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How You Can Make Serious Money When Markets Go Down

If you’re only buying stocks – or options, or any security – hoping they will increase in value, you could be missing out on a lot of profits.

Markets move up and down – you know this because on the down days, you feel it right in your wallet.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes, shorting, like most things in trading, can be both risky and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. And contrary to what many novice traders think, it’s certainly not “off limits” to ordinary investors.

Today I’m going to show you an easy (and possibly very profitable) way to play the markets when you think they’re about to head south.

An Easy Way to Go Short

When I’m bearish and want to bet stocks are headed lower, I generally like buying inverse exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based on the major market indexes.

ProShares Short Dow 30 (NYSEArca:DOG) for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, ProShares Short S&P 500 (NYSEArca:SH) to short the S&P 500, and ProShares Short QQQ (NYSEArca:PSQ) to bet the Nasdaq is headed lower.

If I’m extremely bearish, and I believe stocks are going to fall hard today or tomorrow, I’ll sometimes buy a leveraged short inverse ETF like the ProShares UltraPro Short S&P 500 (NYSEArca:SPXU). The UltraPro Short S&P fund is a “3x leveraged” inverse ETF. That means if the S&P 500 goes down 1% today, SPXU would go up 3% today.

But this is important: Leveraged ETFs are only meant as short-term trading vehicles. That’s why I said “if I believe stocks are going to fall hard today or tomorrow.” Because of the way leveraged ETFs are priced, they’re “re-set” every day – they’re not good long-term holds.

In a perfect world, if your conviction is right and you buy a leveraged inverse ETF and stocks go down right away, and they keep going down for multiple days in succession, you’ll be a very happy camper.

I’m not greedy. If I have a straight run for a few days holding an inverse leveraged ETF, I’d take my profits as soon as I think the sell-off is over.

I wouldn’t wait another day, I’d ring the register and be happy. If I own an unleveraged inverse ETF like DOG, SH, or PSQ, I’d probably use a 5% to 10% stop to get out if the markets rallied. If you take small losses, you can get out and figure out where stocks are going and get back in if your timing was off but you think they’re going down again.

Now let’s look at one of my favorite plays: money…

Here’s the Trade for When Gold and Currencies Tank (or Skyrocket)

There are lots of leveraged gold ETFs. Here are some of my favorites. Just remember what I said about holding any leveraged ETF: they’re very short-term trading vehicles.

Another way to “leverage” gold on the upside (betting bullion is going higher) is to buy miners. Mining stocks move up a lot faster than gold itself in an up-trending gold market.

Currencies are a little bit different, but it’s not hard to trade their moves up or down. Don’t forget, you can’t just short one currency – all currencies are “priced” in terms of another currency, so they always trade as a “pair.”

If you think the euro is going down relative the U.S. dollar, you can actually sell short the CurrencyShares Euro ETF (NYSEArca: FXE). If you want a leveraged (2x) way to bet the euro is going down relative to the U.S. dollar, you can buy a popular inverse leveraged euro/dollar ETF, the ProShares UltraShort Euro (NYSEArca:EUO).

There’s another popular way to hedge and play downturns in the market, but it’s trickier than it looks. Still, done right it can lead to some big profits on the short side.

How to Buy and Play the iPath Hedges

I’ve got nothing against VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX Short-Term ETN (NYSEArca:TVIX), if you get into it and the move you expect, a dramatic drop in prices and a spike in volatility, happens right away.

But here’s that tricky part I mentioned.

It’s a leveraged ETF – so if you don’t get a sustained move down pretty soon after you buy it, and you sit with it a few weeks, or worse, a few months, it loses its value quickly. Bottom line, it’s a leveraged ETF and great if you get the timing right, get in, and get a sustained move in your direction.
I’m not a huge fan of the iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN (NYSEArca:VXX), either, because it’s based on VIX futures.

VXX is thought of as an ETF, but it isn’t. ETFs have their own supply and demand dynamics and their own bid-ask spread dynamics. But it’s based on two sets of futures that have their own “valuation” dynamics based on rolling first- and second-month futures contracts.

VXX is actually an exchange-traded note (ETN), not a fund. It’s actually a derivative, which adds up to a lot of moving parts and is hard to arbitrage and “value” properly.

But if you’re going to use VXX, I’d suggest you add a one-quarter dose of it to whatever other protection you have on. Just keep in mind, if markets settle down and stocks flatten out and go sideways, the VIX and VXX will drop a lot quicker than non-leveraged inverse ETFs you might have on for protection.

My favorite way to play a spike in volatility is to buy calls on the actual VIX.

When I’m playing options, I generally like to buy options three to six months out. I always prefer further out options because it gives me more time, but you have to weigh the time against the higher price or premium you have to pay for them.

That’s why I look three to six months out and incorporate how much volatility I expect over that three to six months. If I expect a spike in volatility sooner rather than later, I’d opt for the cheaper, near-term options. If I run out of time but I still think I’m right, I’ll roll into the next three months out options.

In a perfect world, if you knew the move you expected was going to happen in a couple of weeks and last a week or two, you wouldn’t waste money buying further out options and pay for time you wouldn’t need.

But… it’s not a perfect world and I’m very often right, but I can get stung because my options expire and I hesitate rolling out to the next few months and get sick when the move I expected all of a sudden happens and I’m not in the trade.

That’s the worst feeling in the world, but you won’t have to sweat it with this strategy.

Wall Street Insights & Indictments


The Uber of Banking is Uber – Join Uber and make extra cash

I use Uber to make money with my car & you can too. Use this link to sign up: 

The Uber of Banking is Uber

A recent Quartz (qz.com) article identified that up to 30% of Uber drivers in the US have never had a bank account — many operated previously as taxi drivers in the cash economy. To be a driver on Uber, however, they need a minimum of a debit card to get paid. So Uber has had to solve this problem by allowing drivers to sign up for a bank account as part of the Uber driver application process, in real-time. Unsurprisingly, this makes Uber the largest acquirer of small business bank accounts in the United States today, bigger than Wells, BofA and Chase combined.

