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Want to start a startup? How to Raise Money – The Teespring Campaign (Fr Lecture 7 to10)



Lecture 9 features Marc Andreessen, Founder of Andreessen Horowitz, Ron Conway, Founder of SV Angel, and Parker Conrad, Founder of Zenefits. Marc, Ron, and Parker take Q&A on the topic of How to Raise Money.

The Teespring campaign (t-shirt pictured below) for this class ends next week, so don’t miss out!

Readings have been posted through November 11, including a comprehensive reading list from Ron Conway in today’s recommended readings.

You’re gonna love this one, folks. Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, and Alfred Lin, Partner at Sequoia Capital and previously COO of Zappos, really nailed Lecture 10.

And today’s readings are about Zappos and Airbnb – you’ll definitely notice some common themes.

Lecture 7 – How to Build Products Users Love and Lecture 8 – How to Get Started, Doing Things that Don’t Scale, Press

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