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The Flight 370 Vanished in Thin Air? – PLs Contribute Your Ideas – October 2015 The Plane Was Found!

October 2015,  Plane wreckage with the Malaysian flag painted on the side linking it to lost aircraft MH370 has reportedly been found in the Philippines. A man and his nephew were said to be hunting for birds when they spotted the wreckage in Mindanao, the second largest island in the country.
And here is a Video about the Dutch Safety Board’s investigation into the causes of the crash of flight MH17 on 17 July 2014 in the eastern part of Ukraine and the Board’s investigation into flying over conflict zones. The video was based on the Dutch Safety Board’s investigation reports, which were published on 13 October 2015.

MH370: Plane Wreckage With Pilot SKELETON And Malaysian Airlines Colours ‘found’ – > http://t.co/neTRNPcBJG via @DiscloseTV #viwidausa Posted by Victory Women in Development Association-USA (ViWiDA) on Monday, October 12, 2015

The Flight 370 from Malaysia Airlines Vanished in Thin Air and this incident continues to baffle investigators; especially when some rumors that cell phones from a couple of victims are being traced to a Chinese instant messenger service called QQ, which indicate that those phones were still somehow online.  Adding to the mystery, other relatives said that when they dialed some passengers’ numbers, they seemed to get ringing tones on the other side even though the calls were not picked up (WashPost reported).                                                                                                                                                Many have speculated as to what could have happened to the vanishing flight; but, in this report our readers will hear from Floyd Brown of Capitol Hill Daily who will help in considering different scenarios as to what could have happened to that fateful flight 370.  Then, we will hear some facts from Mike Adams the Health RangerEditor of NaturalNews.com, who will help you in drawing conclusion as to what might have really occurred.                                                                                                                                     In the end, you, the reader, might be able to contribute your ideas about this situation by commenting, we hope………!  Here are the two articles for your read

Floyd Brown

Late last week, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disintegrated 30,000 feet over the South China Sea.

And as I’m writing, officials are in full denial mode: “There’s no evidence of terrorism.” Yet this denial is strikingly similar to the statements issued after the Benghazi attacks, the terrorist shooting at Fort Hood, and other suspicious and deadly events during Obama’s tenure.

Officials say they aren’t considering terrorism because there’s a “lack of significant chatter.” But that’s a short-sighted conclusion for a number of reasons.

Consider this possibility: Maybe the Edward Snowden leaks showed terrorist organizations exactly how they could evade NSA monitoring.

Or, consider this even scarier alternative: Flight 370 was shot down by a terrorist missile. It’s not as outlandish as it seems. On Sunday, Aaron Klein, a reporter working out of Jerusalem for the website WND.com, published an eye-opening report detailing the threat of missiles to civilian airliners. Klein wrote of the Obama administration’s failure to control these controversial Man-Portable Air-Defense Systems, or MANPADS.

Klein recalled a speech given by former CIA Director David Petraeus, who warned of a “nightmare” scenario in which a missile – acquired by terrorists – is used to shoot down an airliner full of tourists or business travelers.

Petraeus said, “As you know, that was always our worst nightmare – that a civilian airliner would be shot down by one. Which is why we were so concerned when they moved around.”

Sadly, Klein says that the threat of attacks on civilian airliners is growing: “The largest terrorist looting of MANPADS took place immediately after the U.S.-NATO military campaign that helped to end Muammar Gaddafi’s rule in Libya. Gaddafi had hoarded Africa’s largest-known reserve of MANPADS, with his stock said to number between 15,000 and 20,000. Many of the missiles were stolen by militias fighting in Libya, including those backed by the U.S. in their anti-Gaddafi efforts.”

The Obama administration has largely covered up this threat to civilian airplanes, as an inept attempt to recover the Gaddafi weapons has been a failure.

Some Undeniable Similarities

Here’s another reason terrorism should be considered in this case: the similarities to previous airborne terrorism attacks.

Officials may not have found debris from Flight 370, but unfortunately, that’s not too surprising. When a bomb was detonated on board an Air India Boeing 747 in 1985, the plane was at its cruising altitude of about 30,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. Both the plane and the evidence of the attack were largely disintegrated in the air, and a total of 329 people were killed.

Another similar attack was the bomb explosion on Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988. That Pan Am flight was also largely disintegrated.

On top of that, police are trying to identify four passengers who traveled on Flight 370 using suspect passports. Interpol has alleged that at least two of the passengers used passports listed in its database of stolen travel documents. Questions about why the passenger manifest wasn’t checked more thoroughly are already being asked.

Ultimately, our hearts go out to the families of the 227 passengers and the dozen crew members on board Flight 370. In the days and weeks ahead, the world will have more questions. Let’s hope that the Obama team will be honest with the public and not attempt to hide the facts as they have in the past.
Floyd Brown  –    http://www.capitolhilldaily.com/

That is what Floyd Brown of Capitolhill daily have to consider, Now let us listen to Mike Adams of NaturalNews with some of his Facts!

by Mike Adams, the Health RangerEditor of NaturalNews.com
There are some astonishing things you’re not being told about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the flight that simply vanished over the Gulf of Thailand with 239 people on board.