You probably never thought of Uber as an acquirer of small business bank accounts, but if you’re an Uber driver and Uber can give you a debit card that enables you to get paid — then why would you go to a bank branch to open an account instead? It also means that as a entrepreneur bank account the next obvious move is to design day-to-day banking into Uber’s app instead of standing alone as a typical bank account or mobile banking app.

For the millions of permalancers or gigging economy workers, it’s highly likely that the first time a freelancer opens a bank account will be directly in response to a new ‘gig’ or job offer — if that employer (like Uber or AirBnB) offers you a bank account as part of the sign-up process, why would you stop signing up for Uber, drive to a branch and sign a piece of paper?

Uber is offering car leases to its drivers also — allowing drivers with no vehicle to sign up and get car financing backed by demand from Uber. This is what the new banking experience looks like for small business entrepreneurs. Uber is effectively doing all the sourcing for bank relationships, and has become an acquirer for bank accounts, leasing and insurance. An Uber driver has no reason to come to a bank branch for his needs today thanks to Uber’s commitment to experience design simply enabling the needs of a new driver.

Rental Assistance Resources – HIV/AIDS Grants

NewsJuly2015 West Philadelphia Housing Market
There has been a significant increase in new residential development in West Philadelphia over the past few
years. Students at nearby universities and professionals see the area as a desirable and affordable place to live.
The influx of these Millennials is expected to result in more nightlife, entertainment and retail for the area.
Recent housing includes a 25-story apartment building at 3737 Chestnut Street (under construction), two apartment
building proposals for 44th and Chestnut and 43rd and Clark Street, and modular homes at 46th and Sansom
Street (completed).
Landlords Needed To End Homelessness
Last August, spearheaded by the Mayor’s Office City of Pittsburgh and the Office of the County Executive, Allegheny County Department of Human Services, all of the area Continuum of Care service providers and interested
community stakeholders, joined with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and HUD to host the Pittsburgh
Rapid Results Boot Camp. Through HUD’s Point-in-Time count and the VA’s Gap Analysis, it was determined that
Pittsburgh needed to house 627 veterans experiencing homelessness to end homelessness in the city by Dec.
31, 2015. Now in their third 100 days, they have housed 50% of their goal. The coalition’s “Housing Homeless Veterans” media campaign and landlord outreach has included a television talk show appearance, a YouTube public
service announcement and a 144 bus and 100 bus shelter poster campaign encouraging interested landlords to
call “2-1-1.”
On May 19, 2015, HUD announced $29 million in grants to help approximately 1,200 extremely low-income persons
and families living with HIV/AIDS annually. In addition to housing assistance, these local programs will provide
access to the needed supportive services such as case management, mental health, substance abuse and employment training. The funding announced is offered through HUD’s Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Program (HOPWA) and will renew HUD’s support of 25 local programs in 16 states. Research shows that a stable home is critical to the health of persons with HIV-AIDS resulting in better health outcomes and reduced transmission of the disease. In Region III, the Ministry of Caring, Inc. of Wilmington, Del. received more than $790,000; the City of Baltimore, Md. received over $1.4 million and Calcutta House in Philadelphia, PA received over $837,000
Delaware Joins Mayor’s Challenge
Governor Jack Markell has issued a proclamation to add the State of Delaware to the Mayors Challenge to End
Veteran Homelessness. Delaware estimates 277 veterans will experience homelessness
over the course of 2015. The City of Dover joined the Mayors Challenge last year and has already
permanently housed 19 homeless veterans towards its 100 day goal of housing 22 homeless veterans in the capitol
city by June 10. New Castle County, Wilmington and Newark will begin their 100-day effort to permanently
house 84 homeless veterans July 1. Meanwhile, Georgetown is planning a June symposium to
build awareness about veteran homelessness and the resources available to help house them across Sussex
County. Kent County and Seaford also signed on to the Challenge this month.

Let’s get started! Free Online Business Course @Stanford is on NOW!

Let’s get started!

Howdy! We’re super excited for the first lecture of How to Start a Startup (and to have 50,000 of you following along), and I hope you are too. Sam will be starting things off tomorrow, and Dustin Moskovitz (cofounder of Facebook, Asana, and Good Ventures) will cover Why to Start a Startup.

Dustin and Sam will each answer a couple of questions in Q&A this week. You can submit questions on this form (by this evening for Dustin, by Wednesday for Sam). Top questions will selected to be voted on by members of the Facebook group (tonight for Dustin, on Wednesday for Sam).

400 universities around the world, as well as many non-university organizations, are organizing viewing sessions to bring people together, watch the lecture videos, discuss the content, bounce ideas off each other, and peer evaluate assignments. Contact info for university Leaders and other organizers, as well as viewing session details, are on this spreadsheet. If you’re organizing a viewing session that isn’t on that sheet, please add it!

You don’t have to go to a viewing session to watch the 50-minute videos – all will be posted on startupclass.samaltman.com by 4 PM Pacific Time (no live stream) every day.

There are two recommended readings before watching the lecture tomorrow: Advice for Ambitious 19 year olds by Sam Altman, and Good and Bad Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur by Dustin Moskovitz.

You’ll get an email tomorrow as soon as the first video is online. That will include a link to the discussion forum we’ll be using specifically to discuss the contents of the lectures.

Have a great Monday!

Sam and Pulak

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Finally an incentive for those who are already at Director status
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3. All those who are already in the Director ranks & who qualify by:

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Dinnah Walton

Volunteering Scheme to Build a New Generation of Global Entrepreneurs

A new volunteering scheme will help young people work in start-up enterprises and companies in fast growing economies like Bangladesh, Nigeria and Tanzania.

Organisation:  Department for International Development

Page history:  Published 27 March 2014

Policy: Helping developing countries’ economies to grow

Britain’s most promising young entrepreneurs will learn vital commercial skills while working in developing countries under an innovative new volunteering programme announced today by International Development Secretary Justine Greening.

