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Tanzania is the #CountryoftheWeek – YALI Network

Did you know that some of the world’s oldest human skulls have been found in Tanzania’s Odulvai Gorge, which is also known as the cradle of humankind? But you don’t have to go back 200,000 years to discover other interesting facts about Tanzania, this week’s #CountryoftheWeek. Learn more and get better connected with Tanzania by liking U.S. Embassy Tanzania for the latest news!

How You Can Make Serious Money When Markets Go Down

If you’re only buying stocks – or options, or any security – hoping they will increase in value, you could be missing out on a lot of profits.

Markets move up and down – you know this because on the down days, you feel it right in your wallet.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes, shorting, like most things in trading, can be both risky and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. And contrary to what many novice traders think, it’s certainly not “off limits” to ordinary investors.

Today I’m going to show you an easy (and possibly very profitable) way to play the markets when you think they’re about to head south.

An Easy Way to Go Short

When I’m bearish and want to bet stocks are headed lower, I generally like buying inverse exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based on the major market indexes.

ProShares Short Dow 30 (NYSEArca:DOG) for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, ProShares Short S&P 500 (NYSEArca:SH) to short the S&P 500, and ProShares Short QQQ (NYSEArca:PSQ) to bet the Nasdaq is headed lower.

If I’m extremely bearish, and I believe stocks are going to fall hard today or tomorrow, I’ll sometimes buy a leveraged short inverse ETF like the ProShares UltraPro Short S&P 500 (NYSEArca:SPXU). The UltraPro Short S&P fund is a “3x leveraged” inverse ETF. That means if the S&P 500 goes down 1% today, SPXU would go up 3% today.

But this is important: Leveraged ETFs are only meant as short-term trading vehicles. That’s why I said “if I believe stocks are going to fall hard today or tomorrow.” Because of the way leveraged ETFs are priced, they’re “re-set” every day – they’re not good long-term holds.

In a perfect world, if your conviction is right and you buy a leveraged inverse ETF and stocks go down right away, and they keep going down for multiple days in succession, you’ll be a very happy camper.

I’m not greedy. If I have a straight run for a few days holding an inverse leveraged ETF, I’d take my profits as soon as I think the sell-off is over.

I wouldn’t wait another day, I’d ring the register and be happy. If I own an unleveraged inverse ETF like DOG, SH, or PSQ, I’d probably use a 5% to 10% stop to get out if the markets rallied. If you take small losses, you can get out and figure out where stocks are going and get back in if your timing was off but you think they’re going down again.

Now let’s look at one of my favorite plays: money…

Here’s the Trade for When Gold and Currencies Tank (or Skyrocket)

There are lots of leveraged gold ETFs. Here are some of my favorites. Just remember what I said about holding any leveraged ETF: they’re very short-term trading vehicles.

Another way to “leverage” gold on the upside (betting bullion is going higher) is to buy miners. Mining stocks move up a lot faster than gold itself in an up-trending gold market.

Currencies are a little bit different, but it’s not hard to trade their moves up or down. Don’t forget, you can’t just short one currency – all currencies are “priced” in terms of another currency, so they always trade as a “pair.”

If you think the euro is going down relative the U.S. dollar, you can actually sell short the CurrencyShares Euro ETF (NYSEArca: FXE). If you want a leveraged (2x) way to bet the euro is going down relative to the U.S. dollar, you can buy a popular inverse leveraged euro/dollar ETF, the ProShares UltraShort Euro (NYSEArca:EUO).

There’s another popular way to hedge and play downturns in the market, but it’s trickier than it looks. Still, done right it can lead to some big profits on the short side.

How to Buy and Play the iPath Hedges

I’ve got nothing against VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX Short-Term ETN (NYSEArca:TVIX), if you get into it and the move you expect, a dramatic drop in prices and a spike in volatility, happens right away.

But here’s that tricky part I mentioned.

It’s a leveraged ETF – so if you don’t get a sustained move down pretty soon after you buy it, and you sit with it a few weeks, or worse, a few months, it loses its value quickly. Bottom line, it’s a leveraged ETF and great if you get the timing right, get in, and get a sustained move in your direction.
I’m not a huge fan of the iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN (NYSEArca:VXX), either, because it’s based on VIX futures.

VXX is thought of as an ETF, but it isn’t. ETFs have their own supply and demand dynamics and their own bid-ask spread dynamics. But it’s based on two sets of futures that have their own “valuation” dynamics based on rolling first- and second-month futures contracts.

VXX is actually an exchange-traded note (ETN), not a fund. It’s actually a derivative, which adds up to a lot of moving parts and is hard to arbitrage and “value” properly.

