. I could go to hundreds of places in Toronto for a burrito but none of them I’ve been to except this one and one other has ONLY Mexican people cooking and serving the food.

2. Friendly customer service with a special touch. They’re always smiling, very welcoming, playing Mexican music that makes me feel like dancing, and I feel like I can have a real conversation with whoever is at the till, if they’re not too busy with other customers. They went the extra mile once by offering me a complimentary piece of what was no ordinary cake. I forget the name of it, but it was some kind of traditional food and very clearly “home-made”. Made me feel even more steeped in authenticity.

3. It’s a family business, and it makes me feel good to support local family businesses.

4. Every time I used to go there, they’d have some kind of new traditional Mexican “patty” – pupusa’s and other little snacks. I loved the variety of traditional Mexican foods that I couldn’t just get anywhere.

So you might be wondering what I was so sad about the other day when I saw their sign…

I had lost interest in their restaurant, partly because I want to eat less carbs and partly because… well, I wasn’t sure why. Until I saw that sign. It was advertising HOT DOGS. Yes, that’s right. Hot Dogs.

Ummm… What??

Yeah, I had to do a double-take.

But then my memory lit up for me. I remembered a couple of months ago walking by and the sign said “Special on Hamburgers and Fries”.

What happened?

Well, a 2nd Mexican food restaurant opened up on the other side of the street. At their grand opening, they hired Mexican musicians to perform. But that, to me, was the only authentic thing about this 2nd restaurant. The staff all have identical t-shirts (they’re great at branding). Oh, and you must only be able to work there if you’re a pretty teenage girl with long hair and an over the top outgoing personality, because that’s the only staff at the counter. One of them may have been Mexican. Maybe. Their burritos, I have to admit, tasted a bit better than from the other restaurant. But it was more like being at a glorified hamburger restaurant and I don’t even remember what their burritos tasted like. All their bells and whistles and fake authenticity did NOTHING to inspire my loyalty.

BUT… Ever since that restaurant opened up, my favourite one stopped being themselves and have been unsuccessfully trying to be something they are not, to try to get people in.

Do you ever find yourself in this pattern? Are you trying to be or market yourself as something you’re not, in order to get business? Do you overstuff programs with bells and whistles to entice people to buy them?

OR Are you being authentically YOU in your business, but you’re not getting the clients you want (or any at all)?

Or do you just never start your business in the first place because you’re afraid to unveil who you really are?

Here’s what you need to do…


Your Portal to Your Power in your business is the act of immersing your business in YOU.
So how do you do that?

Let me give you an example. The first restaurant’s Portal to its Power – what made this restaurant so appealing – was the immersion in authentic Mexican everything that you couldn’t help but feel when you walked in the door. It was in their home-made hot sauces and their friendly Mexican atmosphere. But it still kind of did look like a hamburger joint. So they could’ve just gone BIG with being Mexican… and here’s how.

1. One thing I didn’t mention is, the name of their business isn’t Mexican. It’s Italian. ??? They might want to rebrand to reflect their authenticity. I’ll talk in another article about how important naming is, but that’s a total mismatch.

2. They could have AMPLIFIED their Mexican authenticity within the actual restaurant, in their branding, in what they were wearing, and in their cooking, and stayed the course even when the other restaurant started to take some of their business. My bet is, they would’ve gained more customers, and they would have inspired the loyalty of the customers they already had, including me. Trying to be some hot dog joint, when Toronto has thousands of those plus hot dog stands outside, is a death wish for any new restaurant (uinless they amplified their “hot dog-ness” and specialized in some weird delightful way totally on hot dogs). Let me spell this out for you. Branding yourself as a “business coach” or “xyz practitioner” (insert any healing modality you want) is HOT DOG MARKETING. It is NOT immersion in YOU, and does NOT inspire loyalty in your clients.

3. After the other restaurant opened, they could’ve put out a sandwich board expressing their authenticity. I mean seriously… hot dogs??? That made me wonder if they even served Mexican food anymore. What if it had instead been some quirky Mexican saying, with it written in both English and Spanish? What if they just made a few simple décor changes to create an even more authentically Mexican atmosphere?

The truth is, it does take time to grow a business, and these guys gave up only a few months into the game, because they saw there was “competition”. The truth is that if you open the Portal to Your Power within your business, there is really NO competition.

Also, business-building isn’t overnight – it takes time. If they had endured the investment of ideas, time, energy and money into amplifying their power (and I really hope they will!) for the long haul, then I would find myself back in there again, even if it was just to buy a Mexican dessert for my daughter.

So I urge you NOT TO GIVE UP when you look at how many other practitioners are out there in your field. There is ONLY ONE YOU. When you DO YOU – 500% YOU – then you inspire loyalty, you remove yourself from the “competition” and your potential clients will see that you’re not just another coach or practitioner in the millions out there.

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