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Please Join this Important and Urgent Campaign for Human Rights.

You can help free my daughter. Sign up for Write for Rights.  
Write for Rights

Phyoe Phyoe AungPhyoe

My daughter Phyoe Phyoe Aung is a prisoner of conscience, unjustly imprisoned for leading a peaceful student protest in Myanmar, also known as Burma.

Your letters can be the difference that helps my daughter come home.

Sign up for Write for Rights today.

It is agony to see your child suffer. I know – my daughter Phyoe Phyoe Aung was beaten by police and arrested for leading a student protest in Myanmar, also known as Burma. She is now in prison and Amnesty International has declared her a prisoner of conscience.

I was a prisoner of conscience, too. Thankfully, I am now free. I want the same for my daughter. That is why I’m reaching out to you, to urge you to sign up for Write for Rights – the biggest human rights letter writing campaign of the year. My daughter is one of the 12 cases highlighted in this year’s campaign.

For my daughter, and for all the other prisoners of conscience:

Please join this important and urgent campaign for human rights.

It is hard for me to express how grateful I am for human rights activists like you. When my voice was silenced, people like you spoke up for prisoners of conscience in Myanmar, and today many of us are free.

Last year, over 3 million actions were taken by people like you during Write for Rights. You helped free people like Moses Akatugba, who was sentenced to death in Nigeria.

You must know that the letters you write make a difference. I am hoping they make a difference for my daughter.

She needs you, and so do the others.

Join the Write for Rights campaign.

Your hand-written letters, combined with others from around the world, can change the lives of this year’s 12 cases.

Thank you again for standing up for human rights.

With deep gratitude,
Ne WinPhyoe2


Why You Ought To Decide On A Gaming Chair

Gamers who intend to experience the true feel of the video game often often spending significant initiatives to pick from the best of graphics cards and sound systems, but are still often times left really wanting for more. While the games use the very best of modern technologies and also respond quickly to every of your commands, the atmosphere where you play the game can make a globe of distinction on exactly how you appreciate the encounter.

Of high significance, amongst the many aspects that influence the encounter of gaming, are the functional designs of the chair that you sit on. Imagine resting on a bending placement and playing a game where you are expected to be in control; not quite the most effective of video gaming experiences! Ergonomics of the chair affects not only the pc gaming encounter, however additionally is extremely important in determining the total wellness of the player. It is necessary for a person sitting for long, either before a computer system or a gaming console, to be seated in the best location for optimum performance.

Ergonomics of the chair

It has actually been medically proven that the sitting placement has a direct impact on the health of the person making use of the chair. This is all the more true in case of a player that spends considerable amount of time playing the game or for an office worker that is involved working with a computer system for long hrs. A number of bodily disorders like joint inflammation and also carpal tunnel syndrome are discovered to have a direct relation with the sitting location the person thinks.

Among the most important aspects of functional designs for a chair is how straight you rest while on it. The spinal cord needs to constantly be in a directly location. The chair ought to allow the individual to sit a position with his legs at a 90 level angle as well as arms correctly assisted. Having correct support to the lumbar region would certainly show to be critical over the long term also. Because everyone has different percentages, this is just the elevation as well as weight, also leg and arm lengths differ, the chair needs to have the stipulation to change each of these facets.

Advantages of Gaming Chairs

Pc gaming chairs are no longer thought about a deluxe; for a real player, it is as considerably an essential part of the system as are the pc gaming controls. Gamings are interesting, they cause various aspects of one’s individuality and people have the tendency to invest long hrs playing video games. Serious players recognize the importance of using correct tools in all the aspects of pc gaming; it is simply all-natural that they offer the same attention to the chair that is such an essential part of the entire encounter. Apart from the health perks, video gaming chairs supply the peace of mind as well as agility to relieve the gaming experience thus enhancing the performance of the player. Below are several of the major reasons pc gaming chairs have actually grown tremendously in popularity.

Peace of mind

Whether you are an energetic player, a video game developer or other individual who utilizes computer system for long, there’s no disagreement that comfort is of utmost significance. You have the tendency to lose focus very promptly, moving and kipping down your chair, if the sitting placement is not comfortable. Pc gaming chairs offer several of the most effective features offered to ensure that the user encounter enhances the efficiency as well as not leave a sour preference.

Interactive game experience

If you are truly planning to experience the immersive attributes of the video game, there’s no far better means than utilizing a video gaming chair. Among one of the most usual advantages of a pc gaming chair is capability to rock, some others have a stand to sit your feet. Bear in mind how the plain addition of vibration to the game manages improved the comments and enhanced the game experience? Several of the pc gaming chairs include functions like resonance and border sound that contribute to the participation and also exhilaration stemmed from the video game.


Like every other element of human life, innovation has actually made substantial strides in the manufacture of gaming chairs too. These might consist of mechanizing its motions, cordless border speakers and even arrangement to link to Wi-Fi. Makers take utmost like stay on par with the innovation advances to make sure that the critical user is never left desiring for even more.


Numerous gaming chairs have specific arrangements to store the various kinds of game controllers that are made use of; some even have the facility to place controllers like joysticks or steering wheels on to the chair.

Home entertainment

Gaming chairs serve in a range of various other enjoyment situations also. This could include paying attention to your favourite symphony or watching a flick. Visualize being in the middle of action sittinged in comfort!


Numerous video gaming chairs have the option of folding out while not being utilized. Even or else, by utilizing the very best style principles, gaming chairs are made to ensure maximum versatility and also use up extremely much less space compared with the many various other types of chairs readily available.


With the widely boosting variety of people making use of pc gaming chairs, the manufacturing prices have come down quite a bit. This indicates that the ordinary user now has much more alternatives to choose from comfortable as well as ergonomic pc gaming chairs, without shedding an opening in their pocket.

Benefits of Gaming chairs

While the property development of video gaming chairs began largely as a way to supply much better comfort for the gamers, it has actually because accomplished an excellent lot more than its preliminary goals. The pc gaming chairs of the current day not simply supply the best ergonomic assistance, however are an integral part of the pc gaming experience. Anybody who has played an advanced video game sitting in one of the conventional chairs at home then sitting in a well made fitting pc gaming chair would attest to the globe of difference in between the two. It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that the appeal and expanding reach of pc gaming chairs have actually helped in a much larger team of people delighting in computer game by making the experience genuinely memorable. The growing market dimension of the pc gaming chairs is a testimony to the fact that individuals across the globe, irrespective of age or race, recognize the true advantages of using gaming chairs.

If you are significant player or a game lover which would like to experience the games the method they are meant to be, a video gaming chair ought to be an important item in your shopping list. There are a host of options available in pc gaming chairs from bean bags to highly advanced movement controlled pc gaming chairs. With the expanding popularity, there are not just lots of choices readily available, but likewise at different cost factors. Anybody which is seeking an excellent pc gaming chair might go through the different listing available over the internet and also pick one that would flawlessly suit his demands.

Video gaming chairs offer the most sought after pc gaming encounter while making certain that nothing is available in between you and your favourite video game, well, could be a container of beer that you could possibly store in the special pocket of the pc gaming chair maybe!