But if you’re going to use VXX, I’d suggest you add a one-quarter dose of it to whatever other protection you have on. Just keep in mind, if markets settle down and stocks flatten out and go sideways, the VIX and VXX will drop a lot quicker than non-leveraged inverse ETFs you might have on for protection.

My favorite way to play a spike in volatility is to buy calls on the actual VIX.

When I’m playing options, I generally like to buy options three to six months out. I always prefer further out options because it gives me more time, but you have to weigh the time against the higher price or premium you have to pay for them.

That’s why I look three to six months out and incorporate how much volatility I expect over that three to six months. If I expect a spike in volatility sooner rather than later, I’d opt for the cheaper, near-term options. If I run out of time but I still think I’m right, I’ll roll into the next three months out options.

In a perfect world, if you knew the move you expected was going to happen in a couple of weeks and last a week or two, you wouldn’t waste money buying further out options and pay for time you wouldn’t need.

But… it’s not a perfect world and I’m very often right, but I can get stung because my options expire and I hesitate rolling out to the next few months and get sick when the move I expected all of a sudden happens and I’m not in the trade.

That’s the worst feeling in the world, but you won’t have to sweat it with this strategy.

Wall Street Insights & Indictments


Google will soon become the most powerful entity on Earth.

The future’s most powerful entity

Google is one of the leaders at the moment when it comes to artificial intelligence applications and has turned the AI venture into the single largest collection of resources and brain power that has a focus purely on the development of artificial intelligence.

Currently, there are over 250 PhDs and 400 research scientists working on DeepMind’s unlimited funding projects with two main goals in mind. The first is to try and solve intelligence and figure out how the human brain became capable of taking over the planet. The second is to use that intelligence to do everything else. And you may laugh, but this is not some crazy farfetched idea either. These goals are for real, and the company is more than happy to talk freely with anyone about it.

To get an even deeper understanding of what their plans involve why not check out a recent presentation given by Demis Hassabis, founder of DeepMind, who will talk you through their ideas.


Hello Young Leaders!

President Obama waving from airplane with rainbow behind him

As I leave office, I wanted to take a moment to thank you. Your involvement in the Young Leaders Initiatives– YALI, YSEALI, and YLAI– has demonstrated the power of young people to make positive change in their communities. Whether you are an entrepreneur, work for an NGO, serve your government, or are still a student, you have proven that you are prepared to tackle the challenges we face as global citizens.

Wherever I have traveled around the world, I have seen the impact of this generation. You aren’t waiting for permission; you’re taking action where you see the greatest need. I’ve seen firsthand the remarkable efforts of the nearly half a million young people that are a part of the Young Leaders Initiatives in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. You’ve fought for the rights of the disabled and the LGBT community. You’re taking steps to reverse the effects of climate change. You’re starting businesses that are helping your economies grow. And, you’re using music and art to fight violent extremism and promote pluralism.

While I will no longer be the President of the United States, I will continue to find ways to empower young leaders across the world. I want to stay in touch with you. Click here [https://act.barackobamafoundation.org/Stay-In-Touch] to stay connected with me and find ways we can continue to make positive change.

I believe in you and look forward to working together in the future.

–Barack Obama

Block the bombs: Stop the $1 billion U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

STOP: $1 Billion U.S. Arms sale to Saudi Arabia

Get Involved
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Yemenis walk on the rubble of a wedding hall which was reportedly hit by a Saudi Arabia-led coalition air strike. The U.S. Government risks complicity in the actions of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition as they commit violations of international humanitarian law.

Block the bombs: Stop the $1 billion U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

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It’s the war that no one is talking about. Thousands of civilians have been killed and injured by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition since the conflict began in Yemen.

Where is Saudi Arabia getting the bombs to do it? One major seller is the U.S. Government.

And now President Obama has authorized the sale of over 18,000 bombs and 1,500 warheads to Saudi Arabia—but these bombs have not yet been delivered.

Act Now: Urge President Obama and Congress to cancel the arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s government has led a devastating campaign of unlawful air strikes and bombardment of civilian targets in the next-door country of Yemen.

Yemen is in a humanitarian crisis, with over 2.5 million displaced, and 82% of the population in need of some form of humanitarian assistance.

While all sides have committed violations, a UN report found that Saudi Arabia-led coalition airstrikes were responsible for most of the civilian deaths in Yemen’s conflict.

The Saudi Arabia-led coalition declared the entire city of Sa’da—civilian homes included—a military target, which is in direct violation of international humanitarian law.

Tell President Obama and Congress that the U.S. should not sell bombs and arms to countries who are using them to commit human rights abuses and violations of the laws of war.            Take action today.

