Whoever told you money is not good or money is the rule of all evil he/she lied to you. If you don’t have money, you might as well be homeless with no food, no water, no medical, because to acquire the basic needs for your survival you’ll need money. If you fear money then you won’t have it. If you love money then here is a way to some more money…  You can have your own million dollar multi-level empire if you want…… enjoy the article

There are any number of appealing multi-level marketing programs available these days.  Many have the capabilities of making money for the participants.  However, don’t ever delude yourself into thinking that multi-level marketing won’t cost you anything nor require much time or work on your part.  Indeed, successful selling, and that is what multi-level marketing boils down to, will require an investment of time, money, dedication and hard work!

Before you agree to any multi-level deal or begin one of your own, it will pay you to do a little bit of market research relative to the sales potential of the proposed operation.  For instance, if you can sell to a “waiting market”–one where people are ready to make a purchase–you will make money.  But if the people you attempt to recruit as members of your multi-level downline feel that they are going to have a hard time selling it to someone else, then you haven’t got much of a winning MLM program.  Regardless of how much money a program claims you can make, it will only be as successful as the market will allow.  Enthusiasim for selling, as important as it is, will not substitute for a poor product.

You should avoid programs that offer products of limited appeal such as gourmet recipes, health foods, household knick-knacks, books on needlecraft or magazine subscriptions.  Beware also of deals that require you to purchase an inventory or maintain a certain sales level.  Usually you will end up as the final customer of the product, with a supply of 400 pounds of laundry detergent or 250 pair of gold-sequined dance shoes!  Look closely for the negative aspects of an offer, and then weigh these against the ease with which you will be able to make a sale.  In the final analysis, if you have a hard time selling it, then the people you recruit to sell it for you will find it even harder to sell, and that will be the end of your “big money” multi-level program.

There are countless reports, manuals, books and other publications that will tell you how to attain riches in mail order, party plan selling, and even street corner sales.  Most all of these “how-to” publications will instruct you on how to put a mailing piece together, how often to send your offers out, and even the importance of high quality advertising pieces.  Very few, if any, come right out and help you get your offer to your most likely customers.  As you know, unless an interested buyer sees your offer, you’re not going to make any money.  Most MLM salesmen will thrash around, waste time, spend hundreds of dollars and never make any money simply because they don’t know how to get their offers to the right pe ople without it costing them an arm and a leg.

To help you reach your prospective buyers, here are some simple tips.  Regardless of what your offer entails, put together the most dynamic and appealing one-page advertising circular you can develope. The best-selling and most productive circular is one that directly tells the reader that you have a solution to his money problems. In other words, with your circular, promise him a way to make himself rich, and he’ll not only be interested, but he’ll jump at the opportunity to join your program.  Next, make it as easy as possible for anyone who sees your offer to respond.  Thus, in addition to an order coupon at the bottom of the advertising circular describing your offer, give him the chance to get involved in your program for the least possible cost.

If you’ve put together a “winning offer,” most people seeing it will want to know more.  However, if you charge them $5 registration or enrollment fees, you will lose about half of those who are interested because they are afraid of being ripped off. But, if you charge them $2 or less, almost all of the people seeing your offer will take the chance just to find out what kind of a deal you’re offering.

Let’s review:  First, you must have a ONE-PAGE advertising circular that really appeals to most of its recipients.  Secondly, it must appeal to the reader’s hopes and dreams for success.  It will also need to have a coupon the reader clips off and sends in to you for enrollment or registration in your program.  And finally, it has to be priced at $2 or less to get everybody to at least inquire further.  With these basics incorporated into your mailing piece, you will capture the largest possible share of your potential market.

Assuming you have now developed such a circular and have organized yourself thus far, take this advertising circular to a quick printer in your area.  Ask to have 10,000 of these one-page circulars printed.  This will cost you approximately $300.  If you don’t have the money, you can either work out an arrangement with the printer to pay him in 30 days or include him as a silent partner in your program. Ask him to read over your offer, explain how you intend to get it to the people, and about how much money you expect to gross from it.  Then, simply offer to split the proceeds if he will carry your printing costs for you.  While the circular is being printed, line up your initial distribution efforts.  Contact neighborhood civic or youth organizations in your city.  If unavailable, contact a local distributor of door-to-door advertising and tell them about your project.  Arrange with the leaders of these groups to pay them $20 per 1,000 if they will station people at various locations in your area and pass out one of your circulars to everyone as they pass by.  Simply tell them that you’ve got 10,000 of these circulars to hand out, and that you will pay them the $200 for handing them out on the first of the month.

The best places to hand out your circulars are those malls or shopping centers featuring discount stores, recycled clothing stores, and inventory reduction sales.  Next on your list should be flea markets, swap and shop events such as gun or boat and recreation shows, and even garage and estate sales.  Anywhere there are a lot of people congregating or coming and going is a good place to hand out your advertising circulars, all in your own home town and without postage costs.

As your workers are handing circulars out for you at strategic locations throughout the area, you should be calling in person on every shopkeeper and store owner or manager in the area.  Show them each a copy of your circular.  Explain your program to them and offer to cut them in on the profits if they will help you distribute the circulars by dropping one in the bag with purchases by each of their customers.  The best possible bet is with privately owned convenience stores and newsstands.  These small businesses won’t want to become involved in extra bookkeeping nor the handling of money for you, so you will have to devise a method of knowing from whose batch of circulars your orders come.  This is accomplished by placing a code for each of the stores on the coupons of flyers they distribute.

