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HR Consultant Tips On How To Write A Better Resume

Making An Improved Resume With These HR Consultant Tips

Most of the time, jobseekers ask why they seemed to not have attracted the attention of employers despite above average, or even exceptional, work backgrounds. With regards to job-hunting, on the other hand, your qualifications are just a single side of the story; it is by no means a guaranteed key to better opportunities.

Most of the time, it is the resume that’s more significant. Your resume, or else your curriculum vitae, is not simply a document enumerating your past jobs and competencies. It is a key to an interview, and subsequently, a new job. Just like any other piece of writing, every resume has an intended purpose and audience, both of which would change with every company or job type you are applying for.

So the principal rule in excellent resume writing, at least from the standpoint of an HR consultant, is to write precisely for your audience (the type of company you are applying at, or the kind of job you are eyeing). This means you have to highlight the experiences and competencies that are relevant to the job you are applying for. This also debunks the common and wrong assumption that you could submit a generic resume no matter what the job, company, or industry. Remember the cardinal rule: you need to let possible employers know, through your resume, that you’re the one they need.

Secondly, you need to underscore your achievements rather than your previous job duties. What were the highest points of your past jobs? As a sales manager, for instance, did you drive your sales up three-fold during your tenure? Or were you a key in landing your company its largest deal ever? These accomplishments allow your potential employers to gauge your skills better. 

Third tip is to structure your resume based on importance: put the most significant details, like previous job experiences and accomplishments, on the first page. And just like a story pitch for a newspaper, you need to get your reader’s interest right on that first page, otherwise you lose your chance completely.

So whether or not you’re applying straight to an employer or coursing it through a Malaysia recruitment agency, similar standards of resume writing apply. You have to remember that your resume must dress to impress.

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