Saudi Arabia is the largest arms sales customer of the U.S.

Based on Amnesty International’s evidence of civilian targeting, putting more U.S. bombs in the hands of Saudi Arabia’s military will only make matters worse for civilians in Yemen.

Thank you for your activism,

Sunjeev Bery
Advocacy Director, Middle East North Africa
Amnesty International USA

Take Action! Donate Now!

Amnesty International USA



NewsJuly2015The list below displays new non-competitively bid contract opportunities available on the City’s website. The Status column shows if the application period is open, closed or has been cancelled. 

Opportunity:- 21151005144446
The City of Philadelphia, in partnership with public and private agencies, is leading the revitalization of the banks of the lower Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, now known as Schuylkill Banks. The City’s mission is to transform the formerly abandoned urban riverfront into a vital asset and resource for the benefit of the region and Commonwealth. The project goal is to promote recreation, tourism, improved environmental conditions and to stimulate economic development. A Master Plan, approved by state, city and federal agencies, is in place to guide more than $2.5 billion in public and private investments. Physical improvements: docks, trails, bridges, pedestrian improvements, greenways, streetscapes and public programming will result in a dramatic transformation of the waterfront along both the east and west sides of the Schuylkill River between the Fairmount Dam and the Delaware River. More than 43 neighborhood and community organizations participated in the planning and support of the Tidal Schuylkill River Master Plan (2003) which encompasses the City’s mission and vision for the lower Schuylkill River.
Dept/Agency:- COMMERCE
Service Type:- General Consultant Services
Amount:- To be determined
Opening Date:- 12/01/2015
Closing Date:- 12/22/2015
Status:- Open

Opportunity:- 21151112103345
The City of Philadelphia (City) is seeking proposals from interested firms for the provision of technology support and hosting services across a spectrum of internally provided services such as helpdesk, desktop, server support, desktop productivity software support, storage, backup, and cloud provisioning services which may be made available for all agencies of the City. **A Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting is scheduled for November 24, 2015 at 9:30 AM (Local Philadelphia Time).
Service Type:- Computer and Information Svcs
Amount:- To be determined
Opening Date:- 12/01/2015
Closing Date:- 01/13/2016
Status:- Open

Opportunity:- 21151124150151
The City of Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) is seeking proposals, through this Request for Proposal (RFP), from qualified consultants to assist the Water Department’s Accounts Payable Unit with document conversion to reduce paper and improve efficiency.
Service Type:- Computer and Information Svcs
Amount:- To be determined
Opening Date:- 11/30/2015
Closing Date:- 01/07/2016
Status:- Open

Opportunity:- 21150914160325
The City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation seeks qualified Applicants to provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operations, corrective and preventive maintenance services, with associated operational and maintenance reporting services for the Baggage Handling Systems at Philadelphia International Airport.
Dept/Agency:- COMMERCE
Service Type:- General Consultant Services
Amount:- $1.00
Opening Date:- 11/25/2015
Closing Date:- 01/26/2016
Status:- Open

Opportunity:-   21151110190254
Description:-                                                                                                                            Effective cleaning, safety and public space maintenance activities in commercial area in low and moderate-income neighborhoods.
Dept/Agency:- COMMERCE
Service Type:- Housing & Economic Development
Amount:- $0 to $50,000.00
Opening Date:- 11/18/2015
Closing Date:- 01/15/2016
Status:- Open
A complete list of all New Contract Opportunities can be viewed by visiting https://secure.phila.gov/ECONTRACT

The Flight 370 Vanished in Thin Air? – PLs Contribute Your Ideas – October 2015 The Plane Was Found!

October 2015,  Plane wreckage with the Malaysian flag painted on the side linking it to lost aircraft MH370 has reportedly been found in the Philippines. A man and his nephew were said to be hunting for birds when they spotted the wreckage in Mindanao, the second largest island in the country.
And here is a Video about the Dutch Safety Board’s investigation into the causes of the crash of flight MH17 on 17 July 2014 in the eastern part of Ukraine and the Board’s investigation into flying over conflict zones. The video was based on the Dutch Safety Board’s investigation reports, which were published on 13 October 2015.

