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June 27— Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse and Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic are sponsoring the 20th Case Management Conference. This year’s theme is “Poverty and Mental Illness—Can the Connection be Broken?” Visit for info or to register

September 19-20 — Sexuality, Intimacy & Aging Conference, Widener University, Chester. Details and registration at

MHopsonMalik Hopson: A Genius Among Us

Please join us in supporting this brilliant shining star on his path to academic excellence!

Seventeen year old Philadelphia native, Malik Hopson is defying all stereotypes of young urban black men. He actualizes the potential excellence that we all possess!

This week Malik graduated as Valedictorian of at one Philadelphia’s premiere academic high schools, George Washington Carver School for Engineering and Science. (#1 Yall!!)
He scored a perfect 800 on his MATH SAT and will head to Harvard University this fall to begin studies in neuroscience, physics or pre-med (He hasn’t decided which or all he will undertake).
Although most of Malik’s school fees are covered by scholarship and financial aid, he still needs funds to cover books, meals and incidentals.Please consider supporting Malik with a contribution as he continues on his path of academic excellence.
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culturally aware

Uptown Hall of Fame Awards, June 20, 2014 at 5:30 PM at CBS 3 Studios, 1555 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia.Tickets: $100, $75, $50. call 215-236-1878 for more information.

Discount tickets for $25.00 available for seniors and students, Call the office at 215-236-1878 


Amazon’s Secret Weapon is out Tomorrow – 3D Smart Phones?!

3 Ways Amazon’s Phone Will Shock You


Nigerian soldiers have rescued 234 girls and women who had been captured by Boko Haram

The news was released by a tweet from the Nigerian Defence Headquarters, which said that the women and children were rescued from the Sambisa Forest. “The assault on the forest is continuing from various fronts and efforts are concentrated on rescuing hostages of civilians and destroying all terrorist camps and facilities in the forest,” army spokesman Major Gen Chris Olukoade said.

Every day, around the world, women are experiencing some form of violence. In Sudan “27-year-old Meriam Yehya Ibrahim was eight months pregnant when she appeared before a court in May on charges of ‘apostasy’ and ‘adultery’. When she refused to renounce her Christian faith, the judges sentenced Meriam to death by hanging. Meriam has also been sentenced to 100 lashes for being married to a Christian man”. In U.S. A May 23, 2014 “On Friday night, Elliot Rodger allegedly killed six people and wounded 13 othersnear a Santa Barbara, California university campus. The rampage came after Rodger posted a YouTube video in which he said it was “an injustice, a crime” that women have never been attracted to him and that he was going to “punish you all for it” and “slaughter every single blonde slut I see.” The heartbreaking truth about Yemen’s child bride and meanwhile; the world is still looking for the missing girls in Nigeria, which seems like the Rebels are continuously kidnapping the girls and no solution is at hand!

nigeriagirlsTwo weeks ago, 234 teenage girls were kidnapped in the Nigerian city of Bornu while taking their exams. It is assumed that the girls were taken by Boko Haram, a local Islamic extremist group whose name means “western education is forbidden.” It is feared that the girls have been sold into marriage to the militants and some have been moved to nearby countries of Cameroon and Chad. Long-time V-Day activist and One Billion Rising coordinator in Nigeria, Amy Oyekunle, writes to us about the horrific situation there – where conflicting information about the girls’ whereabouts and their current status and situation has left parents and loved ones devastated. We are asking you, our fellow One Billion Rising and V-Day activists to put the girls in your thoughts, prayers, and meditations, as well as those of the Nigerian women, men, and activists who have been taking and continue to take to the streets until the girls are brought back to their families safely.

We are calling on all of our One Billion Rising and V-Day activists to stand and rise for justice with our sisters in Nigeria, and to call for global solidarity for Nigeria.

Please do the following:



The focus is to put massive pressure on the government, security forces, and the neighboring governments (of Chad and Cameroon) to spur them to action – specifically to #BringBackOurGirls. It is deplorable that this situation has been happening for quite some time now and hasn’t received the attention it needs to stop the killings, abductions, and constant insecurity plaguing women and girls in the North and the rest of Nigeria.


