Lives Are Being Changed!

Victory Women in Development Association (ViWiDA)-USA   is designed to enrich and change lives; specifically, targeting Women and Youths. Unlike competitors of VIWIDA-USA, programs offered by VIWIDA are unique because of the heritage/culture from which it is derived.

dina1In 1998, the founder, Dinnah Walton who is a CFO for Victory Women in Development Association VIWIDA USA, returned home to Tanzania, East Africa after sixteen years of residing in the United States. When she got home she found that since she first left the country, the living conditions in Tanzania have deteriorated further into extreme poverty, political disharmony, with HIV aids diseases running rampage among other things.

Albeit the democratization of the government and the privatization of businesses in Tanzania seemed to have changed the social climate; AIDS, lack of decent education, and extreme poverty continues to run amok.  It became apparent that the values, integrity and aspirations of a greater Tanzania, including the island of Zanzibar have been lost.  Aids, famine, and diseases are taking lives every day as 1.3 million people are affected with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. Children of the effected remain homeless; so many of them are orphans left behind by their dying relatives. Large percentage of Youth are lacking education, and direction in their daily lives; while, most women remain not only uneducated and married young, but also are victims of either domestic violence or trafficking.

Even with modern technologies reaching the people of Tanzania; most of them are unable to capitalize on these resources because of sub-par education achievement, and political tension that has been brewing for almost half a century, because of the union between the Tanganyika and Zanzibar governments when they formed Tanzania early in 1960s.

Education standards in Tanzania are far below international standards. Many schools lack basic resources; operating without books or even desks, forcing dedicated students to learn while sitting on classroom floors, which may or may not be a finished concrete floor. Meanwhile teachers go months without pay, and whom they themselves may be lacking in the skills to efficiently train students.  While mainland Tanzania is utilizing what resources they have to improve education, the island of Zanzibar is lagging far behind because of political tensions between the Zanzibar and the government of Tanzania as mentioned earlier.

On returning to United States, Dinnah decided to do something to change the situation in Tanzania, but in doing so became aware to similar hardships faced by people at her home, in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Thus, Dinnah felt compelled to create the nonprofit organization that would work to combat homelessness, extreme poverty, and empower women, youth, underprivileged by helping get the resources they need. For example transitional housing for homeless individuals, life skills to empower women, and helping to close the education achievement gap among urban youth in America and in Tanzania, E Africa.  After much collaboration with dedicated people in the community she serve, and the support of family and friends, Victory Women in Development Association,(ViWiDA) U.S.A. was formed in 2001 by Dinnah and other two founders, Dr. Alwiya Omar and Edythe Shapiro; with the help of Mr. Ari Merratezon, a dedicated community developer and U.S. Veteran.

Today, ViWiDA-USA provides programs to empower Women,Youth and Underprivileged individuals in Local and International Communities. For example, The Youth Educational & Exchange Program, which is a 9 month curriculum designed to enrich inner city education with cultures exposures and offering students a chance to learn how they can help other people not only in their communities, but to learn about the hardships shared by people in Tanzania, Africa, and the world in general. Participants are empowered through volunteerism and willingness to serve the human kind. The programs encourage participants to own businesses also.

A special note from the founder:-  ” I wish some women and men around the world will adopt the same kind of an organization which is victorious to women, youth and empowering communities. They can copy what we do, and may be we will hear about Victory Women in Development Association ViWiDA-Japan, or ViWiDA-Europe, ViWiDA-China, ViWiDA Malaysia, ViWiDA-Asia, India, or ViWiDA-Africa and so on. Let the movement to Empower Women and Youth grow around the world till there is PEACE; till Women are no longer VICTIMS of Impunity; till Youth are empower to create a better world for their parents; till Poverty and Diseases are no longer a problem to humanity!” – dswalton @ ViWiDA-USA

VIWIDA-USA improves and enriches the life experiences of Women and Youth across the globe.