Volunteers will build business skills, confidence and knowledge of overseas markets so they can return home to become the entrepreneurs and business leaders that Britain needs to remain a global success. Meanwhile, host countries will benefit from the volunteers’ hard work, helping them to become more competitive and, ultimately, less reliant on aid.

Ideas and the drive to succeed are what counts and volunteers do not need a degree to apply. The 18 to 25-year-olds selected will spend up to three months working in start-up enterprises and companies in fast growing economies like Bangladesh, Nigeria and Tanzania creating business plans, managing finances, devising marketing and boosting sales.

The new scheme, called ICS Entrepreneur, is part of the UK’s successful VSO-led International Citizen Service programme. Around 400 young people will go through the programme over the next 18 months and participants will also qualify for academic credit that can be used towards qualifications from the Open University.

International Development Secretary Justine Greening said:

Britain was built on the dynamism and graft of its entrepreneurs and our country’s future will be no different. That’s why we’re investing in the skills and energy of young people, no matter where in the UK they’re from or what their background, so that we continue to be competitive and successful.

For anyone determined to be the next James Dyson or Hilary Devey this is an amazing opportunity to kick-start a career in business and entrepreneurship. It’s a win-win for the host countries where the volunteers will work and great for British employers who are crying out for workers with the right skills and a global perspective.

Brian Rockliffe, Director of ICS, said:

ICS Entrepreneur is based on the established principles which underpin ICS and its proven approach in bringing together young people from the UK to work alongside young people from developing countries to contribute effectively to international development.

ICS Entrepreneur will not only support private sector development and economic growth in developing countries, but it will also enable skilled young volunteers – both from the UK and in-country – to build a global perspective and a practical understanding of the vital role of economic development in reducing poverty.

A recent survey of CEOs in the UK highlighted concerns that young people’s horizons were not broad enough for a globalised and multicultural economy. They warned that Britain faces being left behind by emerging economies if this narrow outlook isn’t changed.

“Creating and building a business enterprise gives everyone involved a hugely positive and constructive focus,” explained Nick Badman, Chairman of the Peter Cullum Centre for Entrepreneurship at City University’s Cass Business School. “As well as the tangible job creation and economic value that ICS Entrepreneur aims to achieve, the experience should build life-changing confidence and resilience in all those involved.”

“For bright young professionals from the UK, ICS Entrepreneur will offer an accelerated experience of growing a business enterprise within a supported environment. Volunteers will be challenged and energised by ambitious young entrepreneurs from the developing world while applying their skills and early career experience with greater impact than they might achieve immediately at home.”

Liz Cameron, Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said: “As world economies evolve, an international perspective has never been more important. Enhancing the global outlook of our talent, enables a more outward-looking Scotland and at the same time, motivates developing businesses to reach their potential.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for young Scots to aid the development of frontier economies but also utilise their knowledge back in Scotland to grow our business community.

“Scottish businesses have a proud history of helping people in the world’s poorest countries to develop businesses that can create jobs and the Chamber of Commerce network is fully behind this endeavour.”

Read the full speech

Notes to editors

  • Justine Greening will launch ICS Entrepreneur at the Innovation Warehouse in East London on Thursday 27 March.

About ICS Entrepreneur

  • International Citizen Service is a UK government-funded development programme led by VSO in partnership with respected development organisations, which brings together 18 to 25-year-olds from all backgrounds to fight poverty in overseas and UK communities.
  • The new ICS Entrepreneur arm of the programme will be delivered by VSO, Raleigh, Challenges Worldwide and Balloon Ventures.
  • Between June 2014 and September 2015, 400 UK volunteers will work alongside local volunteers in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kenya, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Zambia and Uganda to advise micro enterprises and SMEs. The placements will last 10-12 weeks.
  • Applicants will be assessed on their ability to make a strong contribution to meeting the objectives of the programme: to support micro-enterprises and SMEs in developing countries, promote economic growth in these poorer communities, and build their own entrepreneurial skills. Volunteers do not need a degree or other qualifications.
  • Volunteers will either:
    • Work with micro entrepreneurs in Kenya and Uganda to help them innovate and create new businesses ideas with the potential to grow and create jobs
    • Improve financial management, sales and marketing and business planning at small and medium enterprises in Ghana, Uganda and Zambia;
    • Work with social enterprises focused on water and sanitation or agriculture in rural communities in Tanzania and Nicaragua, helping them develop skills, make their business sustainable and build partnerships
    • Help develop micro and small enterprises focused on agriculture, women, tourism and conservation in Nigeria, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Kenya, and using maths and science expertise to improve teacher training and curriculum development in the countries’ schools.
  • To find out more and to apply, visit www.volunteerics.org

How to Turn a Worthless Business Idea into a Million-Dollar Startup

Everyone has ideas. I get ideas by the dozen. When I’m brushing my teeth, when I’m driving to work, when I’m at my desk reading an article. But that does not mean that all can be converted into million-dollar businesses.

Not that these cannot be converted into million-dollar businesses, but I may simply not be driven enough to see those particular ideas through to that milestone.

You may get many ideas, too. But if you don’t, don’t despair. You don’t need ideas to start a business. Regardless, your business ideas are worthless. Let me explain why.

Ideas are just ideas. An idea is the seed of a successful product or service. Without proper care and maintenance, it will not bloom. Ideas require solid research of the target market, a good strategy and a sound business plan, without which, ideas cannot go much further.

Related: 4 Ways to Find Your Next Revolutionary Business Idea

If you want to start a business and make a go of it, you need more than just an idea. To begin turning startup dream into a million-dollar business, consider the following advice.

1. Settle on one business idea.
If you’re mulling a number of ideas, odds are good that none of them will see the light of the day. Why do I say that? Because your approach is all wrong. Skimming through different ideas every day and figuring out whether they motivate you or whether they work won’t get you anywhere.

The amount of time you’re spending on them will likely be insufficient. An you’re probably not passionate about any of them. So how do you fix it? Take one idea that moves you, that you feel most passionate about and stay with it. Stay with one till you can’t go any further. Until you’ve given it your all.

Only then will you know whether or not that business idea is worth a million dollars.