The Nigerian government is currently focused on preparing for the World Economic Forum (WEF) taking place in Abuja/Lagos from 6 May – 10 May holding various meetings and activities. While the event was welcomed before the kidnappings happened, there is growing anger that the WEF has taken priority over the lives and welfare of over 200 Nigerian citizens. A huge rally is being planned in Lagos on Monday, 5 May to call for justice for the missing girls, and to use it as an opportunity to show that “Women and Girls Matter.”




America has been silently converted from a Constitutional Republic into a DICTATORSHIP BY BUREAUCRACY

In the last 100 plus years, through unconstitutional legislation from Congress and the President and U. S. Supreme Court decisions, America has been silently converted from a Constitutional Republic into a DICTATORSHIP BY BUREAUCRACY and most of the American people are clueless. No matter who is president in U.S., the U. S. Supreme Court has given all of the federal bureaucracies the power to operate as they see fit and their decisions cannot be challenged.


June 4, 2014 –

“It doesn’t always take guns and chains to enslave people. It just takes a zillion unconstitutional laws and a bureaucracy to enforce them, to which the people blindly comply without resistance.” -Ron Ewart

Government, at least in what is left of the Constitutional Republic of America, is (or was) about preserving, protecting and defending the individual, God-given rights of the people. Government is (or was) also about service, service to the people for functions that only government can accomplish. In America, the people established the government and the government was and is supposed to be the servant for the people.But alas, it is a fact, the servant has become the master without a shot being fired.

Government has sent hither swarms of officers and bureaucrats to pass millions of unconstitutional laws and eat out our substance. The ironic part is, these bureaucrats that harass the people were the creation of past and current Congresses and presidents, in direct violation of their solemn oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and the rights of the people.

The duty of those Congresses and presidents was to provide oversight to the bureaucracies, but as anyone can see from observing just the current scandals with the Veterans Administration, the Justice Department, the NSA, the INS, the Border Patrol, the USDA, the DOE, the DHS, the IRS, the BLM, the EPA, etc., oversight is a mirage and out-of-control bureaucracies with dictatorial powers are the reality. In fact, it has gotten so bad, that bureaucracies have become an irreversible power unto themselves and the Congress, much less the president, appear to be powerless to rein them in, or stop them. It is almost as if the Congress and the president don’t want to rein them in. What exists today is a culture of criminally wasteful and corrupt bureaucratic employee entitlement, funded at great expense by the hapless and virtually helpless American taxpayer.

If Congress won’t pass legislation that the bureaucrats want, the president just writes an executive order, or the bureaucrats just promulgate a rule, thereby effectively repealing Article 1, Section 1 of the U. S. Constitution. What constitution? Maybe the dog ate it.

It is worthy to note that the major federal bureaucracies are under the control of the executive branch, giving the executive branch virtually unlimited power to pass and enforce law, thereby bypassing the Congress. The federal bureaucracies are essentially the president’s cabinet and do the president’s bidding. The only control the Congress has is the power of the purse and legislative oversight. The Congress is reluctant to employ the power of the purse and does a poor job of legislative oversight. The bureaucracies refuse to comply or ignore Congressional subpoenas, requests for documents, or appearances of witnesses for testimony, with regularity and in-your-face arrogance. Should we dare mention the IRS or the State Department?

THE VA: The most volatile scandal today involving a bureaucracy is the Veterans Administration (VA). The VA has been a scandal for decades and everyone in and out of government has known it but has done nothing. It is a prime example of the inefficiency of big government that prides itself in protecting its turf, wasting billions of tax dollars and rewarding its perpetrators with bonuses. If the VA is any example of administering a single-payer health care system for veterans as a government-run bureaucracy, the people are going to love how government runs Obama Care. In 2009 we wrote 18 Basic Principles for America. Principle number 17 states the following:

“17. The entire Veterans Administration office should be overhauled and new policies put in place with the funds to match. These new policies would create an absolute priority for treating our veterans and their families with respect, honor, dignity and the admiration that they deserve. These people gave their lives, mind and limbs in the service of our country, defending our cherished freedoms. The current VA programs are an egregious affront to these individuals and an abysmal travesty.”