Simply assign a different “department number” to each store, and when you have the circulars printed for each location, insert that department code in the address to which the reader is supposed to send his order.  You will be expected to supply the circulars without cost to the distributors, including the special coding for each store.  Thus the need for a good working relationship with a printer in your area.  The amount of commission paid to the store owners will be based on the size of each order.  The percentage that you allow to each store per order received should range between 15 and 30 percent.  Of course, always try to finalize each deal for the least amount possible.

Be sure to keep good records of all your incoming orders.  It would be wise to have a separate record book for each distributor.  Thus, you can review the number of orders received from each distributor’s customers with him when you pay the distribution commission at the end of each month.  At the same time, jot the name, address and phone number of each person sending in an order onto a 3 x 5 index card or into your computer database.  Arrange these cards in alphabetical and zip code order and store them in an old shoe box.  When you have 10,000 of them, you will be able to sell them for 10 cents per name to any number of mailing list brokers.  Also, if your list is maintained on computer, you can begin renting out the mailing list for $45 to $75 per thousand names for a single use.

You will also want to clip the stamp off each envelope you receive and save these in another box.  Stamp collectors will pay you from $10 to $20 for each shoe box full of stamps you can collect.  After you have clipped the stamps off, place the envelopes with your customer’s return address in a third storage box.  When you have several boxes full of these envelopes from people who have spent money with you, mailing list companies will gladly pay you for them.

Once you’ve got your town saturated with circular distributors, be sure to leave a stack in all the barber shops and beauty salons, as well as at the counter in cafes, restaurants, bowling centers, theaters and the lodges of all the fraternal and labor unions in the area.  You can soon simply duplicate these efforts in a neighboring town or city, thus increasing your income and profitability.

The above plan is a feasible multi-level marketing and total advertising/recruiting effort on your part.  Your main thrust is to pull in as many prospects as possible and show them your MLM program.  If they want to join in, let them enthusiastically sign up.  If not, forget about them and move on to the next prospect. This form of prospect hunting is going to cost you money and time, regardless of what you’re trying to sell.  Remember, there can never be any reward without an investment on your part. Professional athletes say, “no pain–no gain.”  Yet the small amount of time you spend in “pain” will eventually be offset by the even greater financial “gain.”  You must dedicate yourself to the task before you will reap the benefit of your labor.

What you have basically done up to this point is put together an “invitation announcement” requesting an initial $2 investment by the reader, and you have distributed it to as many people as possible.  Interested recipients will send you a “cover charge” of $2 to discover what your program is all about, the payment offsetting your investment in preparing and distributing the mailing pieces.  Before you decide that this is an impossible method of making any money, let’s put a pencil to paper and do some figuring.  Suppose there are 120,000 people in your town–50,000 adults in 20,000 separate families.  If half of these 20,000 families were to send you $2, how much money would you have? $20,000, right?  Now then, tell me whether or not you would like to have an extra $20,000.  For a proportionally small expense of $3,500 for printing and distribution of 50,000 pieces, you would have received an almost 10-fold return on your investment.  Not a bad start.

People who send you $2 each for further information on your MLM program hope to solve their money problems.  You will send them back your multi-level program brochure which describes how they can duplicate what you’re doing and make a bundle of money for themselves.  At the same time, you send out another one-page advertising circular that offers business success reports.  Suppose 10 percent of the people receiving your MLM brochure enroll and send $50 for a start-up kit or supplies.  You have expanded your MLM distributorship and made money, right?  And now, let’s suppose that of all the people who have sent in $2 to find out what your program is all about, a total of 10 percent spend an additional $5 with you for one of your business success reports.  Your total gross income will appear as follows:

     10,000 responses @ $2 each…………………$20,000

      1,000 new MLM members @ $50 each…………..$50,000

      1,000 business report orders @ $5.00 each…..$ 5,000

     GROSS INCOME……………………………..$75,000

Now figure up your expenses, including all the costs involved in printing and distribution.

     Printing and distributing 50,000 circulars…..$ 3,500

     Printing and mailing of 10,000 MLM brochures…$ 4,500

     Printing 10,000 Business Report Circulars……$   300

     Mailing 1,000 Business Reports……………..$   200

     TOTAL EXPENSES……………………………$ 8,500

Subtract your expenses from your gross income of $75,000, and you should end up taking $66,500 to your bank, catching up on all your bills, and spending a long overdue vacation in Acapulco or Hawaii!!

That’s it!  That’s how easy and simple it is, and it actually works!  Once you have covered your entire state in this manner, simply start renting mailing lists of Opportunity Seekers from the large mailing list brokers and shotgun your basic one-page $2 offer to all of them.  By following these instructions and working according to this plan, you can theoretically take in more than $1 million within the next 12 months.  Imagine what you could do with $1,000,000 in the bank!

Others have made their fortunes doing almost exactly the same thing.  There is no reason that you cannot make yourself a part of a winning MLM team.  You can do it!  All it takes is that first circular and a concentrated plan of total distribution.  If you would like to make some of the big money of which you have always dreamed, why not start today?  Compose a circular, a marketing plan, and a series of business reports.  Success must be earned. Make your dreams a reality–beginning right now!  Good Luck!  




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