MH370: Plane Wreckage With Pilot SKELETON And Malaysian Airlines Colours ‘found’ – > http://t.co/neTRNPcBJG via @DiscloseTV #viwidausa Posted by Victory Women in Development Association-USA (ViWiDA) on Monday, October 12, 2015

The Flight 370 from Malaysia Airlines Vanished in Thin Air and this incident continues to baffle investigators; especially when some rumors that cell phones from a couple of victims are being traced to a Chinese instant messenger service called QQ, which indicate that those phones were still somehow online.  Adding to the mystery, other relatives said that when they dialed some passengers’ numbers, they seemed to get ringing tones on the other side even though the calls were not picked up (WashPost reported).                                                                                                                                                Many have speculated as to what could have happened to the vanishing flight; but, in this report our readers will hear from Floyd Brown of Capitol Hill Daily who will help in considering different scenarios as to what could have happened to that fateful flight 370.  Then, we will hear some facts from Mike Adams the Health RangerEditor of NaturalNews.com, who will help you in drawing conclusion as to what might have really occurred.                                                                                                                                     In the end, you, the reader, might be able to contribute your ideas about this situation by commenting, we hope………!  Here are the two articles for your read

Floyd Brown

Late last week, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disintegrated 30,000 feet over the South China Sea.

And as I’m writing, officials are in full denial mode: “There’s no evidence of terrorism.” Yet this denial is strikingly similar to the statements issued after the Benghazi attacks, the terrorist shooting at Fort Hood, and other suspicious and deadly events during Obama’s tenure.

Officials say they aren’t considering terrorism because there’s a “lack of significant chatter.” But that’s a short-sighted conclusion for a number of reasons.

Consider this possibility: Maybe the Edward Snowden leaks showed terrorist organizations exactly how they could evade NSA monitoring.

Or, consider this even scarier alternative: Flight 370 was shot down by a terrorist missile. It’s not as outlandish as it seems. On Sunday, Aaron Klein, a reporter working out of Jerusalem for the website WND.com, published an eye-opening report detailing the threat of missiles to civilian airliners. Klein wrote of the Obama administration’s failure to control these controversial Man-Portable Air-Defense Systems, or MANPADS.

Klein recalled a speech given by former CIA Director David Petraeus, who warned of a “nightmare” scenario in which a missile – acquired by terrorists – is used to shoot down an airliner full of tourists or business travelers.

Petraeus said, “As you know, that was always our worst nightmare – that a civilian airliner would be shot down by one. Which is why we were so concerned when they moved around.”

Sadly, Klein says that the threat of attacks on civilian airliners is growing: “The largest terrorist looting of MANPADS took place immediately after the U.S.-NATO military campaign that helped to end Muammar Gaddafi’s rule in Libya. Gaddafi had hoarded Africa’s largest-known reserve of MANPADS, with his stock said to number between 15,000 and 20,000. Many of the missiles were stolen by militias fighting in Libya, including those backed by the U.S. in their anti-Gaddafi efforts.”

The Obama administration has largely covered up this threat to civilian airplanes, as an inept attempt to recover the Gaddafi weapons has been a failure.

Some Undeniable Similarities

Here’s another reason terrorism should be considered in this case: the similarities to previous airborne terrorism attacks.

Officials may not have found debris from Flight 370, but unfortunately, that’s not too surprising. When a bomb was detonated on board an Air India Boeing 747 in 1985, the plane was at its cruising altitude of about 30,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. Both the plane and the evidence of the attack were largely disintegrated in the air, and a total of 329 people were killed.

Another similar attack was the bomb explosion on Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988. That Pan Am flight was also largely disintegrated.

On top of that, police are trying to identify four passengers who traveled on Flight 370 using suspect passports. Interpol has alleged that at least two of the passengers used passports listed in its database of stolen travel documents. Questions about why the passenger manifest wasn’t checked more thoroughly are already being asked.

Ultimately, our hearts go out to the families of the 227 passengers and the dozen crew members on board Flight 370. In the days and weeks ahead, the world will have more questions. Let’s hope that the Obama team will be honest with the public and not attempt to hide the facts as they have in the past.
Floyd Brown  –    http://www.capitolhilldaily.com/

That is what Floyd Brown of Capitolhill daily have to consider, Now let us listen to Mike Adams of NaturalNews with some of his Facts!

by Mike Adams, the Health RangerEditor of NaturalNews.com
There are some astonishing things you’re not being told about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the flight that simply vanished over the Gulf of Thailand with 239 people on board.

The mystery of the flight’s sudden and complete disappearance has even the world’s top air safety authorities baffled. “Air-safety and antiterror authorities on two continents appeared equally stumped about what direction the probe should take,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

WSJ goes on to report:

“For now, it seems simply inexplicable,” said Paul Hayes, director of safety and insurance at Ascend Worldwide, a British advisory and aviation data firm.

While investigators are baffled, the mainstream media isn’t telling you the whole story, either. So I’ve assembled this collection of facts that should raise serious questions in the minds of anyone following this situation.