But then who will implement this reasonable and justifiable solution? The President? The Congress? Not likely. The VA has too many friends in high places because it is just another out-of-control federal bureaucracy living high off of our money.

MEDICARE: A recent Office of Inspector General (OIG) report on the multi-billion dollar waste, fraud and abuse in the Medicare program, determined that it was more effective financially to do nothing, rather than trying to fix the problem. If the government is so careless about spending the people’s tax dollars, why then should the people care about paying those tax dollars? Why indeed!

THE EPA: Another out-of-control government bureaucracy is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is proposing two new rules that will have a significant negative impact on the economy and a disastrous effect on local land use control and property rights, especially for rural landowners.

Remember, the Congress, to its credit, has refused for years to pass the environmentalist’s (and Al Gore’s) pet legislation, a Cap and Trade scheme to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the interest of slowing down alleged man-caused global warming. Comes now the EPA, at the direction of our socialist and radical environmentalist president, to promulgate rules for CO2 emissions from gas and coal-fired power plants. The overly strict new rules, without a doubt, will stifle economic growth by raising energy prices and kill much needed jobs. But the environmentalists, the president and the EPA don’t give a damn. Meanwhile, China and India are pumping several factors more CO2 into the atmosphere than the US does. Thus any attempts to limit CO2 in America will have virtually no impact on alleged planet-wide man-caused global warming but it will have a huge deleterious impact on our economy.

The second rule that EPA is promulgating is a one-word change to the Clean Water Act. The Congress, once again, has failed to pass pet environmental legislation known as the Clean Water Restoration Act. So the EPA, in violation of Article 1, Section 1 of the U. S. Constitution, is going to do it for them. The new EPA rule is to remove the word “navigable” from the current Clean Water Act, thereby giving absolute power to the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers over every mud puddle, tire rut, wetland, creek, stream, river, dry wash, seasonable stream, lake, or ocean shore and its rules will supercede all state, or local regulations. If a landowner violates EPA’s control over all water in America, he or she could be faced with fines amounting to $75,000 per day ….. per day mind you.

The rule will make it more difficult to farm and ranch and will essentially give the EPA veto power over local land use decisions, even on private property. This is why it is paramount that the people, especially rural landowners, oppose the rule! EPA released the proposed rule at the end of March 2014 and has only allowed a 90-day comment period. If you are interested, please submit your comments to the EPA opposing the new rule by clicking on this link. Time is of the essence.

THE BLM: Many of us witnessed the abuse of power by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) at the Bundy cattle ranch in Nevada, Senator Harry Reid’s royal desert stronghold. It was all over the news for a couple of weeks. When the heavily armed BLM SWAT team was faced with a bunch of angry landowners, cowboys and militia, the BLM stood down, thankfully.

But this is just one area in which the out-of-control bureaucracy known as the BLM is exercising dictatorial power over other disputed lands in the West, to the point that an armed cadre of open carry landowners and militia are confronting the BLM along the Red River in Texas. Once again, the BLM, the EPA, the Department of U. S. Fish and Wildlife, the Forest Service, the National Park Service and the Department of Agriculture are all dancing to the radical environmentalist’s agenda. This agenda emanates from the United Nations under the Agenda 21 accord, which the American government, by presidential executive order, codified into American law without a treaty being debated and ratified by the U. S. Congress.

THE DHS: The Department of Homeland Security was formed not long after the airborne terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 on the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC. This new cabinet level agency, under the president, combined 22 other government agencies into one giant bureaucracy, employing over 200,000 people with an operating budget of almost $100 Billion. It covers all Immigration and Border Patrol functions, U. S. Customs Service, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services, etc. Its original function was to:

“The mission of the Office will be to develop and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive national strategy to secure the United States from terrorist threats or attacks. The Office will coordinate the executive branch’s efforts to detect, prepare for, prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks within the United States.”

