Give Your Taxes a break!    Every donation is tax deductible to You.

In order for us to help others, we need your help; therefore, please support our organization. We provide programs that are geared to empower communities and turn participants into productive members of society.
                                                                     Thank you for helping PhillyPoverty1

Your donation goes to help Women, Youth, and Underprivileged individuals across the globe; Starting with the Homelessness Projects, to the Next Generation Programs right here in the U.S.A.

The public can help us most right now by making a financial gift that gives us the purchasing power we need to care for youth, women, and underprivileged. Financial donations can be made HERE; by using DONATE BUTTON.                                                                                                    You can also mail your donations   @  1129 Harding Dr, Havertown, PA 19083

Help VIWIDA educates our youth effectively, Help VIWIDA empower more women in combating violence. Help VIWIDA empower men, youth, and families to leave homelessness behind. Help fund VIWIDA’s life changing programs Today!!

Youth1 VIWIDAUSA is thanking you kindly for your donations

A donation of $25- $50 will recognize you as a special guest in our event programs
A donation of $50/$100 and above will give you valued recognition on our website and specific event programs
You can also mail your tax-deductible gift to   P.O. Box 56027 Philadelphia, PA 19130

Youth2 With your Donations we can combat Violence against Women &Youth; we can combat Homelessness and Poverty at large; we can help families in need; In fact, We can Educate participants and Empower Communities! Period!   Example:-                                                                    The Youth Educational & Exchange Program- Offers opportunities to young men and women, aimed at reducing truancy, and improving academic performance by providing alternative learning techniques in after-school tutoring, and educational programs. This program also motivates youths to improve performance through volunteerism, summer academic studies, and exchange programs between the USA and other participating countries.                                                                                                                                         Financial donations can be made right HERE; by using PayPal donate button.       DONATE TODAY!

VIWIDA-USA WISH LIST—   Always Needed:- – Facilities; preferably, buildings that will house families and individuals
Donors and Volunteers

Thank You kindly for Your Donations!

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