2. Validate your idea.
Your idea is absolutely worthless if you keep it to yourself and do not test it with actual customers.

Writing a business plan with projections through market research is a sure-shot way to a startup doomsday. Nothing beats an actual customer using your product or service.

So how do you get to customers when you’re at the idea stage and don’t want to spend a huge sum building something they don’t want?

Build a minimum viable product or a prototype. The idea is to put out something that offers the main value of your startup or that solves the core problem of your customers.

The prototype could be a PowerPoint slide, a dialogue box or just a landing page. This is something that you can often build it in a day or a week. A prototype can be an actual functioning product with the core features offered.

Share this with your network and see the response. Are people excited to use it? Do they feel their needs or problems are resolved by using your product? Is it easy to use?

3. Execute.
There is no such thing as a million-dollar idea. Facebook was not a million- (or billion) dollar idea until it saw the light of the day, until it was executed.

Ideas evolve into products which themselves evolve over a period of time through constant customer feedback and use. You must build a prototype, beta or a minimum viable product and get it out in the hands of the customer. Let your customer decide whether the idea is of value or not.

Related: 5 Ways to Hatch Your Next Business Idea

Most people just don’t get their products out in time and spend most of their resources in trying to build that one perfect product. Save yourself some grief, time and, most of all, cash, and build on a product that your customers want.

4. Find a large market.
Don’t waste your time on an idea that does not cater to a large audience. Sure, you can start local and expand later, but is your idea solving the needs of a few hundreds? Is your idea scalable to the next hundred thousand? If not, you’re not building a business.

Validate whether the problem that you are trying to solve is truly the problem of the masses. And not just yours and a few neighbors and friends or your network.

Think big, think global, if you can.

Base your idea on a large audience and you’ve got yourself a product with the potential to grow into a larger and a more successful business.

5. Make it a must-have, not a nice-to-have.
A lot of ideas are utter nonsense. Those can surely be turned into selling products, but you won’t end up building a business out of them. These are the nice-to-have ideas.

You must spend time getting to know from the market whether your idea or product is a nice-to-have or a must-have. Nice-to-have products are mostly in the novelty domain or are not compelling enough for customers to buy or own.

If you want your ideas to develop into successful products that help you create and sustain a business, then go after must-have ideas.

So, decide what is important to you: the figment of your imagination that tells you your idea is a million-dollar one or validating it to build something that can get you the actual million dollars.

The author is an Entrepreneur contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer.

By     http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/225354
Rahul Varshneya is the co-founder of Arkenea LLC, a company committed to helping entrepreneurs and businesses build, market and monetize their mobile apps, with offices in San Jose, Calif. and Pune, India



The Stock Market In Japan Is Collapsing. Is U.S.A next in line?

With this one I have to include the comments from readers at
The Trading Report so you can get an idea about our economy worldwide; as well as enjoy fresh ideas and insight about the  the realities of the collapsing market globally as some are predicting to happen this year. This is what some people say about the whole situation:-  “Japanese economy was sideswiped in the early 90’s by artificially low interest rates and excessive money supply which led to bubbling asset prices;  when alot you who think the economy is going to be all roses’s the one with the gold and silver will flourish;  Maybe you are not aware of the nature of debt, but at some point it must either be paid back, defaulted on, or inflated away: since paying it back is not an option, we will be stuck with #2 or # 3, neither of which will end well.”  Enjoy the article……and let us hear from you too, you can comment in the end

The Stock Market In Japan Is Collapsing

By Michael Snyder (The Economic Collapse Blog | Original Link) February 5, 2014
Tokyo Night
Did you see what just happened in Japan? The stock market of the 3rd largest economy on the planet is imploding. On Tuesday, the Nikkei fell by more than 610 points. If that sounds like a lot, that is because it is. The largest one day stock market decline in U.S. history is only777 points. So far, the Dow is only down about 1000 points during this “correction”, but the Nikkei is down more than 2,300 points. The Nikkei has dropped more than 14 percent since the peak of the market, and many analysts believe that this is only just the beginning. Those that have been waiting for a full-blown stock market collapse may be about to get their wish. Japan is absolutely drowning in debt, their central bank is printing money like crazy and the Japanese population is aging rapidly. As far as economic fundamentals go, there is very little good news as far as Japan is concerned. So will an Asian financial collapse precede the next great financial crisis in the United States? That is what some have been predicting, and it starting to look increasingly likely.

What happened to the Nikkei early on Tuesday was absolutely breathtaking. The following is how Bloomberg described the carnage…

At the end of January 2013, Japanese stocks trailed only Portugal for the biggest rally among developed markets. Now the Nikkei 225 Stock Average is leading declines, slumping 8.5 percent last month and today capping a 14 percent drop from its Dec. 30 peak.

Losses snowballed in Tokyo during a global retreat that has erased $2.9 trillion from equity values worldwide this year amid signs of slower growth in China and stimulus cuts by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

As Bloomberg noted, much of the blame for the financial problems that we are seeing all over the planet right now is being placed on the Federal Reserve.

The Fed created this bubble by pumping trillions of fresh dollars into the global financial system, and now they are bursting this bubble by starting to cut off the flow of easy money.

This is something that I warned would happen when the Fed decided to taper, and now RBS is warning of a “market bloodbath” unless the Federal Reserve immediately stops tapering.

Most Americans simply do not realize that our financial markets no longer resemble a free market system. Instead, they are highly manipulated and distorted by the central banks, and the trillions of dollars of “hot money” that the Fed has poured into the global financial system has infected virtually every financial market on Earth…

On Wall Street they call it “hot money”—that seemingly endless flow of cash that goes to the most profitable country du jour—but in the real economy it’s gone cold.

That hot money has come mostly in the form of a low-yielding U.S. dollar, which investors have borrowed en masse to fund investments in other higher-yielding currencies across the globe. The so-called carry trade has helped fuel an investment bonanza across the world that has boosted risk assetsthanks primarily to the U.S. Federal Reserve’s easy-money policy.