So why did DHS just purchase 1.5 billion rounds of hollow point bullets and over 7,500 fully automatic assault rifles and is providing armored vehicles and SWAT equipment to major urban police departments around the country and other federal agencies, like the BLM? Was this to fend off a significant terrorist attack, or was this massive weapons build-up to be used against the citizens of the United States who are finally fed up with a Dictatorship by Bureaucracy?

THE IRS: The Internal Revenue Service, another aggressive, out-of-control government agency, viciously collects our money in the form of taxes so that it can feed all these out-of-control dictatorial bureaucracies that pass unconstitutional rules (laws) and eat out our substance and feed millions of illegal aliens with child tax credits.

What these American bureaucracies are doing is exactly what King George III did to the people of the 13 colonies that led to the American Revolution and the birth of freedom. Today, the IRS knows no law but its own and seems to be impervious to independent investigation or congressional oversight. It is a dictatorial power unto itself that Congress and the president allow to exist. It uses that power against the people in violation of due process and other constitutional protections. The income tax law may even be illegal. The President or the Congress show no signs of wanting to either reform or repeal the IRS. They like it just the way it is because it keeps Americans wrapped in invisible chains.

We have barely touched the surface of the federal bureaucracies. Then there are hundreds of local and state bureaucracies. The President’s cabinet consists of 15 major bureaucracies and each secretary of each cabinet answers directly to the president. The current president has shown abnormal dictatorial tendencies and it is no wonder that all of his extreme ideologue cabinet secretaries he has appointed, act in a manner that is reflective of those tendencies. But no matter who is president, the U. S. Supreme Court has given all of the federal bureaucracies the power to operate as they see fit and their decisions cannot be challenged. In the last 100 plus years, through unconstitutional legislation from Congress and the President and U. S. Supreme Court decisions, America has been silently converted from a Constitutional Republic into a DICTATORSHIP BY BUREAUCRACY and most of the American people are clueless.

[NOTE: The following article represents the opinion of the author and is not necessarily shared by the owners, employees, representatives, or agents of the publisher.]

© 2014 Ron Ewart — All Rights Reserved

Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, “In Defense of Rural America”, is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) ( a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached for comment at



For Your Small Business’s Success

The Best Methods of Raising Your Small Business’s Success

smallbusin2Making the decision to start a business of your own can be incredibly exciting. This is a natural response because you’re going to be filled with all sorts of feelings that you haven’t experienced as of yet. It’s possible to feel like there is more control in your life because you truly will have more control than ever before. If you want to make the most of your hard work and dedication, then get educated about small business operations. Choose those things that are the most applicable to your business and then use them. You can help your own small business with the following tips.

Knowing that you want to start a small business but not feeling sure of all of the details is perfectly normal. You know that it’s possible to make web based businesses and traditional businesses.

Building businesses both online and offline makes this even more appealing. The fact is that it is quite a smart idea to create an online presence for your offline business–regardless of what it might be. When you’re new to this, you just don’t know what you can do online. Every day millions of traditional business owners are quite adept at using the Internet to gather leads. Online local search marketing is also incredibly popular and widely used right now. Offline businesses need a lot more planning than online businesses. At the same time, the more serious and complex web based businesses might suffer more if not enough planning goes into them. Either way, make the time to plan out a new business, no matter what kind of business it is or how modest its beginnings might be. There are tremendous benefits from doing so and it is in your best interest. What you are going to find is that you can focus better on your goals when you lay out your tasks. If you are able to do this, you are going to see things that you might have missed, Planning is part of success–it is done for a reason. So do not ignore making this for your business even if you are an affiliate marketer.

