The Shame of War – Civilians are #NotATarget

The brutality and viciousness of the sexual attacks that are reported from the current conflicts in Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Iraq and Sudan and the testimonies from past conflicts in Timor-Leste, Liberia, the Balkans and Sierra Leone are heartbreaking. Girls and women, old and
young, are preyed upon by soldiers, militia, police, and armed thugs wherever conflict rages and the parties to the conflict fail to protect civilian
We need to wage a different war, one against violence against women and girls and against the culture of impunity that protects the perpetrators
and their accomplices. To some extent, this battle is already underway, but it is in its very early days. People around the world, shocked at the
revelations from conflict zones, are becoming motivated and engaged to look for ways to end impunity and create effective legal mechanisms that
protect women and deny perpetrators sanctuary from prosecution and punishment.
(The Shame of War)