But with the Fed tiptoeing away from what initially was an $85 billion-a-month infusion of liquidity, investors are beginning to prepare themselves for a world of rising rates in which the endless cash flow to emerging market economies begins to ebb, then cease.

We never fixed any of the fundamental problems that caused the last financial crisis. Instead, the Fed seemed to think that the solution to any problem was just to create more money.

It was an incredibly stupid approach, and now our fundamental problems are worse than ever as Marc Faber recently noted…

“Total credit as a percent of the global economy is now 30 percent higher than it was at the start of the economic crisis in 2007, we have had rapidly escalating household debt especially in emerging economies and resource economies like Canada and Australia and we have come to a point where household debt has become burdensome on the system—that is, where an economic slowdown follows.”

So what comes next?

Well, unless the Fed or other central banks intervene, we are probably going to have even more carnage.

At least that is what Dennis Gartman, the editor and publisher of “The Gartman Letter”, told CNBC on Tuesday…

“I just think you’re going to have a very severe, very substantive and really quite ugly correction that will probably make a lot of people wail and gnash their teeth before it’s done.”

Other analysts share his pessimism. According to Doug Short, the vice president of research at Advisor Perspectives, the U.S. stock market “still looks 67% overvalued“.

Most sobering of all is what Richard Russell is saying. In his 60 years of writing about financial issues, he has never been “so filled with foreboding regarding what lies ahead”…

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t worried about the way things are going. Frankly, I’m truly scared for myself, my family and the nation. I have the sinking feeling that the stock market is on the edge of a crash. If that happens, investor sentiment will turn quickly bearish. And the bear market will start feeding on itself. Ironically, the recent action occurred in the face of almost insane bullishness on the part of the crowd and on the part of investors.

Obviously smart heads and institutional money managers know that the US is semi dead in the water. And all the talk about an improving economy is just wishes and hopes. Bernanke’s dream of a flourishing new economy, improving without the need of the Fed’s help, is an idle dream.

I’ve been writing about the stock market for over 60 years and I can’t remember a time when I was so filled with foreboding regarding what lies ahead. The primary trend of the market, like the tide of the ocean, is irresistible, and waits for no man. What scares me the most in this current situation is that I see no clear island of safety.

You can read the rest of his very disturbing remarks right here.

U.S. stocks may not totally crash this week, this month or even this year, but without a doubt a day of reckoning is coming. As a society, our total consumer, business and government debt is now equivalent to approximately 345 percent of GDP.

The only way that the game can continue is to keep pumping up the debt bubble even more.

Once the debt bubble stops expanding, it will start collapsing very rapidly.

Those that foolishly still have lots of money in the stock market better hope that the Federal Reserve decides to intervene in a major way very soon.

Because if they don’t, there is a very good chance that we could indeed have a “market bloodbath” on our hands.

Join the discussion…at the trading report
george • 20 hours ago
Maybe we could get the taxpayers to give us a 100 million to go on a one week trip and not worry about increasing the debt, or for that matter anything else and we could all take “selfies” of ourselves.
3 •Reply•Share ›

JohnDille • 20 hours ago
YADA YADA YADA!!! I guess Michael Snyder has never heard of Abenomics, the Japanese version of infinite Quantitative Easing! Right wingers wishing to bash Japan’s effort to get its stagnant economy moving apparently are not aware that it has been stagnant for more than 20 years… so it is about time they try SOMETHING!!! That is especially true because Japan can no longer afford stagnation… it can risk serious economic problems by following Abenomics… or they can risk even more serious economic problems by doing nothing!!! In other words, Japan is in the same situation the United States was a few years ago… when they decided to step in and do the bail out thing and the quantitative Easing thing… as risky as those strategies were… OR THEY COULD HAVE DONE LIKE RIGHT WINGERS WANTED THEM TO DO… and let the whole US economic system collapse!!! Japanese economy was sideswiped in the early 90’s by artificially low interest rates and excessive money supply which led to bubbling asset prices They seem to forget that out there in the REAL world, the solution to the debt problem is inherently simple, though controversial… SINCE ALL THAT DEBT IS JUST PAPER, IF PUSH REALLY COMES TO SHOVE, JUST PUT A MATCH TO THE MOST EXPENSIVE FORMS OF ALL THAT PAPER!!! Let the rich right wingers scream in protest… WE STOLE ALL OF THAT MONEY FAIR AND SQUARE… but driving down interest rates almost to zero is saving the US government and the people of the United States TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR IN INTEREST COSTS… SAVINGS THAT WILL BE COMPOUNDED FOR YEARS TO COME IF WE CONTINUE TO FOLLOW THAT STRATEGY!!! In the mean time, let the right wingers howl… THE WIND BLOWS LOUDEST THROUGH AN EMPTY BARN… as my old man used to say!!!
1 2 •Reply•Share ›

Paul Dragotto JohnDille • 19 hours ago
why are you blaming the right. it’s the whole damn system. if you have any money in a 401K , or any retirement , get it into gold and silver. when alot you who think the economy is going to be all roses’s the one with the gold and silver will flourish. i’m not a republican nor a deomocrap, i’m an patriot. i stand by the constituiton and the i buy guns and gold.i see inflation every week go up in food price’s and dry goods. when the storm troopers come to take you to a FEMA camp . i’ll be safe with my food,guns, and metals. good luck chuck.
6 •Reply•Share ›
Joe Cabot JohnDille • 17 hours ago −
Uh, sleepy, maybe you were dozing off, but the stimulus in the USA began during the Bush administration. Called TARP, too big to fail, and corporate bailouts, the lefties were in full howl over the excesses and evil of it all. Now that Barry is in office it suddenly becomes sound economic policy. By the way, the Japanese economy was sideswiped in the early 90’s by artificially low interest rates and excessive money supply which led to bubbling asset prices, which is exactly where we are at today. Maybe you are not aware of the nature of debt, but at some point it must either be paid back, defaulted on, or inflated away: since paying it back is not an option, we will be stuck with #2 or # 3, neither of which will end well. That lesson was taught during the first week of basic economics – you must have been in the barn with your dad that week.
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Whoever told you money is not good or money is the rule of all evil he/she lied to you. If you don’t have money, you might as well be homeless with no food, no water, no medical, because to acquire the basic needs for your survival you’ll need money. If you fear money then you won’t have it. If you love money then here is a way to some more money…  You can have your own million dollar multi-level empire if you want…… enjoy the article

There are any number of appealing multi-level marketing programs available these days.  Many have the capabilities of making money for the participants.  However, don’t ever delude yourself into thinking that multi-level marketing won’t cost you anything nor require much time or work on your part.  Indeed, successful selling, and that is what multi-level marketing boils down to, will require an investment of time, money, dedication and hard work!

