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Storytelling is a powerful way to promote you and your company.

Stories can show your dedication, attention to detail, leadership, independence, researching ability, creativity or problem-solving inclination. It’s important to remember that employers want well rounded staff so make sure they see evidence of of all the skills you have to offer. Go over your past work history and identify the stories within each achievement. Now tell them to others.

Always remember the moral to your story: the point the story tells about you (and your company), your skills and achievements. And remember, yours is a never-ending story!

Here are one or two examples:

1 Your conversion of old equipment into new uses shows you can think outside the box and are resourceful.
2 The non-financial ways you recognized your staff shows your creativity and your abilities as a leader as you demonstrate your understanding of how to motivate others.
3 The weekly internal E-letter you created for employees not only improved morale, it gave evidence of your strong communication skills.
4 The canned food drive youstarted at your last job not only showed your commitment to your community, it also raised visibility for the company and improved their public relations.
5 By forming a lunchtime jogging club you helped bring employees from different departments together while improving the health, and mental health, of employees who participated. Your leadership and team building skills were further evidenced when your runners club formed a team for the local marathon.
6 Your multilingual skills helped aright a project suffering from miscommunication between subsidiaries from overseas. Not only could you translate phrases and idioms of speech, your insight into cultural differences bridged a gap and corrected a wayward project.

More than showcasing your knowledge of languages, you demonstrated the ability to liaison between different groups, negotiate and turn an important project around.
Here are afew more examples:
• Your analysis of existing processing statements and identification of cost savings
• Your experience with a variety of systems and payment methods: credit, debit, phone and gift cards, etc.
• Your skill in designing billing systems that cross borders and time zones and convert currencies

Best yet, this Story Tell / Story Sell method works for sales, management, consultants, meeting planners, entrepreneurs and even politicians. Story Telling training will give you the confidence to go forward with this method and enable you to review your past work history and identify the stories within each accomplishment. Read here for more information. Now tell them to others. Don’t forget the moral to your story: the point the story tells about you (and your firm), your skills and credits.

And remember, yours is a never-ending story!