The mystery of the flight’s sudden and complete disappearance has even the world’s top air safety authorities baffled. “Air-safety and antiterror authorities on two continents appeared equally stumped about what direction the probe should take,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

WSJ goes on to report:

“For now, it seems simply inexplicable,” said Paul Hayes, director of safety and insurance at Ascend Worldwide, a British advisory and aviation data firm.

While investigators are baffled, the mainstream media isn’t telling you the whole story, either. So I’ve assembled this collection of facts that should raise serious questions in the minds of anyone following this situation.

• Fact #1: All Boeing 777 commercial jets are equipped with black box recorders that can survive any on-board explosion

No explosion from the plane itself can destroy the black box recorders. They are bomb-proof structures that hold digital recordings of cockpit conversations as well as detailed flight data and control surface data.

• Fact #2: All black box recorders transmit locator signals for at least 30 days after falling into the ocean

Yet the black box from this particular incident hasn’t been detected at all. That’s why investigators are having such trouble finding it. Normally, they only need to “home in” on the black box transmitter signal. But in this case, the absence of a signal means the black box itself — an object designed to survive powerful explosions — has either vanished, malfunctioned or been obliterated by some powerful force beyond the worst fears of aircraft design engineers.

• Fact #3: Many parts of destroyed aircraft are naturally bouyant and will float in water

In past cases of aircraft destroyed over the ocean or crashing into the ocean, debris has always been spotted floating on the surface of the water. That’s because — as you may recall from the safety briefing you’ve learned to ignore — “your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device.”

Yes, seat cushions float. So do many other non-metallic aircraft parts. If Flight 370 was brought down by an explosion of some sort, there would be massive debris floating on the ocean, and that debris would not be difficult to spot. The fact that it has not yet been spotted only adds to the mystery of how Flight 370 appears to have literally vanished from the face of the Earth.

• Fact #4: If a missile destroyed Flight 370, the missile would have left a radar signature

One theory currently circulating on the ‘net is that a missile brought down the airliner, somehow blasting the aircraft and all its contents to “smithereens” — which means very tiny pieces of matter that are undetectable as debris.

The problem with this theory is that there exists no known ground-to-air or air-to-air missile with such a capability. All known missiles generate tremendous debris when they explode on target. Both the missile and the debris produce very large radar signatures which would be easily visible to both military vessels and air traffic authorities.

• Fact #5: The location of the aircraft when it vanished is not a mystery

Air traffic controllers have full details of almost exactly where the aircraft was at the moment it vanished. They know the location, elevation and airspeed — three pieces of information which can readily be used to estimate the likely location of debris.

Remember: air safety investigators are not stupid people. They’ve seen mid-air explosions before, and they know how debris falls. There is already a substantial data set of airline explosions and crashes from which investigators can make well-educated guesses about where debris should be found. And yet, even armed with all this experience and information, they remain totally baffled on what happened to Flight 370.

• Fact #6: If Flight 370 was hijacked, it would not have vanished from radar

Hijacking an airplane does not cause it to simply vanish from radar. Even if transponders are disabled on the aircraft, ground radar can still readily track the location of the aircraft using so-called “passive” radar (classic ground-based radar systems that emit a signal and monitor its reflection).

Thus, the theory that the flight was hijacked makes no sense whatsoever. When planes are hijacked, they do not magically vanish from radar.
Conclusion: Flight 370 did not explode; it vanished

The inescapable conclusion from what we know so far is that Flight 370 seems to have utterly and inexplicably vanished. It clearly was not hijacked (unless there is a cover-up regarding the radar data), and we can all be increasingly confident by the hour that this was not a mid-air explosion (unless debris suddenly turns up that they’ve somehow missed all along).

The inescapable conclusion is that Flight 370 simply vanished in some way that we do not yet understand. This is what is currently giving rise to all sorts of bizarre-sounding theories across the ‘net, including discussions of possible secret military weapons tests, Bermuda Triangle-like ripples in the fabric of spacetime, and even conjecture that non-terrestrial (alien) technology may have teleported the plane away.

Personally, I’m not buying any of that without a lot more evidence. The most likely explanation so far is that the debris simply hasn’t been found yet because it fell over an area which is somehow outside the search zone. But as each day goes by, even this explanation becomes harder and harder to swallow.

The frightening part about all this is not that we will find the debris of Flight 370; but rather that we won’t. If we never find the debris, it means some entirely new, mysterious and powerful force is at work on our planet which can pluck airplanes out of the sky without leaving behind even a shred of evidence.

If there does exist a weapon with such capabilities, whoever controls it already has the ability to dominate all of Earth’s nations with a fearsome military weapon of unimaginable power. That thought is a lot more scary than the idea of an aircraft suffering a fatal mechanical failure.

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Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/044244_Malaysia_Airlines_Flight_370_vanished.html#ixzz2vfcVj4TU

 Ok now, what are your ideas about this incident or what do you think happened to the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which went on missing or simply vanished over the Gulf of Thailand with 239 people on board. Let us hear your comments…