• Fact #1: All Boeing 777 commercial jets are equipped with black box recorders that can survive any on-board explosion

No explosion from the plane itself can destroy the black box recorders. They are bomb-proof structures that hold digital recordings of cockpit conversations as well as detailed flight data and control surface data.

• Fact #2: All black box recorders transmit locator signals for at least 30 days after falling into the ocean

Yet the black box from this particular incident hasn’t been detected at all. That’s why investigators are having such trouble finding it. Normally, they only need to “home in” on the black box transmitter signal. But in this case, the absence of a signal means the black box itself — an object designed to survive powerful explosions — has either vanished, malfunctioned or been obliterated by some powerful force beyond the worst fears of aircraft design engineers.

• Fact #3: Many parts of destroyed aircraft are naturally bouyant and will float in water

In past cases of aircraft destroyed over the ocean or crashing into the ocean, debris has always been spotted floating on the surface of the water. That’s because — as you may recall from the safety briefing you’ve learned to ignore — “your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device.”

Yes, seat cushions float. So do many other non-metallic aircraft parts. If Flight 370 was brought down by an explosion of some sort, there would be massive debris floating on the ocean, and that debris would not be difficult to spot. The fact that it has not yet been spotted only adds to the mystery of how Flight 370 appears to have literally vanished from the face of the Earth.

• Fact #4: If a missile destroyed Flight 370, the missile would have left a radar signature

One theory currently circulating on the ‘net is that a missile brought down the airliner, somehow blasting the aircraft and all its contents to “smithereens” — which means very tiny pieces of matter that are undetectable as debris.

The problem with this theory is that there exists no known ground-to-air or air-to-air missile with such a capability. All known missiles generate tremendous debris when they explode on target. Both the missile and the debris produce very large radar signatures which would be easily visible to both military vessels and air traffic authorities.

• Fact #5: The location of the aircraft when it vanished is not a mystery

Air traffic controllers have full details of almost exactly where the aircraft was at the moment it vanished. They know the location, elevation and airspeed — three pieces of information which can readily be used to estimate the likely location of debris.

Remember: air safety investigators are not stupid people. They’ve seen mid-air explosions before, and they know how debris falls. There is already a substantial data set of airline explosions and crashes from which investigators can make well-educated guesses about where debris should be found. And yet, even armed with all this experience and information, they remain totally baffled on what happened to Flight 370.

• Fact #6: If Flight 370 was hijacked, it would not have vanished from radar

Hijacking an airplane does not cause it to simply vanish from radar. Even if transponders are disabled on the aircraft, ground radar can still readily track the location of the aircraft using so-called “passive” radar (classic ground-based radar systems that emit a signal and monitor its reflection).

Thus, the theory that the flight was hijacked makes no sense whatsoever. When planes are hijacked, they do not magically vanish from radar.
Conclusion: Flight 370 did not explode; it vanished

The inescapable conclusion from what we know so far is that Flight 370 seems to have utterly and inexplicably vanished. It clearly was not hijacked (unless there is a cover-up regarding the radar data), and we can all be increasingly confident by the hour that this was not a mid-air explosion (unless debris suddenly turns up that they’ve somehow missed all along).

The inescapable conclusion is that Flight 370 simply vanished in some way that we do not yet understand. This is what is currently giving rise to all sorts of bizarre-sounding theories across the ‘net, including discussions of possible secret military weapons tests, Bermuda Triangle-like ripples in the fabric of spacetime, and even conjecture that non-terrestrial (alien) technology may have teleported the plane away.

Personally, I’m not buying any of that without a lot more evidence. The most likely explanation so far is that the debris simply hasn’t been found yet because it fell over an area which is somehow outside the search zone. But as each day goes by, even this explanation becomes harder and harder to swallow.

The frightening part about all this is not that we will find the debris of Flight 370; but rather that we won’t. If we never find the debris, it means some entirely new, mysterious and powerful force is at work on our planet which can pluck airplanes out of the sky without leaving behind even a shred of evidence.

If there does exist a weapon with such capabilities, whoever controls it already has the ability to dominate all of Earth’s nations with a fearsome military weapon of unimaginable power. That thought is a lot more scary than the idea of an aircraft suffering a fatal mechanical failure.

Click here to read more details about possible “supernatural explanations” for the vanishing of Flight 370.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/044244_Malaysia_Airlines_Flight_370_vanished.html#ixzz2vfcVj4TU

 Ok now, what are your ideas about this incident or what do you think happened to the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which went on missing or simply vanished over the Gulf of Thailand with 239 people on board. Let us hear your comments… 




The story from the ‪#‎Horn_of_Africa‬ and ‪#‎African_Great_Lakes‬ that shook the Sunni Muslim dynasties during the reign of the Sultan Tibe



From I, who is a descendant of Higna Pirusa Clan. – A Higna Fombaia/Moitsa Pirusa Clan – 16th Century Reign of African Great Lakes!

