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“Chat and Chew” – 2013 Housing Services Forum



Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
2013 Housing Services Forum
“Chat and Chew”

Come enjoy this opportunity to meet and share housing information and ideas from other professionals.

Presentation will be provided by the following:

Philly Artist Against Violence – This collaborative endeavor uses music and youth’s love of music to promote mentorship, apprenticeships and networking. They work as big brothers and sisters to at risk youth.

“Birth the Treasure Within”- Life is filled with diversity, challenges and obstacles. Come learn from Karen L. Ross how to overcome life obstacles and seize the moment.

Open Group Discussion on Hot Topics

Lastly, lunch will be provided to all attendees at NO cost.

Host: Robert Butcher rbutcher@phfa.org

Location: Sharswood Townhouses II
1450 North 21st Street
Philadelphia, PA 19121

When: Thursday, November 14th, 11:00AM – 2:00PM

Phone: 610 270 1560

Street Parking is Available

PA Housing Services Conference at the Scranton Hilton

In 1887, Scranton was Pennsylvania s first city with a successful pioneer trolley line and Scranton became known as the Electric City when electric lights were introduced at Dickson Locomotive Works in 1880.

Scranton is also home to a regional branch of Dunder Mifflin, the fictional paper company featured in the television series The Office. Scranton is a great venue to host the conference. There are so many options to choose from in the city andthe surrounding area. The Steamtown Mall just a few short blocks away from the conference venue, and avast choice of restaurants, cinema, and sightseeing all within a comfortable walking distance. Or for adifferent adventure hop in your car and visit attractions that are just around the corner or within a few miles of the Hilton Scranton Conference Center. These include some of the following:

Steamtown National Historic Site

Lackawanna County Coal Mine

Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum

Electric City Trolley Station and Museum

Houdini Museum

Snow Cove and Montage Mountain

Scranton Railrider s Baseball Stadium

Think about it, this is a great opportunity to come to the eastern part of PA, network, learn and experience and get acquainted with your peers and an exciting part of PA. Even better bring family or friends and extend your stay to make it a great June vacation in the Scranton/Poconos! Within a short driving distance you will find top-notch swimming, white-water rafting, kayaking, bicycling, canoeing, zip-lining and other outdoor adventures. This area is known for great antique and flea markets on the weekends as well. For more information about sponsorship, the marketplace of vendors or to get on our mailing list please email: housingservices@phfa.org

2014 Qualified Allocation Plan Approved, Cycle 1 Applications Due November 8

The 2014 QAP has been approved. PHFA hosted an informational meeting and developers are working hard on their applications for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. The approved QAP can be found at: http://www.phfa.org/developers/default.aspx

Know your Local Lead Agency

PHFA encourages developers to partner with Local Lead Agencies to establish a referral system for targeted units in their developments (see LIHTC guidance on affordable and accessible units, and Tab 12). By serving in a clearinghouse role for a variety of service provider agencies in the county, Local Lead Agencies can provide qualified referrals for available units in a timely and efficient fashion. For a list of DPWdesignated county Local Lead Agencies, go to:


and scroll down to Department of Public Welfare

and click to access pdf list of Lead Agencies.

Scams Affecting Medicare Open Enrollment and the Federal Insurance Marketplace

It is important to be aware of scammers appearing as the Medicare Open Enrollment runs from Oct 15-Dec 7, 2013, and the Federal Insurance Marketplace opens enrollment on Oct 1- Dec 31, 2013. Remember these tips:

Don t provide numbers for Medicare, Social Security, Credit Card, Bank Account Information or Birthdates to anyone

Unsolicited telephone calls or cold of any kind should not be responded to-keep a record of anyone who contacts you with their name, organization, contact info, phone, address and website, and time/date of call

Beware of online fake insurance exchanges or marketers trying to sell health information in an educational setting it is not legal to do so

Verify that insurance agents are licensed through your State Department of Insurance

For more tips or information, go to www.healthcare.gov or call APPRISE at 800.783.7067 to discuss free, objective information on Medicare plan options in your area.

The Complex World Of Personal Bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy in Orange County, California is a huge step for a lot of people, and it’s a legitimate tool that helps people get out from under a mountain of debt. Many borrowers effectively develop their credit after filing bankruptcy, and continue on with success in their financial lives. Read onward in this article to discover more about personal bankruptcy, and what it means to you financially.

A critical tip in filing a personal Orange County bankruptcy is to steer clear of making payments to creditors, in advance of filing a petition, in an attempt to satisfy individual debts in full outside of bankruptcy court. Payments to members of the family and creditors produced within defined periods of time prior to a bankruptcy filing can be voided and may jeopardize the chances of receiving a discharge of all debts in the case.

