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PA Cyber School – Compare the Home School to Public School-

Compare the Home School to Public School
Parents are the first teacher to the child.They lead to teaching their kids walking, eat, talk and other basic skills or knowledge. Therefore, when it comes to deciding on a facility for their children’s education, debating homeschooling vs. public school always becomes a problem.

The controversy of home school vs. public school always includes the situation on drugs.Since public schools are known to be considered a problem among youth, many parents are afraid of exposing their children with other kids for fear that the child could possibly be introduced or attracted to harmful drugs. With home school, parents are at ease that the youngsters are less likely to make use of and grow dependent on drugs.

Another issue involved in debates with home schooling vs. public school may be the experience of violence. Statistically, violence in modern schools is getting increasingly prevalent all throughout the world. With today’s public schools, fights between students, between teachers and students as well as fights between students and police authorities remain a problem.

Parents today understand that they need to keep their kids protected from potential fights in public areas and schools.Many parents or guardians side with homeschooling vs. public school because they’re afraid that the simple fight at school could lead to a greater problem, such as a social worker that will try and take your sons or daughters away from your guidance.

A perception to mold children by utilizing militarism for obedience may seem like smart choice to keep students studying instead of becoming social problems. The police state sees the youth as a problem that may only worsen when left undisciplined. For this reason, it’s the parents’ decision to decide how they would like to encourage issues concerning on homeschooling vs. public.  For most parents that have chosen homeschooling against public schools, it cost them nothing to mold their kids intellectual, emotional and instill social growth that work effectively in the reduction of violence, drugs experience  and potential issues with legal authorities. Parents can guide children through every stage of the academics in the comfort of their own personal homes by following methods that could mold a child the proper way .

Pennsylvania’s Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness Program & Summer in Philly, FREE!

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The City of Phila. maintains a resource guide of GED programs and locations. For info visit: http://webgui.phila.k12.pa.us


Pennsylvania’s Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness Program.

2014 Task Force Report at http://www.portal.state.pa.us/

Case for Action

There are an estimated 19,914 children and youth reported to be experiencing homelessness and receiving supportive services through Pennsylvania’s Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness Program. Of the 19,914 children and youth reported as homeless, 18,231 children were identified as being enrolled in school. This represents about one percent of the Pennsylvania public school population.

Homelessness can be distressing for children and youth, as they can experience multiple moves in a given year, staying in shelters, doubling up in overcrowded apartments with relatives or family friends, or sleeping in motels, cars and campgrounds.

Homeless students have an increased likelihood of being placed in special education programs. Additionally, the instability of homeless students who are in special education, are more likely to lag behind other students academically, are less likely to graduate from high school in four years as their special education peers and have a higher risk of repeating a grade than those who are not in special education. Approximately 25 percent of Pennsylvania students experiencing homelessness who are identified and enrolled in school were designated as having a disability.

Forty-two percent of homeless children are age six or under, with over 40 percent of the children under the age of five. Children who experience homelessness at such a young age can be significantly impacted and are more likely to demonstrate behavioral problems such as aggression, social withdrawal, depression and anxiety. These can affect academic, social and economic outcomes. These children can have fragile relationships with their parents and limited access to early developmental opportunities. Therefore, interventions that strengthen parent-child relationships and offer easy access to quality early childhood programs and services should be undertaken

Summary of Recommendations from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Task Force on Homeless Children’s Education are:- 1) Collaboration and Coordination; 2) Data Collection; 3) Outreach and Engagement; and 4) Service Delivery.



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Join 2.5 Million Young People! DoSomething.org makes the world a better place. It is one of the largest organizations for young people and social change. Visit their website and see what good our youth are doing throughout America. Maybe the kids at your site have an idea for social change! For more information visit: https://www.dosomething.org/about/who-we-are



Protecting Children & Youth from Child Abuse and Women from Domestic Abuse

We are blessed in America to have venues, almost  in every county around the U.S. of America, that will protect and help children as well as women from Abuse and Violence. With that said, we shouldn’t forget that abuse can also happen against men by women too.  But for now, our concerns should be to protect our children, the next generation that will uphold the constitution of our beautiful country and the well being of it’s citizens. To do so we must stop Domestic Abuse in every form that exists within our households, if we do so, much attention will be spent on raising our children correctly and preventing child abuse.

What is Domestic Abuse?
Domestic abuse is an ongoing pattern of controlling behaviors used to physically, emotionally, sexually, and psychologically exert power over a current or former intimate partner or family member. Here is a diagram explaining or showing the cyclical nature of the abuse.   http://dapdc.org/what.html  

Abuse is often cyclical in nature and will not go away. It usually gets worse and increases in frequency over time.

Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County has 24 hour hotline that will help families. Abuse is NEVER your fault. go here to learn more http://dapdc.org/services.html


In every state of our beautiful America there are Human Service Departments; within these departments there are services specifically designed to help Children and Youth who are abuse and neglected. (CYS) Children and Youth Services investigates all allegations of child abuse and neglect, as mandated by state law, including allegations of intra-familial child sexual abuse. In all cases, the mission of CYS is to provide for the immediate safety and protection of children, to keep children with their own families whenever possible, to provide temporary, substitute care for children when necessary and to reunite children with their families as quickly as possible after placement. CYS provides a wide range of services to abused and neglected children from birth to age 18, and their families. CYS also provides services to adolescents who are at severe risk due to their behavior or that of their parent. http://www.co.delaware.pa.us/humanservices/childyouth.html              Two regional CYS offices serve Delaware County families according to the school district in which the child resides. The exception is the Child Sexual Abuse Center, which serves the entire county.

  • Upper Darby Office: 610-713-2000
  • Chester Office: 610-447-1000
  • Sexual Abuse Center: 610-891-5258

We all have obligations to raise our children right, to give our children a chance to have better lives than we have experienced; and it all start with us stopping Domestic Abuses so that our Children can be protected also from Abuses and neglect.