A fascinating history of my ancestors as told to me by my great grand maternal mother; my great nana used to tell us stories all the time.                                       She used to tell us stories about our families and how they migrated from Comoro Islands to Zanzibar; and why during weddings and funerals they meet, and clans from different parts of Comoros who reside in Zanzibar will be participating by presenting their actual cities.                                                                      For example, when a prominent Comorian died in Zanzibar during a funeral you’ll notice prayers/supplications/memorial will come from the people of Mitsamihuli one day, the next day from the people of Iconi, Mbude, Itsandra each day presented by different clan who reign the Comoros in 16th Century. Same thing happens for the weddings and in some other important days that were deemed important for Comorians, which are now having died with our ancestors like my great grand mother.                                                                                        When I was a young lady,  I myself participated in some practices representing clans of  Iconi, Itsandaa and Mitsamihuli. This practice of Comorians representing clans during celebrations goes on today, among the Clans of Comorian who reside in Zanzibar islands.                                                                                                Out of this fascinating history, I remember some of the stories told to me from my childhood by my great maternal grand mother, Bi Maryam wa Mchangama-Mkelle 1882-1983, who died when she was over 100 yrs in Zanzibar; she was born, raised and was exiled from the Comoro Islands to Zanzibar Islands.  She took care of her brother’s kids, among them were Burhan Mkelle, Abdulrahman and others. She used to like telling 16th to 18th Centuries stories, and sometimes enact on some important public days that she still remembered. She will always tell stories about my ancestors because she wanted me to find the reality about some of her stories for myself.                                                                                                        Today, as a result of all that, I , Dinnah Moh’d Saleh Mba-Fumu Ali Said (other names not known but would like to know further). As an adult of contemporary 21st century, savvy in techno world of internet, I set out to look for my name and the family tree behind it, it’s significant meaning and anything else that will satisfies my unsettled soul; for I would like to know what comes after Mba-Fumu Ali Said, especially, when recalling the story from my grand mother about my ancestors. The story from the #Horn_of_Africa and #African_Great_Lakes that shook the Sunni Muslim dynasties during the reign of the Sultan Tibe who was the Head of Confederation which covered most of the Grande Comore/Ngazija island.

SultanSaidAli2                                      Sultan Tibe was formally the Sultans of Bambao and Itsandra alternated in holding the office. In practice however, all succession was decided by war.
In this fascinating peace of history, my ancestoral M’Haza wa Kaleheza belonging to the Higna Pirusa/Fombaia clan was taken captive from M’bude to Isandra. Aicha (asha), who my mother was name after, was taken as a captive to Itsandra; however, she was treated well and eventually married to MussaFumu in this case her successor was Bwana Fumu and the Mba-Fumu (from the womb of Fumu, this is now is my father’s side also; as we know royalty only marries royalty) the Clan of Higna Moitsa Pirusa who reign from Itsandra to Mitsamihuli, Washili, Mbude to Hamehame. As it seems, my ancenstors from my mother’s side and my father’s side are somewhat related.

Tracing the Archaeological background of Higna Pirusa Clan who reigned the Comoro islands during the 17th and 19th centuries.

In the course of the 16th century several Sultanates were established on the island of Grande Comore. Most of them were united in a very loose confederation, covering the largest part of the island.
At this period of time, The Nabhani dynasty and the Ya’aruba dynasty have control of Oman.

The Clan of Higna Moitsa Pirusa who reign from Itsandra to Mitsamihuli, Washili, Mbude to Hamehame were a descendants from The Nabhani dynasty (or Nabahina dynasty), members of the Bani Nabhan family, were rulers of Oman from 1154 until 1624, when the Yaruba dynasty took power.

There are records of personal visits by Nabhani rulers to Ethiopia, Zanzibar, the Lamu Archipelago of what is now Kenya, and Persia. The al-Nabhani dynasty of Pate Island in the Lamu Archipelago claimed descent from the Omani dynasty.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabhani_dynasty

