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New Places to look for Housing Assistance

Housing is something many single mothers constantly struggle with or have difficulties finding. Mostly, the problem is lack of resources or not knowing where to look. Housing help for single mothers, isn’t necessarily easy to find, but can be made easier if you have access to where to look and what to look for.

Housing is also a hard topic because it takes courage to try and find some housing help. However, don’t let this discourage you! There are many government and non-profit organizations that are out there for the sole purpose of providing housing help for single mothers. These organizations often times are very easy to locate and also just as easy to contact when needing help.  The only downside is that many of these agencies are often very busy with lots of clients and may be slow to respond. Also, if funding is low, sometimes they offer less in terms of aid.

But with all the above being said, here are places to look into:

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture is an often-overlooked place for housing but it is a great pace to go, especially when you are looking for housing in a rural area. They offer many kinds of grants for housing – and not only limited to buying or renting housing. They also help a lot with remodeling or fixing up housing. They have many different requirements that should be looked into when deciding if you qualify for housing help offered by the USDA. Find out more about home assistance.

HUD – This is a main one. HUD stands for department of Housing and Urban Development. This is the place that people most often go to for help. It is a great resource with tons of helpful links and materials posted on their website. You can find a great deal of information such as how to apply, when to apply, and who to contact. They are also known for providing all sorts of grants and other services.

HIP – Housing Initiative Program – this is a smaller kind of grant program that helps single mothers find new places that they can look for housing help. It is a great place to look as well if you are having some trouble affording housing/ renting.

Between the three programs, there are tons of options for you and your family to consider. Think every option through and finally decide which one is best for you. Don’t hesitate to contact these agencies for other forms of help.