Before you agree to any multi-level deal or begin one of your own, it will pay you to do a little bit of market research relative to the sales potential of the proposed operation.  For instance, if you can sell to a “waiting market”–one where people are ready to make a purchase–you will make money.  But if the people you attempt to recruit as members of your multi-level downline feel that they are going to have a hard time selling it to someone else, then you haven’t got much of a winning MLM program.  Regardless of how much money a program claims you can make, it will only be as successful as the market will allow.  Enthusiasim for selling, as important as it is, will not substitute for a poor product.

You should avoid programs that offer products of limited appeal such as gourmet recipes, health foods, household knick-knacks, books on needlecraft or magazine subscriptions.  Beware also of deals that require you to purchase an inventory or maintain a certain sales level.  Usually you will end up as the final customer of the product, with a supply of 400 pounds of laundry detergent or 250 pair of gold-sequined dance shoes!  Look closely for the negative aspects of an offer, and then weigh these against the ease with which you will be able to make a sale.  In the final analysis, if you have a hard time selling it, then the people you recruit to sell it for you will find it even harder to sell, and that will be the end of your “big money” multi-level program.

There are countless reports, manuals, books and other publications that will tell you how to attain riches in mail order, party plan selling, and even street corner sales.  Most all of these “how-to” publications will instruct you on how to put a mailing piece together, how often to send your offers out, and even the importance of high quality advertising pieces.  Very few, if any, come right out and help you get your offer to your most likely customers.  As you know, unless an interested buyer sees your offer, you’re not going to make any money.  Most MLM salesmen will thrash around, waste time, spend hundreds of dollars and never make any money simply because they don’t know how to get their offers to the right pe ople without it costing them an arm and a leg.

To help you reach your prospective buyers, here are some simple tips.  Regardless of what your offer entails, put together the most dynamic and appealing one-page advertising circular you can develope. The best-selling and most productive circular is one that directly tells the reader that you have a solution to his money problems. In other words, with your circular, promise him a way to make himself rich, and he’ll not only be interested, but he’ll jump at the opportunity to join your program.  Next, make it as easy as possible for anyone who sees your offer to respond.  Thus, in addition to an order coupon at the bottom of the advertising circular describing your offer, give him the chance to get involved in your program for the least possible cost.

If you’ve put together a “winning offer,” most people seeing it will want to know more.  However, if you charge them $5 registration or enrollment fees, you will lose about half of those who are interested because they are afraid of being ripped off. But, if you charge them $2 or less, almost all of the people seeing your offer will take the chance just to find out what kind of a deal you’re offering.

Let’s review:  First, you must have a ONE-PAGE advertising circular that really appeals to most of its recipients.  Secondly, it must appeal to the reader’s hopes and dreams for success.  It will also need to have a coupon the reader clips off and sends in to you for enrollment or registration in your program.  And finally, it has to be priced at $2 or less to get everybody to at least inquire further.  With these basics incorporated into your mailing piece, you will capture the largest possible share of your potential market.

Assuming you have now developed such a circular and have organized yourself thus far, take this advertising circular to a quick printer in your area.  Ask to have 10,000 of these one-page circulars printed.  This will cost you approximately $300.  If you don’t have the money, you can either work out an arrangement with the printer to pay him in 30 days or include him as a silent partner in your program. Ask him to read over your offer, explain how you intend to get it to the people, and about how much money you expect to gross from it.  Then, simply offer to split the proceeds if he will carry your printing costs for you.  While the circular is being printed, line up your initial distribution efforts.  Contact neighborhood civic or youth organizations in your city.  If unavailable, contact a local distributor of door-to-door advertising and tell them about your project.  Arrange with the leaders of these groups to pay them $20 per 1,000 if they will station people at various locations in your area and pass out one of your circulars to everyone as they pass by.  Simply tell them that you’ve got 10,000 of these circulars to hand out, and that you will pay them the $200 for handing them out on the first of the month.

The best places to hand out your circulars are those malls or shopping centers featuring discount stores, recycled clothing stores, and inventory reduction sales.  Next on your list should be flea markets, swap and shop events such as gun or boat and recreation shows, and even garage and estate sales.  Anywhere there are a lot of people congregating or coming and going is a good place to hand out your advertising circulars, all in your own home town and without postage costs.

As your workers are handing circulars out for you at strategic locations throughout the area, you should be calling in person on every shopkeeper and store owner or manager in the area.  Show them each a copy of your circular.  Explain your program to them and offer to cut them in on the profits if they will help you distribute the circulars by dropping one in the bag with purchases by each of their customers.  The best possible bet is with privately owned convenience stores and newsstands.  These small businesses won’t want to become involved in extra bookkeeping nor the handling of money for you, so you will have to devise a method of knowing from whose batch of circulars your orders come.  This is accomplished by placing a code for each of the stores on the coupons of flyers they distribute.

Simply assign a different “department number” to each store, and when you have the circulars printed for each location, insert that department code in the address to which the reader is supposed to send his order.  You will be expected to supply the circulars without cost to the distributors, including the special coding for each store.  Thus the need for a good working relationship with a printer in your area.  The amount of commission paid to the store owners will be based on the size of each order.  The percentage that you allow to each store per order received should range between 15 and 30 percent.  Of course, always try to finalize each deal for the least amount possible.