Higna Pirusa Clan started in Patte Island and the male figure in this clan was from Nabahan Dynasty. These particular Nabahans from Pate claimed to have come from (Sham)Iraq/Iran or Syria but Archaeological findings trace them coming from Muscat (Muslim Societies in Africa pg215). These Nabahan members are from the Yaruba Dynasty. Yaruba (Y’Aruba) tribe is said to be related to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The Yaruba dynasty (also spelled Ya’Aruba or Ya’arubi) were rulers of Oman between 1624 and 1742, holding the title of Imam. They expelled the Portuguese from coastal strongholds in Muscat and united the country. They improved agriculture, expanded trade and built up Oman into a major maritime power. Their forces expelled the Portuguese from East Africa north of Mozambique and established long-lasting settlements on Zanzibar, Mombasa and other parts of the coast. The dynasty lost power during a succession struggle that started in 1712 and fell after a prolonged period of civil war. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yaruba_dynasty

In 1719 Muhanna bin Sultan was brought into Rustaq Fort by stealth and proclaimed Imam. He was unpopular, and the next year was deposed and killed by his cousin Ya’arub bin Bal’arab. Ya’arub bin Bal’arab set up Saif bin Sultan II as the Imam and proclaimed himself Custodian. Saif bin Sultan II was undisputed ruler, but he led a self-indulgent life, which turned the tribes against him. Ahmad bin Said al-Busaidi was elected Imam in 1744.

According to Ibuni Saleh 1936 Short History of the Comorians in Zanzibar pg 8
“We have an authentic record that in the end of the 17th Century, Imam Seif bin Sultan, the son of Imam Sultan bin Seif who in 1651 captured Muscat from the Portuguese, then sovereign Lord of East African Dominions known as “Caid el Ardh” who finally drove away the Portugues from the East Coast sought alliance with the Sultan of the Comoro Islands. The Sultan of the Comores at that time one Seyyid Ahmed bin Saleh answered by a letter exhibited at the Zanzibar Museum)”

This ancestry story of Higna Fombaia/Moitsa Pirusa Clan started from Pate Island in Kenya where a Son of a prince banished from the Island of Patte in 18th/19th century, grows in Anjouan, married a daughter of Sultan Alaoui 1st, of which he had his elder son Saïd M’Kou. Succeeded in capturing Moroni and Iconi which he drove the Sultan Bamba Ouma, and proclaimed himself Sultan of Bambao. Fey Foumou was his brother-in-law, Boina Foumou was his father in law. So now we know who captured Aicha and married her off to MussaFumu of which in the end of the Sultanates reign; it will seem that Mussa Fumu was the Greater Sultan Tibe among all of the Sultans in my ancestry; especially to me he was.

In this fascinating history, my ancestral M’Haza wa Kaleheza belonging to the Higna Pirusa/Fombaia clan was taken captive from M’bude to Isandra. Aicha (asha), who my mother was name after, was taken as a captive to Itsandra; however, she was treated well and eventually married to MussaFumu in this case her successor was Bwana Fumu and the Mba-Fumu (from the womb of Fumu, which is my father’s side also)

Mussa Fumu was a very powerful and stronger ruler among all the Sultanates on the Comoros, because he would not give in to either French or Arabs to the end. He didn’t want to loose the Comoro Island but in the end he did.

In 1885 Said Ali, the “Black Sultan” gave Leon Humblot (French Exploiter) the “White Sultan” a large concession covering as much lands as he could exploit (in fact the whole island) Humblot became the real ruler of the island it was only in 1912 that he lost his last administrative powers.
After most of the Sultanates were defeated in fighting this deal, they submitted to Sultan Ali Said. At this time rivalry between Ngazija’s two largest sultanates had become civil war. France was supporting Sa’id Ali, Sultan of Bambao, against his rival Mas Fumu of Itsandra. (Musa bin Fehem called Msa Fum by the natives was the maternal cousin to Ali). Shaikh Kari persuaded Sultan Barghash to send Nyamwezi troops in support of Msa Fumu, but to no avail: after a seven-month siege of Itsandra, during which many died of starvation, Msa Fumu was captured by his enemies and strangled, and many of those who had been loyal to him fled overseas. Numbers of the Ngazija aristocrats, according to an informant of Heepe’s in 1912 (1920: 89-93) went to Zanzibar.http://etheses.lse.ac.uk/…/Shepherd_The_Comorians_in_Kenya_…

Higna Fombaia/Moitsa Pirusa Clan descends from The Nabhani dynasty (or Nabahina dynasty) and the Yaruba dynasty (also spelled Ya’Aruba or Ya’arubi)

1154-1749 Nabahans/Y’Aruba dynasty of Oman
1749CE Oman was established, after Sayyid’s BuSaidi family had supplanted the previous Y’Aruba dynasty for the control of Oman.
At this time, the Mazrui family were very angry and unhappy because Al BuSaidi’s family supplanted Y’Aruba and they expected to take on the coast of East Africa. They broke away from Oman and contested Sayyid’s choices for learders of coastal Swahili towns; thus when Mazrui family tried to capture cities like Lamu and Pate which were vassals of Oman, but Oman’s strong hold over the Swahili coast drove out a pro-Mazrui government in the city of Pate and Sayyid’s forces captured the island of Pemba as well in 1823 from Mazrui supporters. (Sebastian Maisel, John A. Shoup, An Encyclopedia of Life in the Arab States, Volume 1 and 2, Chronology)

