3D Printing and ViWiDA CFO Media Hype-Amazon shopping starts here!

Have you heard about this story of doing your Amazon shopping here?
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You heard all the hype about the 3D printing by now, right? If not; ooh well my dear fellow citizen, you better get ready for this one!
If you heard about 3D printing, and you’re in markets, that is buying/selling stocks; you may want to consider investing, or looking into investing in companies such as
Proto Labs and the likes.. FineLine Prototyping, a 3D printing company based in Raleigh, has been acquired by publicly traded Proto Labs for $38 million.
Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/04/25/3810901/raleigh-3d-printing-company-fineline.html#storylink=cpy

That is today’s news. And BTW— please take note because….
I want you to be aware that I’m not a broker, nor do I trade stocks on Wall Streets; which means, I’m not an expert in advising you where to put your money in stocks. But, get this one….
FineLine had revenues of about $9.7 million last year.
Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/04/25/3810901/raleigh-3d-printing-company-fineline.html#storylink=cpy

And now they are $30million richer! Proto Labs bought them out, they paid a hefty chunk; didn’t they? The story is getting juicy right.? Yes, I thought so. You can read more of it at the end
Well… go ahead and shop, then come back…!

Listen… MALARKEY IS NOT @Viwidausa.org ..get it?!

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Yes, you’ll get to see yours truly shopping for all her needs right here, and will be encouraging you to do your entire Amazon shopping right here too; because, most of the proceeds goes to help ViWiDA, a non profit organization, which empowers Women and Youth.____by dsWalton