Be sure to keep good records of all your incoming orders.  It would be wise to have a separate record book for each distributor.  Thus, you can review the number of orders received from each distributor’s customers with him when you pay the distribution commission at the end of each month.  At the same time, jot the name, address and phone number of each person sending in an order onto a 3 x 5 index card or into your computer database.  Arrange these cards in alphabetical and zip code order and store them in an old shoe box.  When you have 10,000 of them, you will be able to sell them for 10 cents per name to any number of mailing list brokers.  Also, if your list is maintained on computer, you can begin renting out the mailing list for $45 to $75 per thousand names for a single use.

You will also want to clip the stamp off each envelope you receive and save these in another box.  Stamp collectors will pay you from $10 to $20 for each shoe box full of stamps you can collect.  After you have clipped the stamps off, place the envelopes with your customer’s return address in a third storage box.  When you have several boxes full of these envelopes from people who have spent money with you, mailing list companies will gladly pay you for them.

Once you’ve got your town saturated with circular distributors, be sure to leave a stack in all the barber shops and beauty salons, as well as at the counter in cafes, restaurants, bowling centers, theaters and the lodges of all the fraternal and labor unions in the area.  You can soon simply duplicate these efforts in a neighboring town or city, thus increasing your income and profitability.

The above plan is a feasible multi-level marketing and total advertising/recruiting effort on your part.  Your main thrust is to pull in as many prospects as possible and show them your MLM program.  If they want to join in, let them enthusiastically sign up.  If not, forget about them and move on to the next prospect. This form of prospect hunting is going to cost you money and time, regardless of what you’re trying to sell.  Remember, there can never be any reward without an investment on your part. Professional athletes say, “no pain–no gain.”  Yet the small amount of time you spend in “pain” will eventually be offset by the even greater financial “gain.”  You must dedicate yourself to the task before you will reap the benefit of your labor.

What you have basically done up to this point is put together an “invitation announcement” requesting an initial $2 investment by the reader, and you have distributed it to as many people as possible.  Interested recipients will send you a “cover charge” of $2 to discover what your program is all about, the payment offsetting your investment in preparing and distributing the mailing pieces.  Before you decide that this is an impossible method of making any money, let’s put a pencil to paper and do some figuring.  Suppose there are 120,000 people in your town–50,000 adults in 20,000 separate families.  If half of these 20,000 families were to send you $2, how much money would you have? $20,000, right?  Now then, tell me whether or not you would like to have an extra $20,000.  For a proportionally small expense of $3,500 for printing and distribution of 50,000 pieces, you would have received an almost 10-fold return on your investment.  Not a bad start.

People who send you $2 each for further information on your MLM program hope to solve their money problems.  You will send them back your multi-level program brochure which describes how they can duplicate what you’re doing and make a bundle of money for themselves.  At the same time, you send out another one-page advertising circular that offers business success reports.  Suppose 10 percent of the people receiving your MLM brochure enroll and send $50 for a start-up kit or supplies.  You have expanded your MLM distributorship and made money, right?  And now, let’s suppose that of all the people who have sent in $2 to find out what your program is all about, a total of 10 percent spend an additional $5 with you for one of your business success reports.  Your total gross income will appear as follows:

     10,000 responses @ $2 each…………………$20,000

      1,000 new MLM members @ $50 each…………..$50,000

      1,000 business report orders @ $5.00 each…..$ 5,000

     GROSS INCOME……………………………..$75,000

Now figure up your expenses, including all the costs involved in printing and distribution.

     Printing and distributing 50,000 circulars…..$ 3,500

     Printing and mailing of 10,000 MLM brochures…$ 4,500

     Printing 10,000 Business Report Circulars……$   300

     Mailing 1,000 Business Reports……………..$   200

     TOTAL EXPENSES……………………………$ 8,500

Subtract your expenses from your gross income of $75,000, and you should end up taking $66,500 to your bank, catching up on all your bills, and spending a long overdue vacation in Acapulco or Hawaii!!

That’s it!  That’s how easy and simple it is, and it actually works!  Once you have covered your entire state in this manner, simply start renting mailing lists of Opportunity Seekers from the large mailing list brokers and shotgun your basic one-page $2 offer to all of them.  By following these instructions and working according to this plan, you can theoretically take in more than $1 million within the next 12 months.  Imagine what you could do with $1,000,000 in the bank!

Others have made their fortunes doing almost exactly the same thing.  There is no reason that you cannot make yourself a part of a winning MLM team.  You can do it!  All it takes is that first circular and a concentrated plan of total distribution.  If you would like to make some of the big money of which you have always dreamed, why not start today?  Compose a circular, a marketing plan, and a series of business reports.  Success must be earned. Make your dreams a reality–beginning right now!  Good Luck!  




Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Promoting Your Business Online     http://www.promopress.com/BusinessInformation/Index.html