Some of the initiatives of VIWIDA-USA includes:-

Empowering Women Program designed to help women become independent, escape domestic violence, learn the skills to find better jobs. The program also works to educate women on high risk medical conditions, as well as provide free or low cost individual counseling and support groups. VIWIDA   empowers, also encourages women, and youth to be Industrialists.

How Banks Can Finance Permanent Supportive Housing by usichgov

 Ending Youth Homelessness by 2020


The VIWIDA-USA Youth Educational & Exchange Program is conducted through the coordination of MLADEF (formerly VIWIDA Tanzania); Mizat Tours & Travels, and other collaborators of VIWIDA.

This Video Was envisaged in my house by My Son MoWalton & his FRIENDS.  2012 Election-YOUTH EMPOWERMENT-MALARKEY is not! @ VIWIDA-USA! DEBATE 2012 – OBAMA V/S ROMNEY RAP BATTLE….


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    Dear Sir / Madam, The R.V.O is a registered youth orizainatgon in Ghana which offer variety of volunteer projects / placement to international students and volunteers in Ghana. We are please requesting for partnership with your agency , where in this partnership your organisation may send volunteers to Ghana via R.V.O . and we wouldoffer them placement. Please find below and attached more info about us and our projects. You can also visit our website at _www.robborg.orgABOUT THE R.V.O ? R.V.O is registered in Kumasi , Ghana in 2000 with the following agencies in Ghana . Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), social Welfare of Ghana, Registrar Generals Dept., National Youth council of Ghana. R.V.O is one of the fasters growing volunteer orizainatgon and it is dedicated to service projects across Ghana .. R.V.O offers all types of placements in all the ten> regions of Ghana : Volunteer in Ghana Internship in Ghana Teaching in Ghana Language and cultural studies Etc.Between 1 and 2 volunteers participated in R.V.O volunteer programmes every month and that is a good omen of how unique our programmes are and how reliable we are to volunteers.We offer group and individual placement, cultural exchange programmes etc to meet the needs of our volunteers. R.V.O is dedicated to provide our participants with alot of opportunities.R.V.O MISSION :R.V.O organises unique and affordablevolunteerprograms in all the ten regions of Ghana .Our dedicated to service projects focuses on rural community development, volunteering, educational programmes /trips, Language and cultural studies. Internships etc. We offer students / volunteers a unique programmes for their memorable experiences. Below are highlights of few programmes offered by the R.V.O. R.V.O offer volunteers the opportunity to live and work with vulnerable / orphan children in Ghana . R.V.O also offer volunteersthe opportunity to work with hundreds of local orizainatgons actively involved with HIV AIDS education. Other programmes offered by the R.V.O are: Teaching in Ghana , Health project for medical personal and pre-medical students, Soccer coaching in Ghana , Language and cultural immersion, Drumming and dancing lessons, educational trips, work camps in rural communities etc. R.V.O designs an internship placement for students on the fields below:Radio, TV and news paper Journalism Nurses and Doctors Women and Youth empowerment Politics in Ghana Law HIV AIDS educationDrumming and Dancing (African studies)Architectural Soccer coaching Language and Cultural StudiesForest Conservation Research ETC R.V.O ACHEIVEMENTS ( 2000-2005) Since the inception of the R.V.O barely 6 years ago, we have successfully organise / offer volunteer abroad, intern abroad, language and cultural immersion programmes for students / volunteers across the globe. In the first year of operation (2000), R.V.O place only 15 volunteers. In 2001 and 2004, nearly 300 volunteers mostly students participated in our volunteer and intern in Ghana programmes in Ghana , making R.V.O the successful and reliable volunteer orizainatgon in Ghana . We are looking for a partnership with your organisation whereby volunteers can be send to our programs in Ghana whiles we also send some of our dedicated volunteers to your programs abroad.I would be very glad to hear from you soon.Benard Kesse Program Manager Box ry 655 railways-Kumasi-Ghana Tel:233-24-4591378

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