Yes, there is great excitement and hope when you decide to create a small business offline or on the web. It’s hard to beat that energy that comes with something new that holds a lot of promise. From here all you need to do is get started so that you can figure out what you need to do. There are many variables that determine what you need to do whether you will be online, offline or both. Take things a step at a time and find information that talks about this. It’s easy to think that there are thousands of things that need to be done right now but this isn’t true. Focus on the bigger picture and work through your business model to set up some workable goals. There is no surprise that even small tips like these can have a powerful effect on your business. These tips are based upon many peoples’ experiences and they can be quite helpful. This kind of information can prevent you from making costly mistakes, as well.

Competent Selling Means Top-Quality Client Service

There was a time when businesses made a clear distinction between their sales staff and customer satisfaction associates. Back then, the two categories were typically at odds with one another, each viewing the other as an hindrance to doing their respective jobs. The salespeople considered the service reps as a collective roadblock to achieving their monthly goals and objectives; transactions would be reversed and funds paid back when angry clients called in

For their part, the client service reps thought of themselves as the staff given the job of cleaning up messes brought on by an overzealous and irresponsible sales staff.

Times have changed, particularly for modest retailers. Service and sales have to now go hand-in-hand. One without the other all but ensures customer attrition, shop failure and a store closing sale.

This article will explain how these two features dovetail to deliver a greater level of client satisfaction. You will learn when selling provides value to a shopper’s encounter

We’ll additionally reveal when it diminishes that experience, from time to time making unpleasant situations even worse.

Closing The Sale And Enhancing Clients’ Satisfaction and Fulfillment

On its own, a sale signifies nothing more than a quick increase in the day’s sales revenue. If the client is not satisfied with his purchase, he will probably bring back the item. Worse, the customer may well come back irritated, feeling the salesperson did a bad job in pinpointing his requirements, or was solely concentrated on generating the sale. This illustrates the importance of selling to shoppers’ needs. This can be the point at which service and selling converge.

Here is one example: assume you run a shoe store and a customer purchases a pair of shoes on the robust advice of a sales rep; the merchandise is ill-suited to his requirements, a fine detail overlooked by the staff member. Consequently, he could be unhappy with his acquisition and returns it. He is additionally improbable to go to your store down the road.

Had your sales rep offered improved service by pinpointing the consumer’s requirements, the latter would’ve been much happier with the item. He’d also have been more prone to return, and perhaps even bring other folks with him.

Service and selling have to communicate to turn one-time customers into long-term clients.

Knowing When You Should Ease Up On The Sales Routine

There are times when selling is inappropriate. (It is vital to train your employees to know the difference). When a customer is irate, and is likely to continue to be so regardless of the degree of assistance you provide, it can be a bad idea to sell

Not simply would your staff be dealing with an constant battle with minimal chance of success, but the effort is likely to further exasperate the customer.

Selling is additionally pointless if your store doesn’t offer the item needed by the client. Your staff member could – and should – provide assistance with regards to potential remedies given that doing this would likely improve the consumer’s perception of your store. But showcasing a specific item which is inaccessible is unproductive.

Deciding When A Hard Sales Routine Adds Value To Your Services

Let us at this moment concentrate on circumstances in which your staff’s assistance and selling talents may provide huge value to clients.

Assume a person goes to your shop and explains a dilemma she’s attempting to resolve. She additionally says that XYZ product has failed to meet the challenge; your staff is acquainted with the item utilized by the customer, and knows it’s unacceptable for the job explained by her. Here, there’s a chance to help by pointing the client toward an item that’s perfectly suitable for the task she wants to achieve. In fact, neglecting to market that product or service would be a disservice to her.

Imagine somebody is using the correct item, but needs an additional ingredient to get the job done. Such as, the customer may well be employing a power saw to slice metal. The problem is, he’s using blades created to cut wood. Here, your staff really should sell the client on the benefits of the metal-cutting saw blades sold by your shop. Doing so provides worth simply because the customer has the capacity to acquire the item he requires to complete the job.

Your employees may think of themselves as mere support personnel, coping with financial transactions and directing clients to the appropriate departments; but they may serve a much greater function in your retail store. With the right instruction, your personnel could become your service-oriented sales team.