According to Ibuni Saleh 1936 Short History of the Comorians in Zanzibar pg 8
“We have an authentic record that in the end of the 17th Century, Imam Seif bin Sultan, the son of Imam Sultan bin Seif who in 1651 captured Muscat from the Portuguese, then sovereign Lord of East African Dominions known as “Caid el Ardh” who finally drove away the Portugues from the East Coast sought alliance with the Sultan of the Comoro Islands. The Sultan of the Comores at that time one Seyyid Ahmed bin Saleh answered by a letter exhibited at the Zanzibar Museum)”

At the time of Sultan Ahmed Said (1793 + 1875), there was a sultanates federation under the authority of a supreme leader: the thibe sultan. The federation included twelve provinces administered by a sultan. The Sultan Ahmed Said, the Sultanate of Bambao exercised suzerainty over five provincial sultanates and the Sultan rival, Moussa Foumou Sultanate Itsandra exercised his on three provincial sultanates. The provinces of BADJINI and DOMBA were autonomous

In A dissertation submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the London School of Economics 1982 where in page 14 my cousin Asya Turki was acknowledged by the writer as follow:- “In Nairobi I owe most to the help and hospitality of Saad Yahya and Assiah Turki”. Gillian Marie Shepherd – THE COMORIANS IN KENYA: THE ESTABLISHMENT AND LOSS OF AN ECONOMIC NICHE – Most details of her manuscript on Comorian employment are drawn from the published work of Ibuni Saleh, from the manuscript of Burhan Mkelle (both Zanzibar-born Comorians writing in the 1930s) and from the memories of Comorian informants about their fathers and grandfathers. Mkelle’s manuscript is invaluable since it contains over eighty thumbnail sketches of notable Comorians in Zanzibar and the positions they held, the writer goes on to say.

Comorians held various positions of importance in what was essentially Sultan Barghash’s highly personal Civil Service. There were clerks, working both as secretaries and translators; Matar bin Abdallah who, as the speaker of several European languages, was appointed to liaise between foreign consuls and the Palace; and Shaikh Kari ibn al Haj who was made Ra’is al Baladiya (Chief, Governor) of Zanzibar town, representing the townspeople to the Sultan and the Sultan to the townspeople. Sharif Mamboya also became a Court Chamberlain and acted as advisor to both Barghash and Lloyd Mathews (Mkelle, 1930: 5-6). Shaikh Kari was responsible, in part, for the arrival in Zanzibar of many more WaNgazija during Barghash’s reign, Comorians who had held positions of importance in the Palace or the Army continued to live and work in Zanzibar. Shaikh Khamis bin Sa’id, who had been Mathews’ adjutant since the 1870s, was appointed one of the four Arab Ministers at Court, and Shaikh Salim bin Azan, a Baluchi-Comorian, was another (Saleh, 1936: 2a). The Palace Treasurer and Paymaster, and the Chief of Security were also Comorian (Mkelle, 1930: 5-7, 22-23).32
Comorians with religious posts seem to have stayed in Zanzibar as well. Two Comorian walis were appointed; Shaikh Abdallah bin Wazir al-Ntsujini, an old friend of Sultan Ali bin Sa’id, became Mufti and also worked as adviser to Zanzibar’s wakf Council, and the reputation Comorians had for religious expertise must have been greatly enhanced by the presence of their compatriot Sayyid Ahmad Abu Bakr bin Sumait al-Alawi. East Africa’s most august scholar until his death in 1925, Sayyid Ahmad had returned to Zanzibar after studies in Istanbul in 1888, becoming first kadi and eventually Grand Mufti. His legal skills and his publications made him well-known throughout the muslim world (B.G. Martin, 1971: 541-544). http://etheses.lse.ac.uk/…/Shepherd_The_Comorians_in_Kenya_…

From the Anjouan history- their view of the Grande Comore and the sultans on the Comoros They saw the political tradition of the Grande-Comore to be the opposite of that of Anjouan, and typically feudal. http://www.anjouan.net/en_histoire.htm
(follow the link, then go all the way to the end read Differences with the Grande-Comore, which reveals exactly who the Fumu were, how they are all related, why the Anjouans nicknamed Comoro “island of fighters Sultans”)

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