CULTURAL EXPOSURE – Cultures Exposed!

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CULTURES EXPOSURE – Intended to educate and empower the followers of ViWiDA-USA about other people cultures in order that they can have knowledge, which may come in handy when visiting, or in doing business in an environment where they differ in cultures and/or, in places where cultures and religion may seem to intertwine when compared to their own cultures.

Depending on your comfort with “differences” there is a psychological drive to reinforce the worth of our culture/religion when confronted with differing cultural perspectives. But, there are several reasons why we must learn about other cultures; because they help us to improve our understanding of history. Such as the history of Nazi Germany helps us to understand why the power of government should be limited and why the press should be free. Or religious tolerance in the middle east awakened us to an understanding that we live in multi-cultural societies and there must be a uniform code of justice that all cultures and religions must conform to. For example, human rights justice, which restricts certain religious/cultural practices such as “human sacrifice” or “genital mutilation, so there are limits to what cultures and religions can do under the name of their Gods and their cultural hegemony.

It would be advisable to understand some of the traditions, the similarities and the differences between different cultures and religions if you plan on living with and among other people, whether in a city, a small town or in a different country, because the things we see as strange from other cultures are very normal to them, and then instead of starting an argument you learn something new, and you also have the opportunity to share your culture with them. For example, learning about the people of Easter Island and their history can help us to understand why we must conserve resources of our environment, or learning the Etiquette in Japan present alternate lifestyles.

Learning about other people cultures stops a lot of conflict and misunderstanding. Without learning about other cultures, we have no hope of understanding what the world is really like. Why we must work together and why we should be prepared for potential disasters. If we choose to ignore the lessons learned by others, we will be condemned to repeat them.

Cultural history is of enormous importance to anthropologists, ethnomusicologists, as well as for modern artists.

Boston-born Jennifer Grout has amazed Middle Eastern viewers, reaching the Arabs Got Talent final despite speaking little Arabic
She speaks little Arabic, and has never been to Egypt. But Jennifer Grout, 23, has wowed Middle Eastern audiences by reaching the final of Arabs Got Talent



Hare Rama Hare Krishna 1971 | Dev Anand, Zeenat Aman, Mumtaz, Prem Chopra

“Hare Rama Hare Krishna is a story about a brother-sister relation which gets affected as their parents choose to get divorced when they are very young. They stay away from each other for 16 years. Now the brother is all grown up and decides to go in search of his sister who now is living a life of a hippy in Kathmandu. Watch the film to find out if he is able to get his sister back or whether she refuses to recognize him”.

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