Bankruptcy in Orange County California

Never charge up your credit cards knowing you’re going to file bankruptcy, for those who have currently started the process or created recent purchases for luxury things. Even though this sort of acquiring continues to be component of the “˜debt,’ it truly is probably that you are going to still be accountable for repaying the cash for those things. In most cases, what you might be attempting to complete is apparent.

Once you file for bankruptcy making use of an Orange County bankruptcy attorney, keep in mind to contain all credit and debit accounts. You need to even contain these credit cards that usually do not have a balance. Many people leave these out because they want to maintain these accounts open. Additionally, you should incorporate all the information about any auto loans that you simply may have.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

You may have heard bankruptcy referred to differently, either as Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Discover the variations between the two before filing. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is intended to wipe out all outstanding debts. You are going to no longer be liable for any funds that you owe to your creditors. However, filing for bankruptcy beneath Chapter 13 indicates you’ll have 60 months to spend your debts back. You must know about the different bankruptcy sorts, and how every single can affect you.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Choose whether or not you need to file for Chapter 7, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You could want to seek advice from among the Orange County bankruptcy attorneys in order to far better strategize no matter whether or not Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is better for you personally. As a person, you might do either one. Locate out as significantly as you’ll be able to about each and every kind of bankruptcy, so you might be capable to make a choice that you can reside with within the future.

Contemplate filing Chapter 13 instead of Chapter 7, if you are facing foreclosure. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy makes it possible for you to make a restructured payment plan which contains your mortgage arrears. This can let you get your mortgage payments current, to ensure that you won’t drop your house. Chapter 13 doesn’t call for you to turn more than home, so you don’t must worry in regards to the homestead exemption, either.

Filing personal bankruptcy can offer you having a safe haven from creditors and bill collectors. Navigating your way via bankruptcy to a debt-free life will help get you around the road to a more optimistic monetary future. Individual bankruptcy just isn’t for everyone, however it is worth investigating to determine if it tends to make sense for you.

What are Home Closing Costs

It is vital that the customer understand all the costs involved in buying a home in the North Shore MA real estate market.  These costs go way beyond the purchase price.  Inspections, fees, appraisals, and on and on and also on…. the terminology employed in property can be quite confusing for real estate buyers.  Furthermore, who will cover these things is even harder to find out.

Real estate agents, title company officers, and mortgage providers take care of property transactions on a regular basis, so that they appreciate this language in dealing with North Shore MA real estate sales.  In relation to what is known the ‘closing costs’ it will become even harder to understand for that average real estate buyer.  Because unusual closing costs may be, and sometimes are, negotiated between buyer and seller, there isn’t any clear-cut answers.  Let’s move on by considering the closing costs that can appear in your closing document:

Upfront, prepaid, interest points
Appraisal costs
Title transfer costs
Realtor fees
Loan origination fees
Property taxes
Homeowner’s insurance

These unusual closing costs are merely the extenuating costs of purchasing a property.  But, they can’t just appear out of nowhere when the time comes to write the check.  That’s where the ‘HUD’ will come in.

All high closing costs must be disclosed with a form referred to as the HUD-1 Settlement Statement.  The HUD-1 has to be signed by both parties from the transaction before it’s legally considered complete.  In many instances, the credit officer for your buyer and the buyer&rsquos agent will look at the HUD-1 with the buyer so that there are no surprises in relation to signing it on the closing table.

Contained in the HUD-1 Settlement Statement are also any credits as a result of buyer, for example the downpayment amount, tax credit through the seller, buyer high closing costs that this seller has negotiated to cover, as well as anything located in escrow on behalf of the buyer, like the earnest money deposit.

It is a long, big list of profit and funds out.  A lot of the terms may be confusing to you personally, the client.  Don’t be afraid to get your agent explain, in greater detail, each and every item and provide supporting documentation that will help you understand.  A good realtor and loan officer will provide a real copy from the estimated HUD-1 before your closing.  Maybe you might even want to acquire a blank HUD-1 form to read through so you are to question questions ahead of the figures get filled in.

High closing costs will often be said by homeowners to become one of the most confusing the main entire real estate process a lot more confusing than inspections, offers, and contracts, when buying homes on the north shore of Boston.  These costs deserve individual attention from both you and your buyer’s agent.  Be sure you require being fully informed regarding the detail of each and every cost.  All things considered, you happen to be footing the check for this large investment of a home so you need to know precisely what involves your money.