Low-Cost Promotion & Marketing Ideas

Promotion and advertising can be a heavy expense, especially for a new business that wants to make itself known in a community. A home-based business, however, more often than not, has a very limited budget when it comes to advertising. The home business owner needs to make the public aware of his or her product or service at the lowest possible cost.
There are many ways. A pet breeder in a large city was struggling for several years-until he came up with a novel idea. He started giving away customized “birth certificates” for the pets he sold. Almost immediately, his sales rose more than 10 percent.
The owner of a new home cleaning service was trying to attract clients. She couldn’t afford much advertising, so she began offering “home cleaning seminars” to civic groups. After two months of seminars, she was swamped with inquiries and clients.
Promotion often makes the crucial difference between business success and failure. Customers or clients must know about a business or product line before they’ll buy and they must have a reason to buy.
If you are trying to promote your business now, you can move in one of two directions: 1) You can take the conventional route to promotion and mount an elaborate media campaign, spending a considerable amount of money or 2) You can let your creative juices flow and mount a low-cost promotion effort, using a potpourri of attention-getting gimmicks to bring your message to the buying public.
Now, to be sure, conventional advertising is valuable. If your enterprise is large enough or if you’re selling numerous product lines, you may find that a full-fledged media campaign is the most efficient and cost effective way to promote your business. If money is tight, however, or you’re not sure you can amortize the heavy cost of a media campaign over a period of time, the following is a assortment of low-cost techniques you can try. Not all may be appropriate for your particular business, and certainly it would be costly to try them all. But you’re sure to find some ideas that will work for you.
GIVEAWAYS. People love to receive “free” items, especially items they can use to gain knowledge or improve their lives. You can base an entire promotional campaign on this desire. If you’re running a furniture repair business, for instance, you could give away a furniture repair brochure, free furniture planning guides, or color swatches. Once you begin giving away authoritative information customers will begin to perceive you as an expert in your field.
NEWS CREATION. Want to get names and news from your business in the local newspaper? It may be easier that you think. If you don’t have any news to report to the local media, create some. Maybe you’ve taken on a new associate. Or maybe you’re selling an unusual product line. Or maybe you’ve opened a free advice center for the community. Or maybe you’ve received an award from a civic or professional group. Local Pennysavers and weekly are often quite interested in business news of this sort and can help you attract the attention of thousands of people.
EVENTS. You may be able to attract the attention of the media or a crowd by staging a special promotional event. If you run a fitness classes, for instance, you could stage a celebrity instructor day. If you’re promoting a new real estate business, you can offer tours of a model home in the area. If you’re selling children’s products and it’s springtime, you can offer lunch with the Easter bunny. Get the idea?
CHARITY TIE-INS. Are you launching a new product? Trying to increase visibility among a particular segment of your community? Offer your product to one or more local charities as a raffle prize or for use at a fund raising event. You’ll receive lots of exposure among people who buy tickets or attend the event.
CONTESTS. Offer a desirable or unique item-or even several items-as contest prizes. First, find a contest theme that tiers into your business. A caterer might offer a quiche-eating contest. A photographer might offer a young model contest. A mail order craft firm might offer an “Early American” handicrafts contest. Invite contest submissions and offer prizes to the winners. Do contests attract attention? You bet. All it takes is a few signs, a small press announcement or two, and the word will spread throughout the community grapevine.
COMMUNITY SERVICE. Nothing brings you to the attention of the people faster-or more favorably-than community service. Ask yourself how your enterprise can be a “good neighbor” to your community. If you’re running a lawn care and gardening service, perhaps you can offer one season’s services at no charge to a needy charitable organization or nursing home in your area. Hundreds of people will hear about your work in the process. Volunteer for various community causes. If appropriate, you can step in during community emergency, offering products and services to help an organization or individuals in need.
COUPONING. Americans are very coupon-conscious. Test the market: at what level will coupons increase the volume of various product or service lines? When you get some tentative answers, start distributing coupons that offer a discount on your services. Distribute them to area newspapers, on store counters, in door-to-door- mail packets (which can often be quite inexpensive), at the public library, at laundromats, at any location where people congregate.
BADGES AND NOVELTIES. You can easily and inexpensively produce badges, bumper stickers, book covers, and other novelty items for distribution in your area. You can imprint your business name and the first names of the customers on many of these products at little cost and distribute them for free. Or you can tie your novelty program into a contest: once a month, you can offer a prize to any individual whose car happens to carry one of your bumper stickers or badges with peel-off coupons, redeemable at your place of business.
CELEBRITY VISITS. With a bit of persistence, you may be able to arrange to have a local media celebrity, public official, or entertainment personally-even a fictitious cartoon character or clown-visit your service. The celebrity can sign autographs, read stories to children, perform cooking demonstrations, or perform any one of a hundred other traffic-building activities.
CELEBRATE HOLIDAYS. You’ll probably want to celebrate major public holidays with special sales. But celebrate some of the offbeat holidays as well. Almost every business has a few little-known holidays. Ever hear of National Pickle Day, for instance? Or Cat Lovers Month? Once you find the “right” holiday, you can sponsor a special sale or special product arrange special media coverage of a holiday event.
GO WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE. Can you open sales information booths at community fairs and festivals? This promotional technique can work for gift retailers, craftspeople, and personal service firms. If you have the people and the time, can you handle regional fairs or even trade shows?
MAILING LISTS. Once you begin establishing a committed clientele, gather their names on a mailing list. Save the names from your mail orders and telephone inquiries. Eventually, you’ll be able to send product circulars or even catalogs to the folks on your list and you’ll be able to promise your products by mail.
SCAVENGER HUNTS. If you want people to buy NOW, offer them an unbeatable deal. If they bring an old product-a small appliance, a book, whatever-to you, you’ll give them a worthwhile discount on a comparable new item. Or stage a general purpose scavenger hunt. Customers who bring in three canned goods for your community’s food bank will receive a discount on products purchased that day.
PARTIES. Everyone loves a party. Why not celebrate the anniversary of your business or some special holiday by offering baked goods and beverages? If you’re running a service business, perhaps you can offer an open house or obtain a small banquet room in your community. Besides refreshments, be sure the place is brightly decorated.
GREETING CARDS. Do you send out greeting cards to major customers or clients? Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries make nice greeting card occasions. Greeting cards create enormous goodwill and keep your name in front of people.
SEMINARS. In this information hungry age, people love to receive advice, especially about their personal needs and hobbies. If you sell health foods or run fitness classes, perhaps you can offer “wellness” seminars during lunchtime to your area’s business community. If you’re an interior decorator, perhaps you can offer one-hour decorating workshops to any group of ten people who will gather in someone’s home. If you’re running a printing business, perhaps you can offer tours and layout seminars at your plant.
If you’re not pleased with your promotional efforts today or if you simply must increase your exposure among customers and prospects-it’s probably time to increase your publicity efforts. By all means, advertise in the media if you can or must. But don’t neglect your greatest promotional asset-your mind. Ponder the products, services, and events you can offer the community and devise a creative promotional strategy around them. You’ll have to invest a bit of time and energy in the project, but the payoff will be worth it. You’ll save hundreds-or even thousands-of advertising dollars and, better yet, you’ll travel a well-worn shortcut to profit.





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